Effectively Removing Strife from your Life

Effectively Removing Strife from your Life

Even in the best of relationships, there are conflicts

Be it between spouses, parents and children, friends, coworkers, businesses, or political parties or issues in the workplace – conflict and disagreements crop up over issues every day. While friction is a natural part of life and in relationships, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t stressful.


Stress is the underlying cause of many health issues

Stress from controversy can cause a host of problems. Stress is often the root cause of issues with our health, including digestive and sleep problems.  It can cause body pain, heart problems, and some types of diabetes, hypertension and strokes. While we can’t avoid stress completely, we can – and should, for the sake of our health – remove as many ‘stressors’ as we can from our lives. 


Altering your perceptions

Looking back over your childhood based on the model of the world that your parents or teachers taught you:

  • Are there self-sabotaging thoughts, emotional baggage or non-beneficial behaviors that you have brought into your adulthood and causing some strife in your relationships or life?
  • Are there things that seem to stand out in your mind in the way you appear to respond ineffectively to certain people’s comments that cause disruption in some of your relationships?
  • Is there a ‘nagging critical voice’ in your head that retorts unkind thoughts, that roar loudly in your head; due to certain people’s comments or actions, that don’t seem to offend other people hearing the same statements?
  • What things would you like to change and enhance or, bring greater harmony in your relationships: personal, at work or, in social settings?


People want quick results

Educating my clients in how the mind affects each of us suitably or unfavourably, helps them understand that with desire for affirmative change one’s thoughts can be changed quite easily. This works nicely for you in obtaining, win-win results. 

Please realize, changing your perception does require your having an awareness of your thoughts and your emotions.  My clients share they are very appreciative of now having that skill reaping lasting favorable change in them, and their lives.  Change is actually easier than most people realize when they have applicable tools. 

I give my clients tools and methods that consistently anchors a trusty awareness of their perceptions and emotions, regarding how they personally perceive and choose to change: situations, events and circumstances from their current model of their world.  This benefits my clients because they are:

  • Quickly aware of their old outdated, ‘emotional response’. They can promptly HALT negative or self-sabotaging responses that would otherwise cause unneeded conflict or turmoil.
  • In the ‘face of the storm’, instead of feeling powerless or out of control, they become resilient.
  • Because their stress is significantly reduced, they are in control of how they respond. Feeling more inner peace in demanding situations, generates much more effective communication and, results.


Proactive solutions

Being proactive in your wellness means you govern more of what affects you.  You feel more empowered.  It is true that we can’t change people or their annoyances, but we can learn healthy coping strategies. My clients report this helps them generate, greater calmness and brings greater inner peace to ease decision making.

There are lots of ways to remove stressors. Deep slow breathing is vital.  Removing yourself from a situation even for a few moments is another way. You can decline a stressful social gathering or change jobs.

  • Adding exercise to your routine or, practicing yoga can significantly reduce stress.
  • Even taking 15 minutes for yourself allows you to be in touch with your needs.
  • Focusing on a power, much greater than self by giving praise and thanksgiving, quickly helps you remove ‘The You’ out of your situation.
  • Music, meditation and prayer elevates your vibrational level and is great for lessening stress in your life.


America is “a nation under stress”

It has been stated that stress in the workplace is at an all-time high with up to 90 percent of Americans visiting their primary care physician yearly for stress-related disorders.

  • How often do you suppress stressful feelings or let them ‘eat at you’?
  • It is time to be proactive and learn healthy coping mechanisms.
  • If not managed properly, pent up unmanaged stress will have a harsh effect on your life.

Gentle reminder, one’s stress generally affects those we care about the most When we speak carelessly or critically, we can cause tremendous stress or fear in our life, or other’s lives.


Taking Control

Healthy people realize, sometimes, we need a little extra help and grasp that not every ‘remedy’ works for every person.  I designed my Wellness Model to work independently for most client’s needs.  However, when needed, as an adjunct I work in union with other health care practitioners, ensuring our focus is on our individuals improving the quality of their life.

Having more than 30 years of experience in physical therapy, remedial exercise and a certification in hypnosis from the Omni Hypnosis Training Center in Deland, Florida – I combine the above knowledge with my professional hypnosis training to empower my clients to: change unhealthy habits into quality wellness choices that lead to lifelong changes.

No need to feel trapped in your mind or have thoughts that seem as if they are a never-ending march of worry, fear and/or uncertainty.

I will teach you how to abandon limiting beliefs, anxiety, unresolved issues and destructive habits and replace them with desired new behaviors and, an important sense of confidence.  Because you like that idea, I can help you stand strong even in chaos, and be (act) as “Ideal You”; being the one you want to show to the world regularly. 

  • As you imagine that be sure to notice your new favorable impression of how great that feels!

For more information on how I can help you create solution(s) and bring about your desired changes, please contact Polly Humphreys by phone: (828) 504-2003. 

Regardless of where you live, if needed, we easily can speak via Skype or face timeEmail:polly@BackboneBuilder.com  Web:alternativewellness.net




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