Secrets: Enduring Confidence in Pressure Situations

Secrets: Enduring Confidence in Pressure Situations


Do you, know how to endure pressure situations with lasting confidence?


Confidence is needed even more today.  The world is constantly changing – pressure is felt even more by the majority of humanity.  Confidence is a secret weapon that is essential for obtaining success results!

Pressure circumstances require that we grasp, how to generate a greater level of self-awareness.  Perhaps that is why I frequently hear specific repeated questions and statements, far more frequently these days.

  1. “How do I use my mind skillfully in order to change my thinking?”
  2. “I need your help understanding how I can attain sustained focus – in order for me to benefit better-quality, lasting results?”


Effective Thinking precedes achievement.

Are you seeking perfected, long lasting results in your activities?  If so, as you read on, you will discover valuable benefits from owning the skill of heightened awareness.

Clients share their gratitude for knowing how to sustain a clear mind for sustaining effectiveness of thoughts. They appreciate that self-awareness is a key influence in their sustaining calmness under pressure.

Effective Thinking just might be the missing link, in your ability to achieve perfected & lasting, achievement results.


Where does it start?

This skill of deliberate awareness starts in your mind.  High level professionals and athletes know the value of being intentionally aware of their self-talk.  They understand our self-talk determines our self-image.  My intent today is for you to grasp just how vital this understanding is.

Did you know that your self-talk is influencing the cycle of your behavior and habits?  Today in this blog, you will get to meet “Emily”.  I believe her story and the problems she overcame, will help you easily grasp what happens when you don’t possess the skill of owning, effective thinking.  (I have changed her name to protect client confidentially).


Meet “Emily” my former client.  

Like Emily, most people still don’t understand their ability to regulate their thoughts.  It is the one thing you do have control over.  The biggest problem seems to be people not understanding how to sustain focused thought.

Emily a sales rep specializing in customer service solutions – sought my assistance because her problem was hindering her ability to contribute effectively to the team.    She shared with me, that she was frustrated and now feeling frantic.

She couldn’t understand WHY, each time she gave educational presentations to her company team she felt an awkward embarrassment.  This unwanted emotion had crept into her effectiveness with customer relations.


Emily’s subjective complaints.

Her behavior during team presentations depicted a nervous emotional state. The greater her desire to instruct with ease, the more self-pressure she felt. Each time she heard the retort’s echo in her mind (“Clumsy”), she imagined herself as clumsy.

Emily knew her product.  She desperately wanted to present the training materials confidently.  In frustration she cried, “The criticizing voice from within, seems to silently repeat the word “clumsy” over and over again, in my ears.


“Emily’s” goals.

She desired to educate her team from a self-assured mindset vs. perform.  She wanted to feel confident and happy presenting training materials.


Markers identified during the assessment on her client form.

The areas below clearly stood out.  These areas were related to her current habits, confidence and self-belief.

  1. Her repeated self-talk cycle > reinforced subconscious sabotaging self-images and limiting self-belief.
  2. Unknowingly she had built negative subconscious impressions: “I am clumsy each time I give a presentation”.
  3. That belief developed a recurring expectation for her having clumsy awkward behavior.
  4. Emily’s prolonged repeated patterns > reinforced her negative self-talk patterns.
  5. Recycled negative self-talk > became a habit > reinforcing self-impressions of her capabilities.


Before reading this article, did you know, that like Emily, you also become what you think about the most?

Your subconscious thinks in pictures.  Like Emily, your most dominant subconscious thoughts automatically become the driving force for your decisions and emotions.

In Emily’s case, her subconscious confirmed the reinforced “clumsy images of her”.  They became her truth.  Her repetitive thoughts: “I am clumsy, nervous and awkward” manifested her actions.  Her self-sabotaging program then drove her negative behavior and expectations for failure.


Lesson you can learn from Emily’s case study.

  1. Pleasing you is a function of your subconscious mind
  2. What thoughts are you feeding your mind?


Change self-talk = change behavior

Emily shared with me that she had attempted relaxation techniques, pep talks and a number of other methods to change her unwanted, reoccurring results.

She enjoyed applying the new coaching skill-sets I taught her.  She reported that they were helping her.  Although she was applying them in her daily life, she noticed her confidence level was fluctuating.

She stated it seemed as if there was a part of her that felt like an “inner resistance” to permanent change.

Gladly, she was determined to understand WHY this was happening.  Appreciating the underlying cause of this new found confidence fluctuation, housed in her subconscious mind sphere -s he chose to do hypnosis.  Because the problem had been with her her whole adult life, she asked me to help her design a gratifying and clear vision plan.

Upon completion, she loved her clearly defined vision.  Especially the way it felt.  Emily was delighted that her new subconscious programming would become stronger, the more she practiced it daily in her mind.


Emily’s hypnosis outcome.

Combing her directive for affirmative change and my proficient guidance, hypnotherapy gave “Emily” a clear revelation of the underlying cause of her issue.

In hypnosis she discovered that as a young girl, she habitually tripped.  For the first 8 years of her life, her parents told her she was clumsy.  They verbally gave her the loving label, “Clumsy Girl”.

While in hypnosis she revisited the childhood programming currently housed in her mind’s eye.  As if actually being that small child again, she saw and heard “young Emily” continually singing to herself the tune, “I’m a clumsy-girl”.

Upon emerging from her hypnotherapy session, it was like “the light of recognition” burned brightly.  Now it made crystal clear sense to her.  Although in her adult life she had attempted many approaches, her subconscious self-talk had remained the same.  Therefore, her subconscious self-image had not changed.

Grasping this realization, she was more committed than ever to achieve her primary goal.  Now feeling confident, she wanted to have fun creating new subconscious changes that would remain in her daily life.  She liked the idea that in her next session she would become “the creative movie director” of her “subconscious mind movie”.


Emily liked actively engaging in hypnosis.

You recall that in Emily’s last coaching session she had prepped for hypnosis.  The prep work allowed us to use the vision script she designed as our patter.  Emily shared that she liked the idea that from now on, she would be able to dis-identify from former unwanted emotions.

Being able to now educate team members from a calm and confident mindset, especially in heated discussions, would be a powerful benefit.  It was very appealing to her that: from this day forward, she would be able to remain calm, objective, and in control.  She shared it was going to feel like getting a Get Out of Jail Card; free from the former frantic feelings.

She made a purposeful decision to create her mind movie during hypnosis, of “adult Emily” – acting confidently and carefree in all that she did.  In hypnosis as the director of her subconscious mind movie, she implanted her desired subconscious impressions.


Emily’s shares her findings of her “Tour of her Mind Movie”.

She shared later that hypnosis was like taking a tour of her mind.  In the subconscious movie she had created, she saw herself, self-assuredly teaching her team now.  It felt great to answer their questions from a clutter free mindset and, teach from a carefree heart.  In her mind movie, she loved the new empowering  impressions and feelings she had self-programmed in her mind’s eye.

In hypnosis, she had seen herself acting and feeling joyful.  She absolutely knew that the former burden of fear was gone.  She had established images of her team interacting with her in ways, like never before.  Her facial expressions beamed of happiness.


My client’s success.

At her next session she shared with me the gratifying changes that she and her team were now experiencing as a unified team.

She disclosed, “This is fantastic!  I’m like a new woman – I love my life now.  My behavior and my emotions pretty much match my vision you helped me design.  I wish I had known previously, just how easy this actually was to do.  My results have changed my life; thank you”.



Your future is not ahead of you, it lies within you!

As a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist and a Success Coach, it is an honor to help individuals solve problems and create their success outcomes.   Like Emily found, no single approach fits everyone.  That’s why I offer individuals a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

Like Emily, some of my clients don’t know where to start with taking action.  Others have a clear vision but are unclear how to move to the next level.  I am appreciate that they are willing to do the work required of them, to reach their desired destination point.


In your free consultation, I will listen to your needs and desires; and clearly answer your questions.  Don’t settle for ordinary!  Success requires that you own mental clarity.  To stop making the same mistakes, you must understand the underlying cause of your problem.  You must stop using the same thinking to obtain different results – that are currently hindering your path.  They are potentially blocking your success.

Let’s explore solid approaches and solutions that fit your needs just right.  Success or failure is determined by how you see.  Your dream | vision is far more than just eye sight or thinking big thoughts.

My expertise will help you confidently go beyond fear of success or fear of failure.  Your clear mind will give you the confidence and the edge.  Your solid blueprint will help you light your journey’s path – staying on track, all the way to your success accomplishment.  Let’s do it!


The author Polly Humphreys is a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist and Success Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  Nearly 20 years of refining growth success.  Continuing to help individuals committed to generating their success.  Get mental clarity, get unstuck and accomplish success.    


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