We are one nation under stress!

I dedicate this page to individuals who experience excessive stress or have pent up emotions.

Are you possibly drowning in a sea of stress?  Need a good laugh?

I invite you to click on this link  In this radio interview with host Muriel: listeners laughed.  They gained insightful – simple practical strategies for stress management.  Enjoy the unexpected!

Stress Management | Positive Strategies for Stress:

As a Life and Career Coach & Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist: @ Alternative Wellness & Beyond – my goal is to offer each client:

  • Physical and Lifestyle Strategies
  • Emotional Strategies
  • Mindset Strategies
  • Philosophical | Spiritual Strategies

Which above stress strategies would best improve your life?

In a 30 minute FREE Consultation we can discuss how stress management strategies | Life Coaching | and or Hypnotherapy can put you in the Driver’s Seat intentionally taking control of your stress.  It’s time to stop drowning in a sea of stress!

Here’s the link for the FUN radio interview.  Let the link immediately transport you there.

Here’s to YOUR SUCCESS Breakthroughs:

  • Make this your best year. Take control of stress now.  Don’t let stress take control of you!
  • Be aware of you inner barometer: inner stress signal
  • Self awareness is required to prevent pushing beyond healthy stress. .

It is time to be proactive and learn healthy stress strategies.