Learning from Failure

Learning from Failure

People are ashamed to admit failure. Look around you. No one celebrates failure. In business and in life, only success is rewarded and praised. Because of this, we have created a culture where people end up repeating mistakes because they do not learn from failure.


Failure is not something to run away from.

As a matter of fact, it is one of life’s greatest teachers. When you ask the world’s most accomplished people about what pushed them to reach great heights, they will teach you that failure was their moving force toward success.


One of the best examples of these people is the great inventor Thomas Edison. He “failed” more than 10,000 times before he successfully created a working light bulb. In his “failures”, many people told him he was only wasting his time. Both his faith and confidence were tested but he persisted and succeeded. Many times. The fruits of his labor were 1093 patents which include the bulb, phonograph, motion picture camera, printing telegraph apparatus, typewriting machines, telephones and many other inventions which we can’t live without today.


Learning from failure: Another famous person we can learn from is President Abraham Lincoln. He was born into poverty and faced numerous defeats his entire life. He lost a total of eight elections, failed twice in business and even suffered a nervous breakdown. He could’ve let failure weigh him down but he didn’t. And because he learned from each of them and got up every time, he became one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States.


One of the valuable lessons we learn from President Lincoln is that success rarely comes on our first attempt at something. The key therefore, to success, is to be persistent. At first, success may seem like a distant star but if you learn from each failure you encounter along the way, it won’t be long until you get to taste the sweet rewards.


Facing life’s failures: As we face failures in life, we learn a lot about ourselves. We explore dimensions within us and discover things about ourselves that we have never known before. We learn more about our capabilities and as we overcome our challenges, our capabilities also grow. As a result, we become more confident, enlightened and strong.


Failure gives us a choice; a choice between quitting and succeeding. I hope you make the right choice. I hope that when you stumble and fall, you wipe the dirt off your knees and learn to run once again – and more careful this time around.


Struggling with failure? Allow me to help you. We can work together to turn your failures into valuable lessons. I can assist you in creating and working out a successful plan toward your desired goals. I have helped many individuals accomplish who are now happy in their success. I hope to see you relish in the same joy they have.

Science study on two main parts to any challenge that may cause someone to fail: Directly below is a link to Jamil Bhanji is neuroscientist at Rutgers University in Brunswick, N.J.  This may help with you to know what you can learn to do ‘next time’ you are struggling with failure.  https://student.societyforscience.org/article/lessons-failure-why-we-try-try-again

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