Obstacles | Boosting Success Results

Obstacles | Boosting Success Results




Obstacles give meaning to life are really circumstances of success!


Problem solving skills will always be needed.  Yet why do so many people grow weary quickly from problems?  Are you like the average person, willing to do almost anything to avoid dealing with hurdles?

Don’t run away.  Since obstacles can help stretch your personal – professional growth, I’m giving you a super easy action step that can quickly boost a clear mind when problem solving.  You’ll get the answers in this blog: when to use your head or heart when dealing with others.

Here you will learn the bonuses of why you want to tap into your Super Power Intuition; your 6th innate sense and Helper.


Within your Internal World exists subconscious beliefs that are eagerly waiting to be discovered and transformed by you

Today, you will get to look at how your personal faith in beliefs can move, seemingly immovable obstacles currently stopping you.

After-all, the test of a leader is the ability to recognize an obstacle before it becomes a crisis.  For nearly 20 years I’ve been teaching individuals desiring faster, lasting success results – how to develop a winner’s mentality.

Converting stumbling blocks into stepping stones for lasting success is far easier when you know solid power techniques.


Reducing mental clutter

Next time you face a BIG obstacle that seems like an “immovable mountain,” consider setting it aside briefly. Stepping away from challenges even momentarily, can help prevent you from getting emotionally overwhelmed in “stuck mindset”.

Unfortunately, this small action step often overlooked.  Yet it is key in accelerating the process of identifying obstacles with a clear mind.


Good News: Problem solving answers are already within you

Strong leaders realize that the blows knocking them off course, are the ones they didn’t see coming.

Being that a situation only becomes a barrier when individuals don’t have sufficient resources to meet it; you will be happy to know, the answers you need, are already within you.

Understanding how to tap into your Inner Genius (Intuition) for guidance, is a priceless skill that can be learned far easier than you may have imagined.  This treasured bonus for accelerating the problem solving process isn’t to be missed.


Harnessing the power of your innate Intuition

Grasping how to develop the power of your 6th Super Power can help rid indecisiveness with decision making.  Knowing how to develop Intuition can swiftly eradicate the feeling of: “Me and my problem against the world”.

Imagine you being able to pin-point the underlying cause of obstacles, far faster because your Helper has illuminated the underlying cause of the problem; and without the normal angst.  

In a quick phone or Skype call, I am available to answer your questions of just how easy it is to tap into your innate super power; 828-504-2003.


Owning a clear perspective – When to use your head or heart in problem solving

Owning a mentally clear perspective and developing a solid process is more important than the size of your barrier.

Head Proficiency: When problem solving involves only you, knowing how to use your head skillfully helps remove the “blinders of excuse making”.

Heart Aptitude: When dealing with others, use your heart more; and head less. This approach helps your communication style be direct; yet not demanding


Developing your inborn Super Power

If you could brainstorm problems in half your normal time, what else could you accomplish having the bonus of additional time in your day?

Imagine the difference in your emotional day and productivity results; courtesy of your Intuition:

  • You learned to how to obtain instant access for owning, super easy reliable techniques that help you remove the angst in important decision making.
  • Each time you make a decision you get solid trustworthy instant feedback from this Super Power “who has your back covered”.
  • You repetitively hand deliver your decisions to your boss and are seen as the “credible confident employee,” affirmatively solving challenges!


Do you believe in your capabilities to overcome obstacles confidently?

Beliefs are housed in your subconscious mental sphere.  Although beliefs start at a young age; we take all beliefs into our adulthood.

If you ever have questions how you can transform self-sabotaging beliefs still hindering you, into beliefs that motivate and drive success beliefs, just give me a call.  The results can be gratifyingly meaningful to your outlook on life.

Studies have shown that owning even a small amount of self-belief in your capabilities, (even if only the size of a mustard seed), can actually grow confidence very quickly.  With effective repeated practice and positive self-expectancy, you can soon boost confidence power for successfully moving your “mountains”.


Your Inner Guide is waiting to help you; first, you must understand the difference between the critical rational mind and your Helper. I encourage you to begin learning how to tap deeper into developing Power Beliefs that boosts your success confidence & productivity results.

BTW: remember this crucial step: Success Action Processing includes identifying the real issue lying beneath your obstruction.


I am happy to you explore proven methods that will help you sustain focus on the solution, not the problem.  I can be reached by either Skype or phone: 828-504-2003.  Email for complimentary consult request: polly@BackboneBuilder.com



About the author: Polly Humphreys is founder of Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  As a Success Results Coach she helps people achieve: Getting Mentally Clear, Staying Unstuck, and Achieving Faster Extraordinary Lasting Results. 
Her clients build life changing habits.  Because they are able to identify and eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs, solid techniques used promote their ability to harness empowering valuable beliefs.  They enjoy the pleasure of driving their motivation all the way to goal accomplishment.
Get her previous Problem Resolution | 4 Unique Styles blog here: http://alternativewellness.net/4-unique-problem-resolution-styles/




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