Is Stress and Anxiety Defeating Your Life?

Is Stress and Anxiety Defeating Your Life?

Stress and anxiety are both powerful forces that can sneak into your life and turn it upside down. It can affect your health, relationships, career and self-esteem. We are all exposed to stress and anxiety, and we come face to face with them every day. For some of us, these two forces serve as powerful motivators to become productive and successful. However, there are people who struggle with stress and anxiety. For them, both are major problems in their lives.

Is stress and anxiety defeating your life? We do not have control over circumstances that happen around us but we can change the way we react to them. If you feel stressed out and anxious, there are simple things that you can start doing to regain control over your life. Here are some of them:

Do only one thing at a time.

Focus as much as possible on doing only one thing at a time. Clear your mind of distractions. When you are faced by a mountain of tasks to finish, begin working by choosing only one task to concentrate on. Do you need to finish a dozen reports? Do not strive to get all of them done at the same time. Work on them one by one. Likewise, when you are at work or out on a date, remove distractions such as phones and e-mail notifications. This takes practice and a lot of self-control but you will get better at it in time.

Take control!

Be the captain of your ship. When stressful situations arise, do not allow yourself to feel helpless. Take charge by looking for ways around the problem. Look deep inside you to find your fighting spirit. Cultivate an “I can” attitude. Believe that you have the ability to accomplish the things that you set your mind to. By empowering yourself, you are refusing stress and anxiety to beat you.

Think before you speak or act.

When you are under a certain amount of stress and anxiety, always hold back before responding to a situation or to another person. Try counting to 10 to calm yourself down first. This is a simple yet effective way to overcome any frustration or anger that may arise as a result of your negative reaction. You will discover that by the time that you reach 10, you are more clear-headed and less likely to make an impulsive response which you might regret.

Do not crave the approval of others.

Pleasing other people is one of the quickest routes to stress and anxiety. Why? The answer is quite simple: you can’t please everyone all the time! Craving the approval of others is like fighting a losing battle so do not be afraid to say “No” more often or to go with that “gut feeling” that others are not so supportive of. Do not worry about what other people will think. They will still like you and they will respect your more for being true to yourself.

Pour your stress and anxiety out onto a piece of paper.

Overthinking is another major cause of stress and anxiety. When we have too many thoughts in our head, we feel as though it is about to “explode.” One way to remedy this and to organize your thoughts is to pour your stress and anxiety out onto a piece of paper. Write down what you feel. Imagine that you are “transferring” your negative emotions into the piece of paper. It seems simple but it is therapeutic. You should find yourself calmer after you do this exercise. Likewise, putting your thoughts on paper may bring into perspective, some important missed details.

Maintain a healthy diet.

What you eat also has an effect on your stress levels. Avoid certain food and beverages such as those that are rich in sugar and contain stimulants like caffeine. Instead, fill your diet with fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables. By choosing healthier options, you are allowing your brain to function better while keeping your body in top shape.

Practice gratitude in any situation.

Research suggests that when we practice being grateful no matter what the situation is, we activate stress-busting, feel good hormones within our bodies. Practicing gratitude is also a great way to combat negative thinking. It gives us the ability to look into the brighter side of things even if we are facing a difficult challenge. You can start developing this attitude by naming at least three things that you are grateful for each night before you go to bed.

Learn to “switch off” your thoughts.

Get into the habit of compartmentalizing your thoughts. Instead of letting stress and anxiety take control of you, firmly decide when it is appropriate to spend time mulling over a problem. Learn how to “file” your worries away and refer to them later when the time is right. This prevents stress and anxiety from getting in the way of tasks that you need to finish. Always remember that the person who is in charge of your thoughts is only you! YOU are the only one who can decide when to dismiss any worries instead of letting them take over your life.

HypnoCoaching™, the bonus advantage

HypnoCoaching™ when compared to traditional coaching has the advantage bonus of helping you tap into your ‘power mind’ (subconscious); hence, expediting your desired outcomes. Because life obstacles and emotional factors affect each of us in various ways, HypnoCoaching™ allows you to conquer these far more easily. Fear of flying and the idea of public speaking can be overcome far more easily and faster; with a winning attitude, these objectives can soon be viewed as fearless. Knowing the secret of ‘how to’ permanently evict limiting beliefs, non-beneficial attitudes and/or non-beneficial behaviors, allows you to take necessary actions and do them with greater confidence.

HypnoCoaching™ is a combination of advanced hypnosis and neuro-linguistic tools and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with personal coaching. This unique blend allows you to remove negative emotions such as stress and anxiety from your life. It also allows you to easily develop a positive outlook and own beneficial habits, required to combat negativity. HypnoCoaching™ provides many benefits that help you set priorities for accomplishing more, leading you towards your goal accomplishment and, turbo charging your life!

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