Feeling Stuck? | Personal Development Tips: Getting Unstuck

Feeling Stuck? | Personal Development Tips: Getting Unstuck


Feeling stuck? Fear can stop you dead in your tracks.

I know that personally. My incredible success as a client who overcame “stuck fear belief”: led me to helping people love mastering their mind and obtaining far faster success results.

Do you ever feel stuck? Learn below how you can change stuck thinking!

If you feel stuck, you are definitely in the right place. My passion is helping professionals, individuals and athletes feeling frustrated and stuck: gain crystal clarity > move forward > because they successfully get unstuck.

What a joy to watch my clients move from stuck state.  They learned how to transform frustration into incredible personal power; reaping lasting, gratifying success.

Changing your stuck thinking: 5 tips.

If you feel stuck: schedule time to get intentionally still. Close the door – shut the phone off. Quiet your mind. Prepare to listen to or get in touch with your innate higher self.

  1. Discern: are you trying to ignore or resist your wise inner voice? Or simply feeling blocked?
  2. Does your inner voice sound or feel contradictory belittling? Or does it perhaps feel loving and accepting: desiring to challenge you to be more? If it feels contradictory, that is your critical mind grabbing your attention.
  3. Acceptance is the state of mind that sees the present moment in it’s true form.
  4. Acceptance isn’t what causes you to be stuck; nor, causes you to give into passivity.
  5. Fearing the thing that scares you, can actually be the catalyst that pushes you through ‘stuck’.

 I come into your life to help you courageously grow.  Imagine the thrill of propelling through “stuck” > straight into success transformation.

Fear can stop you dead in your tracks: That why it’s time to invest FIRST in clarifying > then generating self-changes from the inside out!

Transformation first begins in your mind! Click on this link and I will contact you and answer your questions.

  • You can ask your specific questions and share what issues you would like to transform into personal development improvement success.
  • I will explain how I can help you get unstuck and gain crystal clear vision for what can be.

Don’t let fear paralyze you or cause panic.

You can HALT anxious fear causing you to currently feel stuck.  Your not alone.  I am here to help you succeed!

Teaming together, you can expect to:

  1. Overcome fear and get unstuck. Be prepared to understand and rid, the underlying fear cause.  That’s when life gets really exciting.
  2. Understand the thing currently blocking you. It is almost certainly in your mind.  And clarifying and ridding mental clutter is my are of expertise.
  3. Become the optimal (best) version of you – living the life you love to live.
  4. Have fun getting a fresh new perspective of all that can be for you. Did you know that you can actually see how great that looks like, feels like, and sounds like, before it actually happens in life?
  5. Crush fear and step into your greatness!

About the author:

Polly Humphreys is a Peak Performance Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond. Nearly 20 years later: Polly still loves helping people develop ultimate solid solutions and reap gratifying, lasting solid solutions!

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