Power of Choosing Forgiveness

Power of Choosing Forgiveness

Forgiveness will transform the way you think, feel, and live your life!

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.  You accept this gift because you desire to rise above pain and emotional hurt with intact integrity.  The greater our integrity – the greater our power!

When you believe you’ve been treated unfairly or offended, you might understandably feel like a victim.  Yet because each of us chooses to be either powerless or powerful: I have written this blog with the intention of helping the hurting person take back their power!


Some people mistakenly believe they can move into a gratifying life, while harboring resentment.

There is freedom in letting go of uncontrollable situations; past circumstances and hurts. That’s why I want you to remember: choosing not to forgive hurts only you.  Un-forgiveness is a stumbling block still stealing your joy.

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  • Discover 5 great reasons to forgive even when you think it’s impossible.
  • Did you know that “the offender” never needs to be present for forgiveness to have staying power?

How letting go of resentment gets easier:

It’s far easier to conquer your battles through the mindset of power vs. powerless.  That’s why Polly Humphreys offers her clients choices.  

You can choose your process option: Traditional Life Coach and/or Hypnotherapy.  Polly will teach you how to give yourself the incredible powerful gift of forgiveness.  And you can do it from the belief mindset of a Victor!

Mastery:Jesus, (our Great Teacher), taught his disciples the simple lesson below, 2,000 years ago. This lesson: still true in the 21st century.

Lesson 1: You CAN’T serve 2 masters (anger or forgiveness) at the same time.

Lesson 2: One of the two masters will rule your thoughts, decisions and actions!

Letting go | grudges | resentments | bitterness | hatred

Polly honors the FACT: forgiveness is a decision that you get to make. Your decision is your right. Your decision to be free from confusing emotional pain is your birthright.

Imagine the powerful feeling from you making life-changing transformation.  Using time honored principles and strategies – here’s what you can expect:

  • Enjoyably loving your life because you now understood how to embrace forgiveness.
  • Gratifyingly moved forward in your life as A Conqueror because you laid down your burdens and pain!
  • Clearly accomplishing your life goals in a fraction of the time with a clear vision of all you can be.

If you like the idea of an empowering approach, and amazing powerful coping strategies putting you in “the driver’s seat”: then you will like working with Polly at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.

For nearly 20 years, Polly Humphreys continues to help people operate from a foundation power shift:

  • Powerless to powerful.
  • And then journey forward to their next quest from the mindset of A Victor!

Here is your solution.

Envision the power of success waiting for you because: you STOPPED defining your life “according to” how your offender hurt you!

Polly encourages you to be pro-active today! Convert your stumbling block into stepping stones to emotional freedom and success.  Click here for free consultation

  • Polly is easy to talk with.  Share candidly with her how you intentionally want your life to look and feel like.
  • She will tell you exactly how you can transform your dream images into reality. And the best part: its far easier than you likely imagined.

Free Consult Options:in-office | Skype | Face Time.

  • Email request with Polly Humphreys: click on the Free Consultation Link, just above.
  • Phone: 828-504-2003. Be sure to leave your contact information including, the purpose of your request.

10 value-added benefits with Polly Humphreys’ Client Forgiveness Process:

  1. Take back your power now. You decide how your life looks.  
  2. From a clear vision: create a winning blue print.  Polly will help you become the architect of your life: who you are, how you want to think and feel.  Recreate the Ideal You: living a life that you absolutely love!
  3. Listening to your desires, Polly will help you develop clear subconscious images that close the gap of where you currently are and your goal destination.  That process is so powerful!
  4. Forgiveness Process sets you free from the circumstance.  Polly’s highly advanced training can help you be permanently free from “the offender”; almost immediately!
  5. Deal effectively with all circumstances from an empowered viewpoint.  
  6. Forgetting isn’t required; nor recommended.  Stress management techniques help you reduce physical – mental – emotional strain.
  7. Embrace resilient during the storms of life! Break through “the comforts” currently holding you hostage.
  8.  Recharge your entire sense of well-being.  Direct your life from internal harmony and peace because you rid mental & emotional fatigue.
  9. The “drip-drip-dripping” of toxins (resentment – bitterness – anger) STOPS flowing into your adrenal glands.
  10.  Learn how specific visualizations + powerful affirmations repeated each day at a specific time, helps you emotionally connect with your goals.

The power for you to manifest “forgiveness freedom” is a simple phone call away.

Encouraging you to be pro-active today! Convert your stumbling block(s) into stepping stones of emotional freedom and success.

Give yourself the gift of power now. Polly is here to help you be empowered.  You have an amazing opportunity to change your life.

The Power Process starts with your decision to let it happen!  Your “power potential” is  already in you, waiting to be awakened now.  And Polly Humphreys is here to help you take back your power!

Here is to your upcoming success!


Noteworthy: In Polly Humphreys next blog: Learn how to get a power shift.  She’ll teach you how to shift your mental picture.  See from eyes of new discovery: Powerless to Powerful.

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