Poverty Mindset | Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

Poverty Mindset | Choose Your Thoughts Wisely


As a child, poverty mindset basically ruled my life!

“My life felt like a mess!  I understand what it is like to be paralyzed by fear.  And I understand how to overpower fear!”…Polly Humphreys.

My personal story of how I permanently ended scarcity fears: can be read by clicking here.

Poverty mindset encompasses lack thoughts.  

Like thorns consuming you – deprivation (lack thoughts) wreck havoc on: self-esteem > cognition > and decision making.

I am proof, beneficial strategies and tools carried into your daily life: can triumph a poverty mindset before it ‘chokes’ your accomplishments. 

Fear of “not having enough” isn’t from God!  God gives us a spirit of power – love and self-control.

Had I understood this message in childhood, poverty mindset wouldn’t have affected my life.

Reverence is healthy praise to God: allowing us to lean on God.  Don’t lean into the lies of: human fear > worry > doubt.

I learned to lean on God!  Joyfully, my personal success with Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy for conquering formerly owned poverty mindset established in childhood:

  • Was actually a disguised blessing.  My success outcomes led me to professional training.  Since then, I’ve been helping people overcome fear for nearly 20 years.
  • My high level training and proven success methods: repeatedly continue to help hundreds of client’s generate success outcomes. Click here to read a few client success stories.
  • My former experiences actually taught me compassion and courage.

Conquering fear thoughts.  Learning life through the eyes and mind of this child.

As a previous hypnotherapy client I happily:

  • Identified childhood deprivation thoughts that developed poverty mindset > transferred into adulthood;
  • Discovered how former chronic stress initiated; and
  • Learned proven effective strategies for intentionally choosing thoughts mindfully.

Best yet: years later I still teach those lessons.  Ongoing advanced strategies are easy to apply; even when under pressure.

I can attest that fear based unmanaged thoughts: are like an avalanche out of control.

I will be discussing this in greater detail in an upcoming blog.  Chronic stress thoughts do affect one’s success potential.

I do want to clarify here:

  • The impact of chronic stress is different than one’s reaction to acute stress.  
  • Limited acute stress endurance can actually be a good motivator.
  • We have free will.  We are to be mindful and capture every thought.  If not, thoughts will control you!  Choose them wisely.

With awareness, belief and willingness for affirmative change to occur > anyone can end poverty mentality.  

In surrendering self-limitations that weren’t meant for you to keep anyhow, your life can transform amazingly!

Next Step | Summary:

If your thoughts seem to be led by struggle – or if lack mindset thoughts are tugging at you, or on a loved one: save yourself wasted time and fear energy now.

Contact me: I’ll happily share how you can joyously end your struggle faster and easier, than you likely imagined.

  • Enjoyable free consultation: SKYPE | Phone | In-office. Click on this link to contact me.
  • Or if you prefer calling now: 828-504-2003.

It’s never too late to disband any fear! Decide to discover your inner bold! Take one small step in the right direction. Today is a great day to begin!

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