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Do you own champion thoughts?  When there are only seconds remaining in the game, there is no time for indecisiveness!  ‘Winning or losing results’ are about to be determined by your capabilities to go the distance.

Developing Champion Thoughts!  Resiliency requires mental toughness.  How many times have you heard a champion say, “I’m in a slump, I might as well hang it up.”  A champion knows, defeating thoughts need to be HALTED immediately!  

In this blog article we will focus on:

  • Developing the mind of a great athlete.
  • Benefits of mental toughness – mental strength.
  • How to halt a slump.
  • How to build peak performance strategies in sports that carry into your everyday living.


A Champion need Championship training:

Mental toughness shows up in various ways and is most obvious in pressure situations  That is just one reason why, Sports Development Coaches can be a beneficial adjunct to both athletic coaches and sports team.  


  • Many sport coaches believe that mental toughness is something that can be obtained without mental strength training.
  • They are so busy with physical training, they don’t have the time or the training to focus on mental aspect of the game.
  • Sports is 90% mental.  Athlete’s nerves are driven by their psychological state.


Developing a Championship Worthy Mind Now!

To play at peak level, you must have clarity in what you want to accomplish.  Top level athletes rid excuses; they are accountable for their thoughts.  Great favorites like Tim Duncan, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan know mental toughness.  They know that your mind influences your athletic performance as much as your physical skill does.



Mental Toughness Quote: Competitive toughness is an acquired skill, not an inherited gift…. Chris Evert

  • Mental strength  – the most important attributes an athlete can own. 
  • .Consistent habits, appropriate behaviors and healthy self-belief must be present to perform at your peak level.

 Be clear about what you want to accomplish as goals.  Hypnosis is valuable in helping an athlete sustain focus and resiliency on demand.  Motivation and behavior is affected by your subconscious beliefs.  Peak performers know how to use adversity to drive their motivation.  Hypnosis for mental strength training teaches individuals how to eliminate distracting thoughts.


Mental Training for The BIG Success:

Confidence, focused direction and self-belief are essential elements that make up a bold fearless competitor.  Leading competitors use Mental Strength Training habitually.  They know, they MUST embed these vital elements subconsciously, for their victory to occur!  An athlete will never play beyond their subconscious view of self and capabilities.

Top athletes own dedication and determination.  They help them to persevere, regardless of how tough the situation appears to be.  Mental training helps them build self-trust and a ‘sustaining composure’ in the difficult times.  Hypnosis for Peak Performance Attainment helps athletes sustain “their best” – regardless of what their emotions feel like.

 Success requires the focus and conviction (mindset) of a victor to reach your peak performance level.  Did you know that self-image is constructed in your subconscious mind?


What Front-runners know:

  • They must earn the respect for his/her ability to be a game-changer.
  • Remain mentally persistent.
  • Sustain resilience through the tough times for the benefit of his/her team.
  • Consistently show respect for others.


A fraction of a second, sets champions and athletes apart.  A champion MUST have mental clarity. 

 Hypnosis can help you alter self-doubt and other defeating thoughts.  Our dominating beliefs drive us either towards success or, away from it!  What are your dominating beliefs about you as an athletic competitior?

 It’s hard to imagine the game of basketball without Michael Jordan.  A coach once told him he was not cut out for the pros. Probably what saved Michael from getting caught in a ‘mental trap’ and quit, was his determination to conquer his dreams, his dedication and, his self-belief and confidence.


Are you in Slump?  Athletes have often remarked, “Being in a slump is like being on a roller coaster ride”.  Below are exceptional tools to prevent slumps: 

  • Advanced visualization training and hypnosis
  • Both boosts ‘belief power’ and energy levels
  • Hypnosis is especially helpful with identifying the underlying (root) cause of the slump and successfully eliminating it.  

     If you are experiencing a slump, visit Backbone Builder to learn how Mental Strength training can benefit your needs.  Like Michael Jordan, don’t quit, take action now!  Even ‘the greatest’ go through peaks and valleys and up and down episodes.  


Self-limiting behaviors start at a very young age:   Because younger athletes want to play at their best, they unfortunately and mistakenly, read into other’s silent and expressed comments.  They watch facial gestures, when others discuss their abilities.  Parents, long before athletes desired to be ‘their best’ – problems currently interrupting their level of performance actually began unknowingly, in early years of sports. 


Solution focused mind-setThe goal is to build success in the mind first.  Most key players don’t just accidentally stumble on success by chance. Healthy, affirmative self-talk leads to winning confidence and images in the athlete’s mind.  

A benefit of Mental Strength Training is that you understand how to use your mind most effectively, for your highest good, including > how to quickly bring about champion like self-images at any time. 


 Hypnosis for the yips:  Your mind is the most powerful machine on your body!  Mental strength training and hypnosis are extremely valuable for conquering the yips.  I will teach you ‘how to’:

  • Elevate your self-belief percentages in your abilities
  • Raise your expectations for your success
  • Use your mind powerful > HALT the yips!


Struggling with fear of failure?   I am ready to assist you with playing at the best level you desire.  I will help you generate a successful plan, using proven successful strategies and skills.  As my client you will learn ‘how to’ unleash your power from within!  

  • What area of your game would you like to start with?
  • What would be different about you, your confidence, and your results?

 As I have helped many individuals, I can help you too,  Call now for a free, no obligation consult: 828-504-2003.  Learn how you can consistently draw from your innate inner strength.  Imagine repeatedly performing from the mind-set and belief system of a champion. Soon, you too can be saying:

  • I am done with fear of failure”. 
  • “I remain mentally calm under pressure”.
  • “I am done with fear of making mistakes or embarrassing myself, my coach or, teammates”
  • “I love knowing ‘how to’ swiftly control my thought process and emotions, like a champion”!


Advantage Bonuses at Backbone Builder:

  • See their BIG victory WIN through the eyes of conviction, from the belief mindset of champion, BEFORE IT actually HAPPENS.  
    • It is like you actually there.  See it, Feel great in competition.  Trust in your abilities!
  • Feel each and every desired move during visualizations.  Feeling the thrill of astonishing upcoming success, 
  • Owning the trust and self-belief that helped them let go of former methodical thinking, and
  • Happily bring back the fun in your games and competitions.

     These vital elements help you go the distance with the expectation and belief of a champion!


See it, Feel it, Trust it:  Winning starts before competition begins

See it: You must have a specific picture in your mind of where you are going, to get to your destination.  Together, as we can plan out your needs and goals; client centered approach.

Feel it: You’ve got the mechanics that your athletic coach has taught you.  Now it’s time to focus on the feeling of letting your athletic talent “take flight” (come out).  I will teach you ‘how to’ calm your nerves repeatedly; especially when it counts most.

Trust it: It’s time to let go of systematic thinking.  It’s time to allow the trust in what your athletic coaches (or pros) have taught you, what you practiced.  There’s an incredible process waiting for you, “let it happen”.



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