Procrastinators: 10 Easy Action Steps Strategy

Procrastinators: 10 Easy Action Steps Strategy

Changing a Procrastinators “Model of Efficiency”.


Meet Henry a “Procrastinator”.

Intuitively Henry knew you can’t have: both beneficial success results and, excuses. During our Skype free consultation conversation, Henry acknowledged wearing his invisible “procrastinator label” far too long. With a sigh of recognition-relief, he admitted: “I feel stuck”!

Our first appointment included getting clear what the term “Procrastinators Procrastinating” meant to him.  Henry verbalized: “ My daily procrastinators excuses covered the real truth for a long time. I know without doubt, if I continue procrastinating – one day I will wake up – and discover my wasted time won’t allow me to do, what I truly want to accomplish in my life! Thank you Polly for being here; and guiding me. I am now ready to take action and rid the Procrastinators Label. I want to stop self-sabotaging my success. I need your professional help”.


Are you one of the Procrastinators in the 20% population that chronically avoids difficult tasks?

I am proof, you too can Rid the PRO in Procrastination. That’s why this blog is a follow up to my previous blog: “Procrastinators: What’s Your Excuse?

If your actions habitually indicate procrastination symptoms, I recommend you read my former blog first.


Many years ago as a former procrastinator – I too, needed help to get past my pain point.

Long before I became a professional, as an adult, my inner child (She) still lived in fear. Fear learned in childhood was my underlying cause of procrastination. (Henry’s was different).

Before I reached out for professional help, “She” made 90% of my decisions in fear. Like Ellen Degeneres and many people, we were all Pro’s with excuse making.

Without healthy coping strategies and understanding the underlying root cause of our specific procrastination: fear can basically paralyze our daily thoughts. It limits our success potential.


Truth: Procrastinators aren’t doing nothing: they do what is comfortable AND mediocre.

I realize those words told to me probably sound harsh. They needed to be heard and heart-felt.

I’m not here to help procrastinators continue feeling “fuzzy and warm” or continue with self-limiting / self-sabotaging excuses. The truth is: Kids learn by example. I have to believe you absolutely don’t want to teach your children this hard lesson that could live into their adult life.

Yearly millions of people lose career promotions because of procrastination habits.

I care enough to help you: take off your invisible subconscious “procrastinators label”; and soon, be free from it forever.

I’ve successfully overcome procrastination; and I would love to help you also become a Pro in ridding procrastination.


It’s time to discard the “pride button”.

Be assured, to create this transformation you will need to examine if your pride is holding you hostage.  The time to take action is now.

I have a solid history with successful “procrastination transformation”. I guide “procrastinators” through a step-by-step proven method. I work with them right up to completion of their success breakthrough. I am happy to speak personally with you. I encourage you to take action.


Benefits: Ending the “self-induced panic” now.

  • Taking the limits off what you can accomplish feels VERY FREEING when you actually take action. Henry and I were both ecstatic to be free of self-induced panic deadlines.
    • I taught Henry skills that reaped the benefit of enjoying gratifying time-management skills.
    • His outdated self-limiting belief system of “tomorrow” transformed to the happy motto: “I love doing it now”!
  • Having an accountability partner (support person) you trust to help hold you accountable can help make your journey process so much easier.
  • Owning essential easy to replicate skills from the start can joyfully spark your “motivation action button”. Dedicated action skills make the task of transformation………. far easier.
  • Knowing what to do and when, can absolutely transform your current mindset belief to: “I can > I will > I do”.

BTW: both visualization and hypnosis were very helpful with my clearly envisioning the BIG change (subconscious picture) before it actually happened. After understanding the root cause > my being able to envision my end result > truly motivated my fast results.


Coaching Nuggets that propel action.

Although I have provided 10 action steps below: I encourage you to start with applying bite size action steps initially. Have fun making progress. Enjoy the process.

Realize taking action is required to alter change and, favorably transform a “status quo mindset”. Providing your action is steadily followed through weekly, you too can expect to gain greater goal clarity & momentum. When on a vacation > give your goals a vacation also.

Set goals must matter to you. If not = waste of your time. In your scheduler: schedule dedicated alloted time > 3 times each week to work on goals. Tweek non-motivating goals.

Below I mention having an accountability partner before you start your transformation process. Be sure: your person already demonstrates: taking balanced steady actions in their life. Be sure to reward yourself when you meet each goal. If you are overweight or smoke, choose non-food / non-tobacco rewards.

Start with the first 7 steps below then move on to the remaining 3 later. In truth, this can all come together quickly if you are willing to be consistent with these simple action steps.


10 Simple action steps for procrastinators to become action takers.

  1. To get off the “Procrastinator Path” = taking action requires mental clarity. First get clear with what’s going on in your subconscious belief system about: change | what taking action means to you | fear of uncertainty < > fear of success. Your answers happen to be YOUR current subconscious truth. With self-permission for change > you absolutely can transform all beliefs. Second get clear on what and why you desire to accomplish meaningful goals. Third know why: you specifically want each success. Know specific dates of when you want each goal to occur.
  2. Give yourself permission to take the inner “pride button” off. Having an accountability partner willing to help you stay accountable…… will help generate ongoing momentum. This is key in success accomplishment; = helps build confidence > < organizes momentum
  3. On index cards, post the words: “I Am, Committed TO Action NOW”.  Place them where you will see them multiple times each day. Consider posting on your bathroom mirror; on your beside table; at your workstation; and on fridge, etc. Seeing these multiple times each day actually helps build this subconscious self-belief. Give a copy to your accountability partner. Discuss weekly.
  4. Write 5 goals you chose to accomplish; assign goal date each is to be accomplished.   Goals must stretch you moderately in order for goal accomplishment success. Make 1-2 action steps for each of the 5 goals. This step promotes goal momentum and self-capability improvement. Post the top 2 goals on a different index card. Review these goals daily: first thing in the morning and JUST BEFORE sleep; and, at least 1x week with your accountability partner. Once those 2 goals have been made > add the remaining 3 goals to that card.
  5. ACTION: Start with bite-size chunks. Upon goal completion > cross said goal(s) off your goal sheet. Inform your accountability partner each time a goal is added and completed. Replace each goal accomplished with a new motivating goal. Weekly assessment: assess your goal progress with your accountability partner. Always assess honestly if they are: too challenging / too easy for you.
  6. Give yourself 10 minute breaks when you are working on your action steps. Set “timer-reminder”: for intended time to return back to action steps after 10 minute break.
  7. Mindfulness Exercise: During your break time consider closing your eyes > focus on the feeling of breathing 5 slow breaths. On 5th breath, let your mind drift off to “intentional imagination” fun. Intentionally imagine action images of the newly transformed you; having already accomplished goals. (Let your mind do this freely; it’s fun to design the “newly transformed You”. Pay attention especially to the good feelings that pop up. Breathe into them and let those feelings automatically flow down and into your body. TIP: Enjoy the feeling of soaking up those images or senses during this visualization.
  8. Time management is key. Learn valuable tools will help you stay organized
  9. Transforming dis-empowering beliefs exercise: Write down 5 current dis-empowering beliefs about you. NEXT: put an X through each of those negative beliefs. NEXT: write 1 replacement empowering belief next to each of those crossed off. NEXT: Transfer all 5 NEW empowering beliefs to an index card. NEXT: Post the card with empowering beliefs on a mirror. GOAL: Look into your mirror eye reflection, say each belief 5x, 2x day. Keep repeating these with the goal of owning inner acceptance. (You can document your progress in a journal).
  10. Decision: Deciding to understand the Root of the Cause of procrastination helps you be done with “Procrastinator’s Mindset” forever.


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Remember: when Get Mentally Clear >  Get Unstuck > Get Lasting Success Results Faster = you stop dreaming your life.  You live your dream!


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