Procrastination: What’s Your Excuse?

Procrastination: What’s Your Excuse?

Ridding The PRO in procrastination

Basically everyone falls into procrastination at some point in their life.

Like you, I love solutions that create joy and pro-active movement. Today you get to look deeper at the joy of breaking free from self-limiting procrastination habits | excuses | ‘stuck mentality thinking’.

  • Today’s blog makes indecision easier by understanding procrastination.
  • Look for my upcoming blog: “Procrastinator:10 Easy Step Strategy”.  You will get 10 easy action steps.  Valuable tips will help you take steps to end procrastination excuses. BTW: be sure to look for your bonus offer in that blog.

Two clear-cut choices

Taking action and making excuses are both clear-cut decision choices.

  • Option 1: Continue with procrastinating excuses that make you think you feel better. Look deeper because these are holding you hostage in ‘decision paralysis’. Unfortunately your goal results with option 1 = keep you stuck in status quo
  • Option 2: Take steady action = get ready – set – go. Committing to taking one action step at a time will help you happily move toward achieving goal accomplishment. I encourage you to give yourself permission to take steady, bite size action steps and feel good.

Putting it off

The act of procrastination causes you to intentionally put decision making off.  Know that if your procrastination attitude (habit) has been:“waiting for a more opportune time to take action”:

  • Your repetitive procrastination habit has developed an unfortunate self-belief.
  • This habit generates self-sabotage.


Is your favorite procrastination excuse one of these five?

All 5 excuses are primarily verbalized when people are delaying pressing through, subconsciously perceived difficult or frightening self-challenges.

Before you look to see if your favorite “self-justification excuse” is below, I ask “What things have you been putting off because you feel stuck or aren’t sure where to start?

  1. “I’m not sure I’m up for this right now”.
  2. “I need to think about it some more.”
  3. “I need to talk about this with my ___” (usually the spouse).
  4. I failed before, what makes you think I can do it this time?”
  5. ”This is going to to take too long.” This is often tied with: “This isn’t going to take very long so I’ll do it later.”


So what’s the common thread in the above, 5 procrastination excuses?

The common thread running through all 5 of the above excuses is: “I don’t feel like taking action”.

Know that you don’t have to attempt “lonely frustration” anymore.  I am here to help you understand where you are at and guide your direction for next steps.  My proficiency skillfulness will help you never want to go back to another procrastination moment.

Lets explore possibility options via Skype | phone | or in office, in an enjoyable conversation. Here’s my office number so you can give me a call at Alternative Wellness & Beyond: 828-504-2003.


7 Procrastinating habits that may currently be hindering your action results

One of these 7 procrastinating habits may actually be HALTING or DELAYING your action.

  1. Avoidance: Remember ‘dominating perceived pain’ always overrides momentum.
  2. Emotional barriers / Mental blocks: These obstacles are like emotional discontent wrapped in “fear of next step”.
  3. Fear of failure / Fear of success: Fear of success is often overlooked by many people.
  4. Self-complacency: This can develop from an excessive false self-belief or, lack of concern.
  5. Delusion / illusion of action: Can range from poor self-comprehension due to lack of healthy self-esteem.  He/she underestimates quality time needed for task completion.
  6. Lack of focus
  7. Perfectionism: this is frequently the underlying Root Cause feeding delayed actions. Perfectionism characteristic frequently commands your inner part (self-preservation) to “put it off til later”.


Your next step | HALTING “The Procrastination Thief” robbing your precious time

If you knew you would definitely succeed: what is the one thing in your life you would do now > because you could achieve rapid accomplishment?

There is an underlying reason WHY “The Procrastination Thief” is stealing your precious moments.  It is: stopping your achievements.

My nearly 20 years experience can very likely tell you why that is happening.  My skillfulness will help you breakthrough current mental blocks. So imagine how that can help you: excel > stay on task > and stand out in work performance enhancement.

Get ready to sharpen your tools. Learn veteran Personal Development Coach Polly Humphreys secrets in her next blog: “Procrastinators: 10 Easy Step Strategy”. It can help you deal effectively with procrastination.

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