Easter Transformation | Humanity | 9x Grant Funding Match

Easter Transformation | Humanity | 9x Grant Funding Match


Easter signifies transformation, renewal and new beginnings for many.


This blog is written from a view of Transformation Renewal.  My goal is to help shed light on subject matters that need to be addressed: poverty – ignorance – generosity.

Christ’s rising from the dead is the model example of grief transformation: very dark moments > liberation > eternal freedom!


“The Impossible”?

Have you ever witnessed an Easter Lilly having so much conviction to rise against all odds that not even tar could hold it down? Many years ago, I witnessed that very remarkable occurrence on Easter Day.

Christ’s rising from the dead is the model example of God’s love for us all.  His grief > undeserved forgiveness > transformation > free liberation.

Today we will look at how you & I have the power to make a meaningful difference in the lives of destitute people at little cost.

Making choices to favorably change the world starts with recognition + decision.


Life beyond the perceptible!

Easter reminds us: new beginnings are possible!  Time magazine April 24, 2017 edition wrote a great human interest article on Sheryl Sandberg’s new life mission decision due to her husband’s death.

Sheryl’s quote: “The bereaved (grieved) are often treated like those to who something unnatural or disgraceful has happened”.

Reflection of her heartfelt words, turned my thoughts to various forms of grief – violence; and how you & I can transform that.

Did you know that worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty?  You and I can destroy the curse of poverty by giving charitably. And it’s far easier than you may have thought!  See info below.


Change a child’s childhood

On my office desk is a stone with the significant words inscribed: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  Sometimes it takes just one action reminder for a person to grasp they can help someone’s “poverty slate” be repaired.

I was recently introduced to ChildFund International (www.ChildFund.org) by two musician artists that are making a difference by raising poverty awareness.  Taking simple action can help end poverty & increase children’s quality of life + safety; see 9x grant funding match info below

Since 1938 ChildFund International has been helping vulnerable children dream, achieve & contribute. Their motto: “Change the world, one child at a time”.

Through the awareness of ChildFund Mozambique, my husband & I are now sponsoring 4 year old Sandra.


Easter generosity: 9x grant funding match | How you can multiply $15.00 = $135.00

Imagine gratifyingly transforming a child’s life that currently lives in horrific living conditions, hungry and very poor through no fault of his/her own.

Gary & I have chosen to create steady transformation in Sandra’s world. Our donation of approximately $30.00 per month represents: humanity beyond Easter.

Changing Sandra’s childhood is possible and simple.  ChildFund is helping children in various provinces that would otherwise be homeless or alone in the streets; at high risk for violence.


Your Initiative will help families develop self-reliance | positive, lasting change | economic stability

You have an opportunity to help ChildFund International via USAID (grant) funding.  This help orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.  I encourage you to visit childfund.org.  Phone:1-800-776-6767.

For every dollar given, your gift is worth more than 9x:

  • $15.00 will multiply to over $135.00
  • $25.00 will grow more than $225.00
  • $50.00 will jump to over $450.00 providing life-changing help and hope.


What’s next?

Due to maximized matching at this time by USAID, ChildFund International requests that responses for this 9x grant funding match be made by May 15, 2017.  Every minute & every additional donation counts now; more than ever:

  • Growth Change | Transformation
  • Choices | Giving Selflessly | Fresh Starts
  • Reflection | Renewal | Rebuild | Repair

 Thank you for your consideration!  Phone call inquiries can also be made to ChildFund: 1-800-776-6767


About the author: Polly Humphreys is a Success Results Coach & Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  Educational articles that help individuals conquer fear, poverty mindset & courage driven success can be found on her website: www.alternativewellness.net

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