Coaching Comparisons Choices: HypnoCoaching | Traditional Life Coaching


Welcome to my Coaching Comparisons web page. My name is Polly Humphreys. I’m glad you stopped by.

I expect after viewing this coaching comparisons page you will:

  1. Have a much better understanding which style of coaching is best for you.
  2. Grasp, not all coaching programs are the same.
  3. See that Polly Humphreys has 2 excellent coaching options to chose from.


At Alternative Wellness & Beyond the coach and Polly’s clients are co-equals.

I help my coaching clients focus on present and future possibilities. The key to unlocking stuck thinking * turning dreams into reality * and create lasting breakthrough success >  first begins, within your mind.  This is an important aspect when choosing coaching styles.

The key to shifting results in your life is adjusting from the inside out. If you haven’t read my web page: Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success, I highly encourage you to do so.


Coaching Comparisons: success essentials we all need for success breakthrough

Many years ago, I didn’t have crucial elements I needed to understand or breakthrough my former fear based thinking. Thankfully, years later I received both life coaching and hypnotherapy vital modalities, separately.  For this reason, I have included: Coaching Comparisons Web Page.

  1. Coaching helped me understand where I was at that time, emotionally. It helped me to gain clarity of where I wanted to end up. However, part way through my coaching program, I got stuck in procrastination.
  2. Hypnosis helped me identify the underlying cause of my fear.  It also helped me breakthrough my mental block: fear based procrastination.
  3. I juggled my scheduled appointments between my Life Coach and my Certified Hypnotherapist.  I received these sessions separately; HypnoCoaching wasn’t available to me then.


Coaching Comparisons: What is HypnoCoaching?

Some individuals don’t realize that HypnoCoaching is available. HypnoCoaching is designed for individuals who are committed living at the level of success faster. It is a combination of NLP and traditional coaching.

Because these skills are blended with hypnosis, this exceptional method gives you the accelerated (turbocharged) edge. Please read on to decide which coaching comparison style fits your needs best.


Coaching Comparison Benefits: 

FACT: No one solution fits all problems. That’s why I offer clients 2 exceptional coaching options. (I do offer hypnosis also as a separate option).


Coaching comparisons: Traditional Life Coaching

As a Personal Development Success Coach: my clients like having choices because every situation is unique.

With my coaching clients we explore: the issues the client wants to change; or the areas in their lives he/she wants to develop growth in.


What does Traditional Life Coaching include?

This coaching style is ideal for individuals who desire moderate pacing. Rapid pacing in task involvement often causes additional, unwanted stress. Typically these individuals:

  • May be at a cross road in their life; and need professional guidance. Or they know their end result. They need help closing the gap.
  • Understand this coaching style primarily focuses in the 10% – 15% power level of the conscious mind: critical thinking / analytical mind / willpower.
  • Grasps willpower is a function within the conscious mind. Willpower can easily impede progress when the individual is under pressure. This may likely impede the  individual’s progress if he/she is easily side tracked; or has poor focus control.

Important coaching comparison note:

  • Visualization is a component of hypnosis. It is included in Traditional Life Coaching sessions; hypnosis isn’t included.
  • Visualization is an element of hypnosis, hence it is part of HypnoCoaching.


Coaching Comparison: Hypnocoaching.

What is HypnoCoaching? Traditional Coaching + Hypnosis; (Hypnotherapy).

Why HypnoCoaching? Many individuals need/ want all the traditional coaching tools. However, they want to gain the benefit of accelerated results.

This client population desires to:

  1. Turbocharge their results. They want to clear mental clutter faster to gain clarity of their vision. Many want the ability to see the end result in their subconscious mind before it actually occurs in reality (their life).
  2. Hypnosis accelerates breakthrough mental chatter (self-talk).
  3. Hypnosis component helps identify emotional blocks currently halting one’s progress.
  4. Gain faster, clearer vision of goal destination.
  5. HypnoCoaching accelerated goal outcomes: faster and easier than Traditional Coaching alone.


Coaching Comparisons: Ideal HypnoCoaching clients:

HypnoCoaching is ideal for people who lose patience quickly; they want faster results. These Life Coaching individuals realize:

  1. They can tap into 85-90% sphere (portion) of subconscious mind. Traditional Coaching taps into a far smaller part of this creative mind that houses your self-capability beliefs.
  2. In hypnosis they are are able to by-pass the part of the conscious mind that is currently blocking them.  They are quickly able to tap into subconscious mind: understanding their current subconscious file programs: memories / habits / beliefs / emotions / etc.
  3. With self-desire, Hypnosis component of HypnoCoaching can change (alter) any subconscious self-functioning programming information they choose.


HypnoCoaching: Benefits

This approach allows my clients to use: both mind spheres:

  1. The ability to tap into 90% subconscious mind functions: helps you clearly identify and rid self-limiting thoughts / self-sabotaging beliefs.  HypnoCoaching process is faster and easier than Traditional Coaching.
  2. Motivating easy bonus: this advantage is similar to watching a movie video. You’re actually able to see your newly re-framed, ‘subconscious movie’ in your mind. Imagine with enhanced faster mental clarity, you get to view yourself living out your desired goal results BEFORE they actually happen
  3. Faster enhanced mental clarity / accelerated motivation helps sustain momentum under pressured situations.
  4. Combining the two types of coaching NOW speeds up the 10-15% conscious mind sphere. Rapid results combination NOW generates faster progress results with conscious: goal accomplishments * value clarification * application, task follow-through.
  5. Confidence / self-capabilities excel.


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