YOU CAN Stop Smoking For  Good!

This Program Really Works


The Smoking Cessation Process:

As a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist and Personal Development Coach I want to share: yes you can stop smoking permanently; even if you previously were unsuccessful.

My clients have proven, that when you are fully committed and intentionally follow my stop smoking protocol created for optimal success, you can be successful.  Did you know that the number one factor that keeps anyone from realizing their best potential comes from their mindset?  Your mindset holds your inner beliefs, habits and emotions.

I skillfully help people tap into their subconscious mind and create a winning mindset.  Their desire to create new subconscious programming from a victor’s mindset, gives them advantages of permanency.

You will receive education including uncommon knowledge that is required for stopping smoking permanently.  When you understand how to use your mind most efficiently, you believe yourself to be successful.  You can expect that you advanced hypnosis sessions will reinforce in your subconscious mind, as that new belief as, truth.

My 3 part Smoking Cessation Success Program, is customized specific to your needs and desires.  It includes 1 preparation phase session and 2 advanced hypnosis sessions.  Your concerns will be addressed.  Like hundreds of others, you too can enjoy recovered freedom and calmness that the tobacco toxins previously stole from you.  You now get to stop fears and self-doubts dead in their tracks.


As your skilled support guidance, I will help you effectively harness the incredible power of your subconscious mind quickly.  Combining your full commitment, and my step by step proven protocol with my advanced hypnosis, is a winning combination for preventing relapse.

Our winning combination includes established strategies for successfully overcoming trigger relapses.  Education + support + time-honored coaching skills include a reference guide that you can refer to if ever the need arises.  Your new strategies will help you minimize stress and rid fear on demand.  I think you are going to love your physical | mental | emotional replacement for tobacco.

My science based practices help you also halt procrastination + eliminate self-doubt.  Transforming your health and mindset  to an elevated level, means no more poison from Cyanide and no further radiation particles from tobacco smoke.  And no fire-curing snuff.

Because I will teach you how to use your mind most powerfully, you will knowing how to stop inner conflict.  You can rest comfortably realizing this results in satisfaction, joy and calmness.  Call Polly Humphreys now: 828-504-2003 to schedule your client specific, 3 Part Smoking Cessation Success Program.  You too can quickly be a permanent and happy, tobacco free person.  If you prefer to ask questions first, that is OK.  There is a free, no obligation consult.  Alternative Wellness & Beyond: 828-504-2003  Email: polly@BackboneBuilder

An unprepared person is preparing to fail.



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