Risk Taking | Transforming Fear: 7 Steps

Risk Taking | Transforming Fear: 7 Steps

Leaders and peak performers often see risk taking and daring actions differently!

Risk taking offers us opportunities to take chances we might otherwise avoid.  Read on to see if you courageously put yourself out there in life’s adventure.

Grit and fearlessness is seen in the eyes of the beholder. Which 3 examples below best describe your view of risk?

  1. See risk as trying something new. Going toward the fear. Feeling ‘OK’ taking a chance.
  2. “Sounds too risky to me”. Fear stops you from moving into the direction of your hearts desire.
  3. Believe in your goal / dream / life vision. You are willing to risk failure even if you ‘lose face’ in your journeys process.

Clarity basics:

I’m not advocating people should do things that are dangerous. Understanding your perception of your fears and a solid plan to overcome them – helps you take risk more confidently.

My goals are to help you to transform fears.  First you must clearly acknowledge which fears are likely impeding your success.  I help you push through the fear process below with a 7 easy step exercise below.

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7 easy steps: “Pushing Through The Fear Process”.

Directly below is an easy exercise to identify and transform your top 3 fears.  Get yourself comfortable in chair; in environment free of distractions.   Write at the top of the pad: “RISK TAKING”.  Lay pad down.  Follow the directions below.

Starting the Exercise:

Think of the words: “RISK TAKING”. To help you get intentionally clear on your perception of taking risk:

Step 1). Close your eyes.  Sit for what feels like 2-3 minutes (or set a timer).  Intentionally focus on just those two words. Breathe into the feeling of Risk Taking. (And just notice your observations as a quiet observer).

Step 2). Open your eyes.  Quickly write down the first 3-5 thoughts that pop into your mind.  Now it’s time to assess what risk taking means to you.

Step 3). Let those thoughts stay with you as you now breathe in 3-5 deep slow breaths from your ribs – up to the top of head.  As you exhale down through you solar plexus: intentionally release each breath, out away from your body. Repeating five repetitions will allow you to relax your face, shoulders / arms / back and abdomen.

Step 4). Bring your attention to the previously written fears noted on the pad. You are ready to now create a meaningful affirmation or scripture verse helping to counteract each ‘risk taking fear’.

Step 5). With a gentle smile on your face: repeat each affirmation or verse out loud five times.  Breathe into the incredible feelings > you now feel.

Step 6). Close your eyes now.  And from a place of self-assurance: visualize the Bolder More Powerful version of you enjoying effectively dealing with this fear.  Pay attention to the feelings of inner strength in your visual images.  Joyfully, let those feeling flow deeply into each and every part of you.

Step 7) Now immediately write a paragraph swiftly, describing the powerful visualizations scenes and feelings on your paper / pad.  As you write all of what you noticed in your visualization: definitely be sure to include the good feelings noted in your visualization. Practicing this 7 step – risk taking exercise for 30 days: will reinforce new beliefs and feelings about risk taking.

In closing: Weekly imagery practices combined with reviewing weekly visualization written entries:

  1. Can help you quickly embrace new internal confidence.
  2. Enjoy demonstrating the bolder, more powerful version of you!

Watch the satisfying changes evolve right before your very eyes.  You can expect to notice gratifyingly transformed feelings about healthy risk taking. Enjoy!  Please reach out to me and let me know your joyous changes!

About the Author:

Polly Humphreys – Peak Performance Life and Career Coach helps individuals enjoy mastering personal and professional growth. Click here for learning about Polly Humphreys.  Learn how she conquered fears!

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