Emotions Driving Your Decisions?

Emotions Driving Your Decisions?

Emotions: Driving Decisions Based on Emotional Thoughts

Most decisions that we make are based on emotions. Our choices are often influenced by our emotions within that certain moment. 


Lets look at how our moods significantly affect our day to day decisions.  Why do you have the same job for the past decade? Most likely it is because you FEEL happy and secure with the career path that you chose. Sweetness and ice cream at lunch? When FEELING a little blue do you eat something sweet to lighten up your mood?

Whether we like it or not, attitude and mental state will always be a part of our decision making. Even the success of our logic-based decisions are arguably affected by what we feel. (Even when logical decisions are wrong).  Emotions, too, can lead us to our success. That depends on your ability to understand and interpret them.

Taking Charge of Your Feelings

Feelings serve a valuable purpose. They inform you, the captain of your body, what to do. Do you typically fight away your feelings or to ignore them when they arise? Taking time to understand them helps you to figure them out. Why ignore what can help you make the right decisions? 

Day after day, we are faced with constant information overloads. We deal with an abundance of information that we can barely process. We have a lot of stimulation to reflect.  Frequently, we do not have the luxury of time to process all information in a reflective fashion.

This doesn’t mean though that our brain is not working. It is processing all the information passively and unconsciously. If it comes across something that it considers as a “red flag,” you will be alerted in the form of feelings and thoughts that are created by emotions.

However, this system is not exactly reliable. It can cause a number of false alarms. Emotional misfires can happen most especially if intense emotions are involved. Thus, you need to evaluate your response using your rational thinking to see if it is reasonable and appropriate.

Using Emotions for Motivation

Belief systems can be a powerful tool to motivate action. Stress can work for us or against us.  That can drive our attitudes in the workplace.  It is especially experienced regarding task completion, time management or productivity. 

Let’s consider how people react differently to a deadline.

For some, a project deadline will trigger anxious feelings until it is completed. For others, it will not trigger anxiety until the deadline is near. The anxiety that the latter group experiences during the last hour of the project, serves to motivate action.

An emotionally intelligent leader understands that deadlines have the power to motivate his team in different ways. He knows the significant role emotions play in motivating action.  He uses this knowledge to create an effective motivational style.  He knows it can help his team achieve their goals.

This example is not limited only to workplace situations. You can use the tremendous action potential of emotions to improve your personal relationships as well.

Emotions in Effective Decision Making

Utilizing your emotions properly can give you a huge advantage in decision making. Many people think negatively about emotions. Therefore, some strive to resist their inner-feelings.   Usually it is due to thinking that emotion-based decisions are impulsive and lead to failure.

Unfortunately, they refuse to capitalize on their emotions.  They instead trust in their logical thinking more. Do not underestimate your emotions!  Many successful people will tell you that their “gut feeling” helped them achieve success.

So what exactly do you need to manage your emotional thoughts effectively? FOCUS is required to drive your emotion-based decisions in the right direction. With HypnoCoaching™, you can unlock the full potential of your mind. With 100% of your mind working plus a deep understanding of your emotions, you can reach your desired goals without a doubt! To learn more about HypnoCoaching™.

A Related Study :If interested, I have included a link to a study done on anticipated and immediate emotions in the ‘role of decision making’. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotions_in_decision-making


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