Minimizing Stress | 8 Stress Busting Strategy Steps

Minimizing Stress | 8 Stress Busting Strategy Steps

Get ready for minimizing stress!  Read below to learn how to break the power of worry > fear > self-limiting  habit excuses. 

Minimizing stress is a great gift to self.  Inside this blog find: 5 clear cut benefits + 8 easy to use stress busting strategy steps.

5 Clear cut benefits

  1. Powerfully deactivate your internal toxic stress alarm.
  2. Create intentional stress awareness.  
  3. Reduce procrastination.
  4. Master mental – emotional – physical stress; a crucial curative for busting anxiety. 
  5. Feel great!

Minimizing stress obstacles.  Today is a great day to take action!

Important: read all 8 steps before beginning the action steps.  Then begin imagining both the simple, and incredible ways, your life can change by taking action.

  1. Deliberately apply each action step below
  2. Expect to lessen stress > free worry > end self-doubt
  3. Imagine the benefits of your having a well thought out plan; helping you taking control of life’s curve balls.

Accountability Partnership Elevates Success Rate.

Studies continue showing: people who have an honest caring accountability partner > have greater success rates. Who do you choose as your accountability partner?

Success Nugget

Review the 8 stress busting strategies and your answers, with your chosen accountability partner.  Keep your focus on all the “BENEFICIAL REASONS WHY”: you have chosen to make life changes.  Benefits of honest, cohesive partnership:

  • Less stress + greater confidence
  • Motivation with transformation
  • Unstoppable momentum + powerful emotional investment

A clear vision propels action.  

Although simplicity says: “Less is more”.  Simplicity still demands action accountability.

Mental clarity is required for personal growth and goal accomplishment.  

Polly Humphreys’ 8 clear cut strategies steps below will help you gain clarity of who and, what is causing you stress. This is crucial for success!

Your dedication with action steps below, will help you see your end results far faster.  Imagine the amazing turnaround possibilities in your life by steadily taking actions. 

Getting started: focus inward by gently closing your eyes  as you sit in a quiet place.

  1.  From your heart-space: write down 5 inspiring goals you would accomplish if you knew you would absolutely succeed!  
  2. Review what you just wrote.   Envision these amazing feelings from upcoming changes in your life.  Pay close attention to what they will feel and look like.   (Tip: this imagery is to be done from the mindset as if, you have already accomplished success). 
  3. Now quickly write down 5 gratifying – personal benefits you just envisioned.  
  4. Time to get clear!  Write 5 things that are currently stopping you from achieving action goals.  Perhaps: people, excuses, fears, beliefs and/or thoughts.  What negative remarks are made that currently stop you from taking action?
  5. Goals need action steps.  Write down 1 to 3 to action steps for each goal.  Coaching Nugget: success demands that we stretch ourselves enough to get us out of our comfort zone.  Stay focused on the feeling of how great you will feel at goal accomplishment.  
  6. Clarification: for each short term goal: write a date next to it.  Short term dates are normally set for 4 to 6 weeks duration. 
  7. Write out at least, 1 long term goal.  Date each long term goal.
  8. Review the above 6 steps with your accountability partner.  Schedule in writing: a weekly meeting time to review progress and challenges.

Best of all: motivational rewards inspire success.

1). Reward yourself as you reach each goal.  2) Reward your partner if you don’t reach your goals!  This is an amazing motivator or success! 3) Have FUN!

Imagine the new Best Version You – enjoying freedom from being unstuck.  Trust your intuition to have fun helping you create the inner magnificence awaiting to be revealed  Now have fun taking action! 


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Awareness is key with staying on success track.

Below are three important weekly self-questions for helping you stay focused on the success track. 

  1. What will you have missed out on, by not taking action?
  2. How great will your life be and feel because you are taking consistent gratifying action steps?
  3. What benefits will you gain by calling your accountability partner during times of high stress?

If you are ready for a success breakthrough – need guidance – or have questions; see directly below.

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