Thank you for visiting my hypnosis for weight loss web page.  Polly Humphreys, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist and Personal Development Coach, understands that weight loss is not simple.  You don’t need to do it alone.  Like her client Karen, your success can happen faster than you might have previously imagined.  Hypnosis + coaching skills and strategies for weight loss = fast, steady results at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.

And like Karen, you can have it both ways.  She received sessions with Polly both in the office and via Skype.  Options and flexibility were a prime need for her.

Karen knows first-hand that you must be committed to your wellness outcomes.  There isn’t any magic.  Polly helped Karen get a clear understanding of unrealized triggers and outdated beliefs.  The hypnosis gave her a clear vision of what she would look and feel like at goal weight, even before it actually occurred.

Karen expected to be successful because Polly took the time to answer her questions that removed self-doubt.  Polly’s expertise in hypnosis helped this client design favorable subconscious images and impressions of her in her trim body.  Her subconscious mind believed what she told it.  Polly taught Karen how to become ‘the expert movie director’ of her subconscious mind.

Karen tells people, hypnosis and determination rapidly helped her became accountable.   Pre-planned coaching strategies and hypnosis suggestions helped her achieve, steady action steps in between follow up sessions.  She loved that hypnosis was a powerful motivator; especially when she felt the pressures of everyday stress.  With hypnosis + coaching (HypnoCoaching), you too can enjoy every mouthful of food, take charge of cravings, and expect be and act, successful!

Working with a respected professional like Polly Humphreys, can help your results last.  Polly taught Karen how to make adjustments on the inside first.  Coaching strategies kept Karen on tract.  She learned that she didn’t need to do it alone.  And that your subconscious mind can help you quickly master your thoughts, behaviors, habits and weight.  And you can enjoy your journey to success.

You can stop struggling now, with what goes in your mouth and in your mind.  To learn about receiving hypnosis for weight loss, call Polly Humphreys for a free no-obligation consultation.  Or you can set an appointment right now.  Call Polly now: 828-504-2003.  If you prefer email initial contact, simply click here.

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