Is YOUR Mind Perhaps Controlling You?

Is YOUR Mind Perhaps Controlling You?

Do you have days when it feels like your mind has total control of your thoughts?  




As a Success Coach and a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist I provide solutions that generate beneficial lasting changes.

In this blog we will look at: what you can do when a series of negative thoughts spiral out of control.



This blog is dedicated to helping you elevate your awareness for just how easy it is to regrettably imprint subconscious self-defeat.  Know that with deliberate focus, it is easy to intentionally produce winning success thoughts.


My Little Robot” poem is a vivid example of how a person reproduces a poorly controlled mind. 

As you read the poem below notice what happens when your subconscious mind (referred here as your Little robot), repeatedly ‘gets out of hand’.

Be aware, without mindfulness, repetition doesn’t take long.


My Little Robot

“I have a little Robot that goes around with me;

I tell it what I’m thinking – I tell it what I see.

I tell my little robot all my hopes and fears;

It listens and remembers everything it hears.

At first my little robot followed my command,

 But after many years of training, it’s gotten out of hand.

It doesn’t care what is right or wrong – or what is false or true.

It doesn’t matter what I ‘try;’ NOW it tells me what to do.

I picked this poem for very precise reasons.

The 2 paradigms directly below are examples of your unrealized automated self-talk.

  1. I tell my little robot all my hopes and fears.”
  2. “It listens and remembers everything it hears”.


Appraising both statements from above 2 examples, know that: your subconscious mind automatically follows or acts upon your most dominant repetitive thoughts and emotions.
  1. Your emotional thoughts do drive your decisions.  What does that say to you about your uncontrolled and/or suppressed emotions?
  2. Looking inward, which of your thoughts and emotions are currently working for you and, against you?


Awareness ∗ Realization ∗ Action:
  1. Intentional beneficial self-talk can actually help reduce your stress level.  How often do you stop and check your self-talk?
  2. Focused mindfulness will improve your self-questioning level; leading to better decision making.
  3. Begin to pay very close attention to your self-talk for one week.  In a designated notebook write down the things you frequently say to yourself.
  4. From a mindful state of awareness – consciously eliminate hindering, self-restrictive, self-sabotaging thoughts.


Did you know that prolonged decision making is a vision-killer?
  1. Recurring long-drawn-out decision making – slowly drains the joy out of your life.  Unfortunately it also elevates your cortisol levels.
  2. Procrastination caused by avoidance reinforces lack of discipline. If not dealt with soon enough – prolonged procrastination can develop into chronic procrastination.
  3. Chronic procrastination can be overcome.  Please consider getting professional help to overcome this, if that is a problem for you.


Let’s take a closer look below at the subconscious’ impressions taken from the 2nd half of the poem:

“At first my little robot followed my command, but after many years of training, it’s gotten out of hand.  It doesn’t care what’s right or wrong – or what is false or true.  It doesn’t matter what I ‘try;’ NOW it tells me what to do.”

  1. If negative self-destructive thoughts aren’t controlled quickly – your subconscious mind will control you. Uncontrolled thoughts become like a snowball ∗ picking up out of control momentum ∗ hurling down the mountain.
  2. WHAM, all of a sudden you’ve convinced yourself: “I just know this thing IS going to happen – I’m sunk!”
  3. To live a peaceful, harmonious life – that kind of thinking must  be stopped at once.


Subconscious automatic programming realization:
  1. Regardless if your subconscious perceptions are favorable or negative – without your realization, your subconscious mind accepts ALL influential thoughts or feelings as “your truth”.
  2. They automatically become programmed as your beliefs.  You then act from them.  In humor, you become the Robot’s robot!
  3. I encourage you to look at the values and beliefs your parents, mentors or advisers frequently verbalized.  Which ones did you take on as “your truth”?  There is a huge possibility that you brought those with you into your adult life.  They may unknowingly be driving your self-sabotaging thoughts ∗ beliefs ∗ actions.
  4. With valuable awareness of these elements ∗  willingness for favorably altering them ∗ consistency – you can release them.
  5. It begins with knowing how.  Via wholesome transformation your subconscious mind will then follow your winning commands.



Distinguish which thoughts and emotions you want to happily transform.
  1. Which new empowering beliefs that you desire to generate, best fit the Real Authentic You?
  2. When are you willing to commit to your self-investment in making desirable changes?
  3. What self-limiting stories are you currently telling yourself that are currently holding you back from starting your self-investment transformation?
  4. By following through with your self-commitment – what amazing ways will your personal and professional success change?


Need help with how to start?

You may have some questions that you would like to ask me with how to get started.  I am happy to explore a few insightful approaches regarding how to get started.

Remember, no single approach fits everyone so don’t compare yourself to anyone.


Feel free to contact me Polly Humphreys – Success Coach and Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  I offer a complimentary, no obligation 30 minute consultation.  Call: 828-504-2003.  Web:




I am happy to help you claim your success mindset.  You can live the life you love… now!

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