Secret of a Healthy Mindset

Secret of a Healthy Mindset

Does a healthy mindset help you become successful?

Do you learn from your mistakes?  When you use a healthy mindset and realize making mistakes is a part of life learning, success can be easier.  A new study reveals that people who can learn from their mistakes react differently in their brain than those who think intelligence is fixed.

What is a Healthy Mindset?

Imagine for a moment sucking on a lemon.  When you imagine sucking a lemon, do your lips and face seem to magically turn into a grimace?  Thinking negatively about life gets you negative results.  And, it can cause internal conflict and disharmony within.  Now let’s imagine a different scene using a healthy mindset.

Imagine someone you love and trust hugging you.  When the two of you embrace, you both feel welcomed, wanted and liked for who you are.  With a healthy mindset you trust yourself to maintain this relationship because you feel good when you are with each other.

Do you know how to exhibit a healthy attitude?  If not, keep reading to learn some basic ideas about this way of living.

What it Takes for One to Have a Healthy Outlook

    • To have a healthy mindset, you model what that mindset looks, feels and sounds like. You either do it from within your own mind or by watching other people.  When you learn how to live by a mentally healthy mindset, then you easily attract to you respectful relationships.
    • To have a healthy mindset takes first self-respect and respect for others. It takes having a consistently high self esteem and a high self liking for yourself as you are.  If you can do these things, you can enjoy a healthy mindset for your life experiences.

How to Adjust Your Attitude to Sustain a Healthy Mind

Each of us has a choice of living either in harmony or in some type of poverty.  If you are living in mental poverty your world is a challenging one that seems to deny you of happiness.  Healthy attitudes find a way to see the good in each situation, even the challenging ones.

To adjust your attitude to sustain a healthy mindset, find out more about you.  Ask yourself and write down on paper the answer to what’s really important to you in your life situations and relationships.  Once you see those answers on paper, you can understand yourself better.  And, you can make a choice about adjusting your attitude regarding life generally to be a healthy one.

When you fine tune your attitude and its associated behavior, see if you feel better.  If you do, that can be an indicator that you’ve chosen to start living your life using a healthy mindset choice.

Benefits of owning a solid mindset

Imagine strolling into a car dealership because you are looking to buy a new car.  There could be two versions of you buying that car.  One with a healthy, power mindset and one with an unhealthy mindset.

With a solid valuable mindset, you own the place.  You’re polite, speak respectfully to the sales person and expect to be spoken to respectfully.

Using a convincing solid approach, you already have your credit report with you.  Your marks make the salesperson drool because they are so good.  You tell the sales person exactly what you want and what costs you will and will not pay.  And, you come out of the sales showroom with the car you want at the best possible deal.  Why?  Because you’ve chosen to interact with people using a advantageous certainty and you’ve done your homework.  When you are prepared to expect the best, that is usually what you will get.

Now imagine the same scenario using an unhealthy dis-empowering mindset.  You go into the car salesroom looking disheveled.  You act arrogant, cynical and skeptical that you’ll get what you want.  And the salesperson, though acting professional, will perhaps do his or her best to treat you with respect.  But, it’s a two way street.  If you treat the sales person with contempt, imagining that all sales people are out to take your money and give you a poor value for it, what do you think you will attract to you?  You’ll attract what you expect.

To have the best experiences in life, own the situation by having a healthy winning mindset.  You’ll enjoy life with a greater zest for life.

Expected outcome with owning a healthy mindset

When you treat yourself and others with respect using an effective winning mindset, you can expect the best outcome possible in a life situation.  So which mindset do you want to make your own?  One based in mutual respect or one based in disrespect?  The results you get from living life is up to you.  Make them great ones!

About the Blog Author: Polly Humphreys, Life Coach and Certified Hypnotist has been helping clients cultivate personal development and win with people since 2002.  She is an expert in helping clients understand how to use their mind for achieving valuable, desirable outcomes.

She shares, “The first person you must examine is yourself.”  Being at ease with ourselves helps others to be at ease with us.


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