HypnoCoaching = Coaching for Rapid Success Accomplishment



My name is Polly Humphreys.  After living with years of frustration and feeling ‘stuck’ – through an unexpected opportunity, I received these remarkable, life changing words.      “You are only here for a time.  If you aren’t truly enjoying your life, then you pretty much feel stuck, blocked or partly dead”.  These next words of wisdom – are clearly what caused me to take immediate action.  I heard, ‘You will never become more than how your subconscious mind perceives your self-belief”!

Welcome to my site.  I did discover the winning secret to perfecting my subconscious file of me.  This vital file holds your impressions of how you view yourself and your success potential.  It also houses your model of how you view your world.  I am proof that you can successfully reprogram conditioned responses, improve beliefs and accelerate, success resolution.

That is how I came to be able to share my story that led me and so many of my clients to success.    That is why, this page is dedicated to the people who understand, that Life is – Too Short to wait for change to occur.  Like you, they want to turn their life around now; definitely heading in the direction of success.   Congratulations!  The distinction between where you are now and where you want to be next, is precisely what I do.

HypnoCoaching is designed for individuals who are committed to living life at the level of success.   Their victories come from the incredible mindset that links their success with personal and professional growth.  And it is accomplished far easier and faster, than traditional coaching alone.  Imagine owning a clear vision of your goals, and visibly defined action steps that achieves incredible fulfilling breakthrough!  Now add in the amazing feeling, that because you learned how to turbo-charge your results, your now live a successful life through the eyes of clarity and with the courage and confidence of a victor.

Polly Humphrey’s, Rapid Success HypnoCoaching System, is a combination of NLP and traditional coaching.  Because these skills are blended with hypnosis, this exceptional method gives you the winning edge advantage.  Together, we will blend my exceptional training and valuable learned life experiences, with your specific needs and desires. Bonus: staying focused = conquering your obstacles earlier + expedited goal completion!

You are done settling for ordinary.  Through a life-changing process, I will help you pin-point what has been holding you back.  Then I will help you quickly rid your limiting patterns and self-sabotaging habits.  We will use time honored methods that make it almost effortless for you.

Now you are probably wondering what you need to do next, to begin your journey to success,   to become your Best Self.  That is easy: 2 simple steps!  First, your commitment to taking your life to a whole new satisfying level…and next, a phone call to me: 828-504-2003 or email:: polly@BackboneBuilder.  I am happy to partner with you.  Let’s have fun creating the best version of ‘Successful, Incredible You’.


Expect Success!