As a Sports Performance Development Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond, athletes continue to pause nearly 20 years later when I ask this influential question.  Every athlete needs to know this in order to gain the edge and supercharge your performances.


What Sets a Champion and a good athlete apart?  Most athletes believe it is their physical skills, because most sport coaches don’t teach athletes mental strength training.  Most haven’t been trained in mental toughness because the majority don’t have time.  An Olympians schedule: 50% physical training; 50% mental training.

The most important factor that separates a good athlete from champion is their mindset. As a mental strength sports coach – I help athletes develop the courage and the mindset of a champion. My expertise is helping them get clear on their vision, their subconscious impressions, their goals and perfecting each.

They feel empowered because the skilled tools and strategies we use gives them real truth.  I help them tap into their current subconscious programming.  It is there, that they learn exactly how they view themselves, their capabilities, their fears and their belief system.  Why is this so important? Because you can never outperform you mindset = your subconscious self-image impressions.  We do it from the view of an elite athlete’s perspective.


The strategies we use can help you set yourself apart from the rest.  You get to accelerate your driving motivation and resiliency force.  The added value is huge when you are under pressure. Stop fears dead in their tracks.  You will learn how to control your arousal state, remain focused and stay in the present moment.


These benefit are enormous, because the difference between winning and losing is a fraction of a second. Remember, mental training and preparedness start long before games begin!   For nearly 20 years, I’ve been helping competitors understand the impact of their beliefs and then claim their untapped inner power. That means that when you fortify self-trust, you will be able to reinforce the trust in your mechanics, your accuracy and, your response time.


Call me, Polly Humphreys today at 828-504-2003. I have the secret skilled weapon that most sport coaches don’t have.  For competitive greatness, for bursting out of a slump, or preventing tanking or athletic choking – you must be mentally prepared.  I will help you be fully mentally prepared.  And you can put the fun back in your sports game.


With my expertise and your commitment, I will help you identify and rid the underlying cause of what’s holding you back from peak potential. I will then help your convert it.  Expect to elevate your current performance level, from good > best = your new norm!  Email:  in office appointments | Skype sessions: 828-504-2003


“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Coach John Wooden