Polly Humphreys

Polly Humphreys – Peak Performance Coach and Hypnotherapist.  Polly loves helping people develop ultimate solid solutions and gratifying results! 





Polly Humphrey’s mission:  

For nearly 20 years I’ve been helping High Performers and teams: “Get Mentally Clear * Get Unstuck * Get Extraordinary Lasting Results”.  My clients love mastering their full potential with easy to use bullet-proof methods.

Going beyond invisible barriers is a normal part of the process with Polly at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.


Greetings – Welcome to Polly Humphreys –  Alternative Wellness & Beyond website:  

I’m truly happy that you decided to stop by today; thank you.  How much easier would your life be having access to professional seasoned guidance + easy to use cutting-edge strategies?  Let’s generate fun and gratifying success results now.

I understand what makes people successful.  More importantly, I understand why failures fail.  You see, before I became the trusted expert helping people get mentally clear and enjoy breakthrough success: I was an actual life coaching client and hypnotherapy client.

That’s right – many years ago self-defeating thoughts produced “fear stuck actions”.   I am proof: with a clear vision and committed persistence – you can successfully drive solid strategy.  With commitment, clear direction and a solid plan: we are all able to conquer challenges successfully!