Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind. Everyone has already experienced hypnosis; by accident or by plan.  In this natural altered state of mind, visualization and imagery are greatly improved.

Hypnosis is the by-pass of the critical factor (the mental blocking part) of the conscious mind combined with the establishment of acceptable, selective thinking.

“Hypnosis is a natural process by which critical thinking is diminished and internal visualization (imagery) is greatly heightened”. Athletes love this and the ability to tap into ‘the zone’!

It is a natural state of mind and is a means of communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. People go in and out of hypnosis all day long without even realizing they are in a natural altered (day-dreamy) state. As we intently listen to our Pastor or Rabbi, we automatically go into a ‘trance like state’. We are deep in our subconscious minds.

Example: When a person is staring into a beautifully lit fire in a fireplace, they find themselves entranced (deeply absorbed) in the beauty of the flames. Frequently, that person is in a natural and chosen light, ‘trance like state’ of hypnosis. Our creator designed our minds to dream big; when we do that, we automatically go into a natural, ‘trance-like’ day-dreamy state.

The answer is no. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which emphasizes the point that ultimately the “control of the mind” is with the client and their desire to create beneficial changes.   Clinical hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is about the client investing in their decision to take charge of their mind, create valuable transformation.   That is, very empowering – not taking control away!

Definition: HypnoCoaching™ is the blending of hypnotic and neuro-linguistic tools and Emotional Freedom Technique with personal coaching helping clients achieve more than they ever thought possible; more easily, more rapidly and efficiently than personal coaching alone. It is MORE than Life Coaching. Because hypnosis is part of HypnoCoaching™ – the client is able to tap into their subconscious mind, this method that can result in turbo-charging (achieving) their chosen results, much faster.

In particular, the process of HypnoCoaching™ uses the mind most effectively; 100%.

It is a one-on-one partnership and a process that provides the client feedback, guidance and insight that leads to effective, focused action. The client receives support assistance and direction to gain clarity of their Core Values and overcome (remove) mental blocks. It is designed as an accelerated approach.

Who can benefit from HypnoCoaching™?

I help my clients create the life they desire; creating it “on purpose”! Together, we work on their needs and desires using the ideal skilled tools that help them create action plans leading to goal accomplishment. Some of my clients are people who are going through every day challenges; others are people going through major life changes. Some are folks preparing to start a new career or relocate > they want to achieve ‘that Big Dream’. Many clients choose HypnoCoaching™ to elevate their personal or professional growth >they want to have ‘the edge’ and stay strong; they know they need to sustain resiliency throughout the journey process! Others are recovering from separation or divorce, and know they need to clear out the ‘mental cob webs to obtain mental clarity for emotional healing.

The American Medical Association and the American Dental Association both recognize and accept hypnosis as a very valuable tool (modality) in making desired beneficial changes within the mind-body-spirit connection. Because hypnosis is safe and a valuable wellness modality, many leading medical and dental schools are currently teaching hypnosis courses. Halting habits such as thumb sucking, stopping smoking or chewing ice are great client benefits received from hypnosis. Hypnosis can be very valuable for surgical procedures: promoting calmness and confidence, halting fears and improving bleeding control, post-surgical procedure.

An individual chooses hypnosis because they desire change. They understand the power of their subconscious mind and they like the idea that hypnosis can help them create valuable permanent life changes: improving their health and well-being and releasing mental hindrances that have prevented them from making beneficial transformation in their life.

There are many, here are just some of many issues hypnosis is used for:

  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Self-Confidence and Emotional fulfillment
  • Personal and Professional Enrichment
  • Relationships – Sexual Concerns and Grief Loss
  • Academic Motivation, Study Habits and Learning Boost
  • ADD/ADHD and Behavior – Attitude Modification
  • Habit Control and Motivation
  • Stress – Hypertension
  • Fears, Phobias and Unnecessary Worries – Public Speaking
  • Banishing effects of Traumatic Impressions
  • Stop Smoking – Addictions and Weaning from Narcotics
  • Dental Related Issues
  • Multiple Wellness Concerns
  • Weight Loss – Control and Management
  • Sleep Disturbance, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
  • Emotional Pain and Chronic Pain Management
  • Diabetes and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Asthma
  • Pre and Post-Surgical and Dental Related Issues
  • Stuttering and Bed Wetting
  • Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking and Skin Problems
  • Retrieving Lost Objects

There are many. Some examples of recognized general benefits gained from hypnosis are stress relief, peace of mind and increased energy. Some wellness benefits are vital health and well-being, unlimited personal success, and making dreams a reality! FACT: The benefits you receive will be in proportion to the time and attention that you are willing to invest in making your wanted changes.

Your desire, belief and expectations are an enormous part of your success.
All my clients are educated in hypnosis; they understand that believing they will create valuable change is a necessity and that you get what you expect. As your expert guide, I help you generate the ability for you to remove “the unwanted” from your life.
My motto: Imagine, Believe, Expect and Achieve Success!

I recognized the ‘true value’ of hypnosis first hand after a serious illness. Achieving incredible fast results with personal life changing success via hypnotic intervention – I believe God called me to commit to a form of serving others; and assisting all my clients on their life’s journey to total mind-body-spirit wholeness.

I knew first hand, that by tapping into my subconscious mind, I could easily remove ‘limiting thoughts’ – and take control of my thoughts. I knew I would succeed because I knew the secret to harnessing the power of my mind, my values, feelings and my intuition.

I received my initial certification training (Basic and Advanced Training) from the Omni Hypnosis Center in Deland, Florida. I continue to receive 21 plus continuing education, credit hours each year from the National Guild of Hypnotist > they hold their practitioner members to the highest standards. NGH is the oldest and largest professional organization of hypnotist in the world.

At Alternative Wellness & Beyond, my client focus individuals conquering ‘victory’. I enjoy leadership development, empowerment advancement and Holistic Wellness: mind-body and spirit connection for their enhanced well-being. I am committed to “client total wholeness.” I specialize in: Sports Performance Enhancement and Wellness Concerns: Stress Management, Fears-Phobias, Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss. Upon request, I do consider treatment sessions for other areas of wellness and success.

I love using a cutting edge exercise Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), because it generates a profound and lasting effect on one’s physical and emotional well-being. It works simultaneously on the mind and body.
My clients appreciate my giving them other esteemed valuable tools they can use anywhere – anytime they choose.

Parts Hypnosis and Root Cause Hypnosis are two priceless and advanced skilled areas of hypnosis that I utilize. They have made a distinctive difference in client outcomes for the times when traditional hypnosis requires more for the client. As a skilled professional, I am recognized for helping individuals uncover their problem(s) and understand how their perceived issues(s) started. They don’t want nor need, a “Band-Aid” covering their issue. I treat the Root Cause rather than the effect because, once the ‘problem cause’ is identified, it allows me to assist my clients with resolving their inner conflict(s).

I also do Direct Suggestions for client empowerment. However, there are times when using only Direct Suggestion is not enough with helping the clients resolve their issues. I use Direct Suggestion for the purpose of client ‘self-esteem building’, personal growth, etc. I also find it helpful with enhancing client follow through for increasing motivation, anticipation for success and accountability with their action plan completion > leading to goal attainment!

Weight Example: When a doctor is dealing with an overweight person, the doctor will often prescribe a particular eating program, an exercise program, supplements, and possibly medications. The doctor will most often explain possible medical consequences of being overweight. If a person stays with their regime ONLY UNTIL they lose their desired weight – and if they do NOT continue with their prescribed plan and behavior modification changes, they usually will gain the weight back very quickly. (The person will then gain additional pounds).

Using the above scenario, hypnosis would help that person identify their realreason (underlying Root Cause) for their weight gain. One grand bonus of hypnosis is via my professional guidance, helping the client tap into their subconscious mind sphere, allows them to actually see (envision) themselves at their ideal weight and living the life of ‘Ideal Self’. Adding Direct Suggestions during hypnosis will help them to follow through with behavior modification as they continue their wellness journey for the rest of their life.
Unless the Root Cause of their problem is located and released, it is very likely there will be minimum lasting change – to no permanent change.

Wellness Example: If a person has asthma or difficulty sleeping, with Direct Suggestions – I can help alleviate the problem but the Root Cause of the problem will NOT be resolved. To release the problem, one must get to the ‘root’ of the problem. And for complete resolution of the underlying problem (root issue), the client must want resolution and they must desire to discover the Root Cause of the trouble. They must also be willing to release their perceived problem or, no permanent, beneficial change will occur. Again, we see that knowledge is ‘power-key’ and a motivational factor for accomplishing one’s desired success!

I love working with children, teens and adults who want affirmative change. No matter what the age of my client is, helping them to make valuable permanent changes in their life is very rewarding to me. It is especially gratifying when a person is at a ‘fork in the road of their life’ and they are unsure of which direction to turn. They are willing to place their trust in me, my professional skills and in the power of their wise inner (subconscious) mind, so that they can make transforming changes. I take that trust seriously and find that to be very rewarding.

Key Note: My clients understand, they are always in charge and can emerge from hypnosis at any time.

FACTS: For a person to be hypnotized, they must want to be hypnotized. It is never a ‘quick fix’ nor ‘magic’. Clinical Hypnosis has nothing to do with ‘tarot card readings’. I educate my clients to bust through their perceived life obstacles and live life in their greatness!

I don’t do ‘entertainment hypnosis’. My calling is to help individuals live their highest quality of life. I support people in becoming who God, their creator created them to be; unique, courageous, empowered and resilient!

Anyone with an average IQ and with a willingness for preferred change to occur, will do well with hypnosis. If a person believes they can’t be hypnotized, then will not be able to be hypnotized. Why? Because they are in control of their outcomes. To be hypnotized the person must like the idea of making positive modifications in their thinking, in their behavior and, in their habits.

Another reason I educate my clients as to the incredible power of their mind, via hypnosis is: the individual must have no fears or misconceptions regarding hypnosis and, believe that he/she can create the desired change while in hypnosis.
I tell my clients, “You can make change easily and quickly providing you choose to”.
The determining factor if a given suggestion is allowed to enter your subconscious mind and be accepted or rejected, is that the suggestion is ONLY decided by you. You determine (control) all your outcomes.

I help clients create a subconscious ‘winning model’ of their world. Stage hypnosis is purely entertainment; for some, ‘the fun’ creates a ‘dramatic effect’. Without accurate knowledge of what hypnosis is, stage hypnosis can leave individuals with the wrong impression of how powerful hypnosis for wellness and life-change can be. That is another reason why, I educate my clients.

Example: When you go to the movies or are entertained during a play, you are simply being entertained. The reason the hypnotized individual on stage does certain activities on stage is that they like the idea of being on stage.  Because they find that idea interesting, they make the decision follow given, specific ‘entertaining suggestions’.

I personally have been hypnotized by others for wellness and I consistently do self-hypnosis. Because I have no desire to be hypnotized on stage, they would not choose me. Being highly trained, the stage hypnotist knows, I am a ‘poor candidate’ because they realize, my lack of ‘participant reception’ would NOT by-pass my critical factor, (my ‘resistant part’). FACT: Stage Hypnotists only choose audience members who really like the idea of being hypnotized on stage.
At Alternative Wellness & Beyond, my client focus is on Holistic Wellness– mind-body and spirit connection for enhanced well-being. Assisting children, teens and adults with making beneficial, desired permanent changes is very enjoyable to me. I specialize in Sports Enhancement Performance and Wellness, including: elimination of Fears and Phobias; Stress Reduction; Stop Smoking (cessation); and Weight Loss. I do see people for many other issues as well. The above issues are just my area of specialties.

That is just one little reason why I love to educate people. A person does NOT go ‘under’. In hypnosis, you are guided into a natural altered state, or you guide yourself into self-hypnosis. Your hypnotist creates a comfortable, trustful environment in which hypnosis can occur.

Going ‘under’ is what happens when you receive anesthesia during surgery. There is a huge difference between the two! In surgery, you are under the control of your anesthesiologist or other medical staff.

It is an outdated term. It is a state of altered consciousness; the individual is fully alert, more alert than you actually are at this very minute. We all go in and out ‘of trance’ throughout our days. You may recall a time when you were reading a book and as you were deeply absorbed in the story, you did not hear another person attempting to get your attention. In actuality, you did hear this person, but because you were so engrossed in your story – you were ‘in trance’ therefore, you were oblivious to the person speaking to you.

In hypnosis, you are far more alert than you are right now. I educate my clients to understand, while in hypnosis, for any reason they decided to come from that natural altered state, they would immediately emerge.

That is why I do something called an Educational Pre-talk. During the pre-talk, I will listen to you to learn what your needs and desires are, I then answer your questions; I educate you about hypnosis. The pre-talk will give you clarity; it eliminates concerns and fears, misconceptions, myths and ‘untruths’ about hypnosis. The tools that I personally give each client, aids them in their success; clients find this very reassuring.

Because client questions have been answered, they feel contented and also appreciate just how powerful their subconscious mind really is.

At Alternative Wellness & Beyond, my clients get excited at their potential for success; they realize that allowing themselves to be guided into the most powerful part of their mind, (their subconscious mind), permits them to create their chosen beneficial changes.

I use a comfortable, secure technique called an induction to help guide a person into a very comfortable natural altered state. The value goal is: peaceful, mental and physical relaxation. Because ‘the chatter’ mind’ (conscious – rational mind) is quieted, it allows the client fast access into their subconscious mind to create their preferred, empowering subconscious changes. As I help the client emerge out of their peaceful comfortable state being, they hear me counting in a specific manner as a ‘cue’ for their receiving favorable, post-hypnotic suggestions.

I use different inductions for children than teens or adults. I use counting also, upon guiding (emerging) all individuals from hypnosis.
And of course, via my ‘pre-talk education’, my clients know they can also independently emerge from hypnosis at any time.

Think of it as ‘your judge’, it determines what is believable and what is acceptable as your truth and your reality. These beliefs are stored within your subconscious mind. We all behave according to our beliefs, thoughts, impressions and attitudes housed within our subconscious mind.

The answer is NO, to both questions. Hypnosis is 100% consent state, no one can infringe upon your personal morals or make you do anything or say anything that you do NOT want to do or say. If a suggestion was given to you by a hypnotist that you did NOT like, you would simply reject that suggestion; it’s as simple as that.

Keep in mind, you actions are based on your beliefs and you will only accept suggestions that you like. Because you are 100% in charge at all times when you are in hypnosis, you will be aware of your responses.

Relaxation is a component of Hypnosis. In hypnosis, your body and conscious (‘monkey chatter’) mind will be very calm. You are aware that you feel comfortable. Because your physical body and your ‘chatter mind’ are peacefully relaxed – this allows you to quickly by-pass the blocking part, easily gaining access to your subconscious mind. You will be very alert!

FACTS: You do NOT get stuck in hypnosis. You do NOT be unconscious, you don’t go into ‘a coma’, or ‘under’.
It is important that you expect to be in a very alert state, (heightened awareness) instead of being unconscious. You will always remain in control at all times. When it is time to end your session, the hypnotist will tell you, “It is time to emerge from hypnosis now”. Because most people feel so good, they usually want to stay in that incredible, comfortable state. We learned earlier, you can actually spontaneously emerge from hypnosis if your conscious mind is stimulated. That is why the hypnotist will give you suggestions that will help you narrow the conscious chatter. Happily think of it taking a break or, on vacation during hypnosis.

You WILL remember everything you desire to remember and your subconscious mind will accept all desired, beneficial suggestions that you like. You will soon find that in your everyday life, you quickly begin to act upon all your new, beneficial suggestions that you accepted in hypnosis. This takes place at the level of your subconscious mind.

Point of Interest: Hypnosis is also frequently requested to help a person retrieve lost objects. Because your subconscious mind houses all permanent memory – via hypnosis, you can easily discover where the misplaced object was set. I have helped people remember where they misplaced jewelry, important documents, etc.

We have 3 very separate, very distinct minds – each has different functions, each has a hard time inter-relating with each other.

  • The Conscious mind:It is the critical part of your mind. Our Short Term Memory is located here, we spend most of our time in our Conscious Mind; in fact – you are using your Conscious Mind right now as you read this. It houses our Ego and is our Analytical mind; it looks for the problem and works to solve the problem.
    Our Rational mind is the part of us that must understand ‘why’, if it does not have an answer, we become nervous or anxious or frustrated.
    Our Will-power originates here also; whenever you put Will-power next to your Subconscious Mind – Will-power will lose every time.
  • Subconscious Mind: It is located deeper than the Conscious Mind and it is the ‘authentic us’. It is our truth, our reality. Being the most powerful part of our mind, it can help us to be who we want to be; and act according to our subconscious perception of who we are. I love helping people create ‘Ideal Best-Self’ during hypnosis.
    The function of this powerful mind, is to create us according to what it perceives us to be, based on the information stored here. Because it is our protector and it wants to make us happy, we must use our ‘creative mind’ wisely. It is vital to be aware of our thinking and the words we use frequently. It is also known as our ‘internal computer’ – i.e., everything that has ever happened to us is stored here. It is like a video of our life or a book of our life.
    Housed here is: our Long Term Memory, our Emotions, the Lazy partof us, our Habits and Self -preservation, (our character).
    Remember, we need to be very careful that our self-talk is positive as it takes everything literally.
  • Unconscious mind: This is the deepest mind; our Automatic Bodily Functions(eyes blinking and heart beating, etc.) and our Immune System are found here.

Expect to create success! You will quickly feel very comfortable. During our first hypnosis session, so that you will get the most from your hypnosis sessions: I will do the Educational Pre-talk to dismiss any fears and misconceptions that you might have regarding hypnosis. I will also provide time targeted at allowing you to share your needs, problems, desires and goals with me. This information is confidential, and it will allow me to personalize your sessions. We speak honestly, not judgmentally.

Your questions will be answered and I will also teach you valuable tools that you can use to combat stress, fears and or cravings, etc. You will also receive self-hypnosis instructions.
If you are receiving my Smoking Cessation Program you will receive a book that I have written. My Weight Loss, ‘Journey of Wellness’ Program, has a protocol. Both programs will educate you with the goal of helping prepare you for success.
Depending on the scheduled time frame you have selected and the reason for your seeking hypnosis, you will either receive hypnosis during your initial visit or at your second visit.

The keys to successful hypnosis are: desire for change, belief and expectation. Having the ‘correct mental attitude’ of, “I like that suggestion; I know it’s going to work for me” is enormous in your accomplishment!

When a person in hypnosis hears a suggestion, he or she must take one of four mental attitudes about each given suggestion. My former teacher, Gerald Kein of Omni Hypnosis, in Deland, Florida noted, an individual has no alternative but to choose one of four mental attitudes when he or she hears a suggestion. Mr. Kein shared with our class, “the ONLY mental attitude that will cause a suggestion to be accepted is, I like that suggestion – I know it’s going to work for me!” He reported that if the suggestion makes the person uncomfortable, or they don’t care if it works or, they just hope it works, then the given suggestion will be rejected > there will be ABSOLUTELY NO change.

Any suggestion other than“I like that suggestion – I know it’s going to work for me” will cause the suggestion to be rejected and, there will be absolutely no change.

Again, we can see the power in trustworthy education regarding the power of the mind.

My goal is for you to be successful in as few sessions as possible. The average number of sessions is 3-5 depending on the client’s issue-problem or desire – as well as the individual’s willingness to create valuable change. Stop Smoking and Weight Loss are programs vs. sessions. Hypnosis is great modality for transformation – not ‘instant magic’. There are times I might see someone for one session to help them locate a lost item or to feel confident with public speaking. Regarding wellness issues, they will be more than one session.

Example:If you only took only two teaspoons of a prescription that your doctor gave you and you chose not take any more – the Rx would not help you heal fully. Hypnosis is very healing when done correctly.

Only if I was treating a client specifically for: Fibromyalgia – pain related issues, diabetes, cancer or, a serious medical including a severe stress issue, etc. – then one would be required.

The answer is NO! I think Dr. Don Colbert said it beautifully, “The Bible tells us that we are not to live with distortional thought processes – rather, we are to have a “transformed mind.”

I am a Christian; I believe being a Certified Hypnotist is my calling. I help people feel emotionally whole and I assist them with achieving their goals. I believe my purpose in life and my role is to serve others, helping people heal fully and live the life they were created to have.

It’s important that we do NOT get ‘stuck’ in our brokenness’. I help people release or lift up their ‘brokenness’ – let go and live freely. Many of my clients say, “It is like I have a new life – I see things so differently now.”

Our perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and emotions live within our subconscious mind. Our emotional state of well-being is just as vital to our overall wholeness as our physical or spiritual well-being.

Emotions are a gift from God – God created each of us with a capacity to feel and express emotions without feeling increased anxiety. When we are in bondage to our emotions and thoughts – we are unable to express ourselves and our needs fully.

Because some of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are deeply seated – at times, we are consciously unable to neither recognize nor understand why we have certain difficulties in life, in our relationships or why we continue to self-sabotage/damage our relationships.

Because hypnosis, is a skilled tool for mastering victory and transformation, individuals can quickly discover and understand underlying subconscious problems. They then can swiftly release unhelpful thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes that prevent people from forward momentum and action.

Via hypnosis, the person is able tap into the place where their subconscious perceptions are housed (stored). By understanding the subconscious interpretations of their beliefs, they are able to generate necessary changes within the subconscious mind.

Because one of the goals of hypnosis is to transform unhelpful thought processes, by changing one’s darkness into light, we are then able to bring harmony and balance between the conscious and subconscious minds.

In my years as a holistic practitioner, I have hypnotized ministers, medical staff including doctors and scientist for making valuable changes in their lives. Many ministers, priests and Rabbis use hypnosis during counseling. Some clergy are members of the National Guild of Hypnotist, the organization that I also belong to and receive my ongoing continuing education from.

I happily see individuals that practice various religions as well as those that are not of any practicing faith. Each of us has the divine power to make changes within ourselves; we make those changes within our powerful, subconscious mind. I like to think of our subconscious mind as an obedient servant, very capable of assisting us in creating unlimited possibilities.

Remember:Your creator, created your natural state of mind. It is things, of the world, and human beliefs that unfortunately, generated our problems. Each of us has a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves. It is my role as a Certified, Consulting Hypnotist and Success Coach to serve others so they may be at their ultimate level.

It has been said that hypnosis began before any recorded history and was used in religious and healing ceremonies. In early 1770’s, the modern history of hypnosis began with Father Gassner, a Catholic Priest. Below, you will find a small sample of history relating to hypnosis:

  • The use of hypnosis can be traced back to the time of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. The Egyptians built marvelous “dream temples”.
  • James Esdale a surgeon at a Calcutta prison practiced hypnosis.
  • WWI: Because there was a lack of anesthesia available to surgeons on the battlefield, they used hypnosis successfully as anesthesia, many times while amputating a soldier’s extremity.
  • Hypnosis in our current life time, is still used for reducing pre- surgery anxiety and for surgical candidates that are allergic to anesthesia.

In 1958, The American Medical Association accepted and approved clinical hypnosis as an adjunct to standard medical care. The AMA recommended that medical schools include hypnosis education in their curriculum. Because of the success with hypnosis, many clergy, doctors, psychologists and dentists use hypnosis in their practices.

Knowing what goal(s) you want to accomplish is the first step in my assisting you with your success. I offer a free confidential consultation during your initial phone contact. If I should be with a client when you call – simply leave me a message with your name and phone number including your area code.

Your call is important to me! Therefore, when leaving your phone number, please be sure to speak slowly. This ensures that I can return your phone call.

Whether you are on a journey of wellness or opting to create other valuable success transformation in your life, or simply choosing to enhance your sport and getting ‘in the zone’ – I look forward to discussing your needs, desires and goals and answering questions that you have.

Call Polly Humphreys, Certified Hypnotist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond, to learn how she and her specialized hypnosis training can help you break through limiting patterns of behavior, eliminate self-sabotage and favorably align your values and beliefs. I am ready to help you produce lasting change so you can experience the fulfillment in your life that you deserve.

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Skype and Face Time Sessions are also available; they are client-centered and tailored for your needs. You will receive the same customized and dedicated services, as my ‘in office clients’ receive here in my office.

This is a bonus for the long-distance locations including for those living in other countries.

This service was designed by me, for individuals who want to receive my ultimate sessions, yet remain in the comfort of their office or home, or while on vacation at their ‘home-away from home’.

This service is also ultimate for the athlete traveling during competitive seasons and for the academic student who lives moment to moment, according to their appointment scheduler.

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