Coaching Individuals for Breakthrough Success


I’m glad you stopped by today to learn why all Personal Development Coaching programs and coaches, don’t always compare as being equal.  The foundation behind Alternative Wellness & Beyond originates from crucial fundamentals required for a person to excel at breakthrough success.  These 6 key values: integrity, respect, reliability, empathy, trust, and personal accountability are major elements in both my Breakthrough Success Coaching Program and Rapid Success HypnoCoaching Program.  They have proven to continually drive success breakthrough.  And they align with the merit that I give to, and expect in our first-rate client-coach partnering relationship

With your desire to apply dedicated consistent effort and with my expert guidance, you can expect your results to go from ordinary to remarkable.  I am going to teach you the secrets of how to tap into the incredible power flow of your subconscious mind.  The key to shifting results in your life, is adjusting from the inside first.  Knowing how to use your mind most efficiently, means you can expect to make clear-cut decisions without struggling with fear.   Think of the many incredible ways in which your life can confidently change, because you obtain earlier valued success outcomes.

When we link my expertise and your desires with this powerful foundation you can expect to be motivated and persevere.  Because I will help you get clear on your final outcome, I will help you identify and apply your core values into your individualized coaching program.  Imagine how much easier your life will be with this winning combination helping you to sustain steady performance and success long term.


I designed two superb coaching styles because I recognize, no two people – problems or desires are the same; and, who wants to settle for ordinary.  Now, more than ever, people need flexibility and options that fit their needs and their style.  Regardless of your personal or professional development coaching style preference, our focus will remain on your needs.  If ever you decide to change your coaching preference, you can do so.

My Breakthrough Success Coaching Program is a traditional life coaching method.  It best suits the person who wants to advance steadily, yet pace themselves more moderately.  This style works more with the conscious mind sphere.  It contains all the time-honored coaching skills, including visualization and guided imagery.  Note: visualization is a component of hypnosis.  It isn’t hypnosis.

My Rapid Success HypnoCoaching is an accelerated method of coaching.  This style is great for the individual who desires to turbocharge their results.  It includes: a blending of traditional life coaching, hypnotic and neuro-linguistic (NLP) elements and Emotional Freedom Techniques.  These fundamentals are combined with hypnosis for the intentional purpose of producing accelerated result outcomes.


Both coaching styles result in: solutions flowing into all chosen areas of your life.  Alike, they contain dedicated coaching exercises, strategies, action plans + goal setting.  Both systems contain my professional support, helping you to build and sustain needed confidence and motivation.

The primary differences: HypnoCoaching uses 100% of your mind spheres = you unlock your true potential faster.  Traditional life coaching methods utilize far less of the mind’s potential.  Because hypnosis promotes a deeper receptive state for your desired changes, it is a great booster for both motivation and sustaining resiliency.

A bonus feature: hypnosis by-passes the critical factor and ‘the conscious judge’.  Therefore you quickly tap into the subconscious, allowing your desired habits and behavior changes to actuate faster.  Hypnosis also allows you to identify and rid emotional and mental barriers, far easier and quicker.  Three major HypnoCoaching benefits:

  • Because your mental focus is clearer, you maintain a greater awareness of: situations, conditions and people that could knock you off focus.
  • Most people discover, everyday distractions and concerns become much less noticeable.
  • Because hypnosis uses the power of your subconscious, you favorably gain earlier acceptance of your preferred images, improved thought process and enhanced desired emotions.

If you are considering the faster route to generating your success, my website houses a dedicated HypnoCoaching page; greater insight into its success story.  The webpage menu tab is located under the heading, Specialties.


We can go ahead and schedule your in office or Skype appointment now; 828-504-2003.  I also offer the option of a free, no obligation consult to explore what coaching style would best fit you.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  When you call, be sure to ask me about the 90/10 principle.  This simple memorable visual aid, imaginably demonstrates the two coaching style differences.


I am ready to help you unlock your true potential now: 828-504-2003. Email:    Life is too short; no need to struggle.   So let’s have fun along the way.



  • E. Hill’s client testimony found on my website, lends a great understanding into how hypnosis + coaching can exceed your expected results.
  • Personal Development Coaching for Sports Enhancement. I work with athletes who choose to accelerate their sport skill competence using Mental Strength Training.