First with Success: Fuel Inner Dreams

First with Success: Fuel Inner Dreams

Inside First with Success blog, you will find insight for Fueling Your Inner Dream


First with Success blog is written for people who have a vision or personal dream that just doesn’t seem to go away; yet, don’t know how to give your dream life.  If that fits you, I encourage you to read on.

This blog is written to support and encourage you to hold on to that dream.  Get ready to breathe new hope and life into your vision for what can be.  Below is insight for fueling your inner dream.


We all have the power to change; and being first with success normally doesn’t happen overnight.

To achieve dedicated success in your desired areas, you must be willing to take it “all the way” to the bitter end.  Success mindset requires that you get your priorities straight.  Developing a winner’s mentality of first with success includes incorporating, essential mental skills for enduring success.

As you approach “destination take off” in the direction of intentional success, my intention is to provide you with mental insight necessary for your consideration:

  • Do you have a backup plan in place for using the cumulative power of essential mental skills and steps for enduring success?
  • Is your plan, self-assurance and determination subconsciously secure enough, that they will sustain you under all sorts of challenges and pressures?

For the purpose of unleashing your full potential, I ask:

  • If you should get off course and fall down emotionally, due to insurmountable perceived challenges you will possibly face, have you made a contract with self and a person that will respectably hold you accountable all the way to goal attainment?
  • Does your plan include: an established motivational strategy with content wording and clarity, that deliberately states, that for you, failure is never a permanent option?
  • Do you and your support system understand how to govern the analytical and rational parts of your mind so you remain in control of your thinking?


Learn what Oprah Winfrey knew about becoming ‘First with Success’

People who have been first with success, including underdogs, grasp this key principle I learned early on = failure is a possibility.    Failing forward requires a clear vision and insight planning.

Many incredible accomplished individuals have experienced massive failures (even multiple times), before they accomplished being, first with success.  Oprah Winfrey is an example.

Before she became a billionaire, despite initially facing sexism and harassment, her commitment and planning to be first with success, included having a support system + coaching.   Oprah is the perfect example; you must sustain mental clarity in order to eliminate the cobwebs before you can attain victory.  And, you must understand how to use your mind effectively in order to control and conquer fears.


In my next blog, I will address essential mental steps required for achieving the mindset of a victor that will guide you to obtaining your first with success.

We will also look at someone who dropped their opportunity to become a millionaire and the individual who took it to the bitter end.

Until next time, I encourage you to check within, and ask yourself:

  • Would I describe my mindset as average, mediocre or have I actually developed and currently own, the necessary elements for maintaining a winner’s mentality?
  • What elements within my mind could potentially hold me back from achieving, my first with success?
  • What’s the true, underlying reason I desire success now?  And what are the incredible benefits that I will reap?



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