Personal Power

Personal Power


Today, you get to step into your personal power!

Confidently moving into your personal power means you will be generating personal success.  Today you will be tapping into your innate, inner curiosity. In doing so, I invite you to dream beyond BIG!

Beyond producing personal power, the questions below will help you gain mental clarity.  Personal power enhancement begins when you ask self, pinpoint questions.  It is elevated when you answer the questions honestly.  These are specifically intended to help you expand your vision for what is possible for you in 2016.


My style of  Life Coaching for Personal | Professional Development when combined with hypnotism (hypnotherapy), is designed to help you maximize the influence within your subconscious mind.  The queries below are intentional in helping you plant curiosity and surge discernment within the driving power of your subconscious mind.

This process is to help you work now, through your ‘someday’ list.  (You know, it’s the list that you have put on the back-burner because you didn’t know how to get started).

As a Life Coach, I am achievement and solution results oriented.  Let’s get started now with helping you achieve success.  One of the benefits of personal development is that what you achieve in one area, will nicely flow over into other areas.


No magic solution for personal development success.  Here is all you need.

  1. A lap top or notebook to hold your answers.
  2. A quiet place, free of distractions.
  3. An intentional open mind. Trusting your heart’s answer.

If your workday is jam packed, then simply bookmark this blog – revisit it after work.  And get started from there.  These queries will help accelerate your innate discernment quite easily.  .  BTW: My clients are often surprised that their answers don’t always come to them in the manner they expected!


The questions below will help you create a Big Bold | Best 2016.

  1. If you knew nothing could stop you from succeeding, what thing(s) would you act upon today? I am speaking about something you have put off due to your reoccurring excuses.
  2. What do you daydream about when you get stuck in the monotony and grind of your everyday life?
  3. What things keep you awake at night or frequently interrupt your night’s sleep?
  4. What is the one thing that you want or need to change in your thinking, in order to break through this obstacle?
  5. What beliefs keep you feeling trapped or feeling ‘stuck’, causing you to procrastinate?
  6. What things would be wondrously different about you, once you took proactive steps toward your BIG dream | vision?
  7. In what ways would that change the way you feel about yourself after having accomplished that goal?
  8. Would you have more self-confidence, greater self-belief, take more risks, etc.?
  9. What excuses do you normally make that prevent you from taking at least 1-3 action steps towards your Big Dream Goal?


If you were going to start today, what would be the first step you would be willing to take to get started?  What would taking that first step, mean for you?

I encourage you to say YES to your big vision now.  Just start by answering the above questions. Polly will help you create the solutions.  Know that when you master your winning mind-set, goal accomplishment becomes easy.



Do you know about this advanced VITAL element when creating your success plan?

Hypnosis combined with coaching is the fastest way to develop dedicated commitment and build a triumphant expectancy that you will succeed!  The hypnosis part of the process, helps you break through obstacles far faster and more easily than traditional life coaching.  This combination helps you propel forward movement into your personal power!


About the blog author

Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach Polly Humphreys, helps clients intentionally create the life they have always wanted.  She trains business persons, athletes and other individuals to skillfully understand how to master their subconscious mind.  Polly helps her clients to be and live their visions instead of dreaming about them.

Poly shares, “Your subconscious mind is the most powerful driving force in your decision making.  It is the mental sphere from how you see (view) yourself, your life, and your capabilities.  When you learn how to control your thinking, you gain tremendous confidence in your abilities.

Regardless of your current situation, it is important to admit it.  Polly will then help you bridge the gap between your present situation and your desired outcome.  Move forward with one-hundred percent commitment.


Stepping into your personal power with Coach Polly

With her expertise and support, you get to create an action plan and vision that goes beyond dreaming big.  Tell Polly what you need.  She will teach you how to create meaningful solutions and results you will love.  Imagine a life filled with Self Confidence, Courage, and Self-Belief.

Stepping into your personal power means you get to eradicate outdated beliefs causing thoughts of ‘lack’, frustration or non-belief.  Don’t wait another day to invest in yourself and your happiness.  There isn’t any need to do it alone any longer.  So give Polly a call now.  Synchronicity can happen when the exact right person enters your life at the exact right time.


Invest in your personal power now.  Learn how to create and develop the steps to generating your full potential.  Polly will help you own mental clarity and self-belief that sustains a winning mind-set.  Step into your personal power now with the expectancy of success.  Commit to your biggest, happiest and boldest year.   And, achieve all the success you were designed to enjoy!


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Study Link: Sometimes we need to feel or believe others have been ‘in our shoes’.

This particular study is a good reminder to us in the ways in which we can easily lose our personal power.  I chose this particular study because you must be aware of such habits in order to stop them.  I stand with you in your right to achieve your personal power.











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