Christianity Hypnotherapy: Part 1 | Unraveling Misconceptions

Christianity Hypnotherapy: Part 1 | Unraveling Misconceptions


Greetings: This Christianity Hypnotherapy blog is dedicated to improve human awareness.

Due to an incident last week, I choose to unravel public misconceptions about a bewilderingly misunderstood, valuable profession.

For the doubting individual that might say, “What does this blog have to do with careers”? I reply politely: “Read on – you just might be amazed”.

Why this Christianity Hypnotherapy blog is written:

Last week I received a surprising comment regarding hypnosis; (hypnotherapy). The individual’s comment was initially received by my ego as, “judgmentally wrong”.

  • Thankfully, my Wise Inner Guide reminded me, it was highly likely he wasn’t aware of the MANY value-added benefits scientifically found from receiving hypnosis.
  • Gratefully, I replied from an educational viewpoint; vs my initial, human emotional thought.
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Blog Content:

Today in part 1 of 2: Christianity Hypnotherapy, you will discover 11 FACTS helping to unravel the ‘mystery’.

BTW: My clients professional backgrounds are varied.

  • Lately more Christians are seeking my assistance. Client majority believes in a Higher Power. Some consider themselves “Unchurched Believers”.
  • A few clients although born in the USA have an Islamic descent. They wanted to conquer emotional pain. They believed they were treated unfairly, by many Christians.
  • Clients are either self-referred or referred to me because conventional | traditional treatments didn’t work for them.
  • Many clients know exactly what they want. Most don’t know how to bridge the gap between present circumstance and desired goal destination.

Christianity and Hypnotherapy Clarification | Disclaimer:

From this heart of a server, I declare: God qualifies, “The Called”.  I am, called by Him to help individuals claim what is theirs: Their Birthright to Succeed!

FACTS | Self-Questions:

Christianity and Hypnotherapy are at times, unmistakably seen as “non-unified content”. Did you know: Clergy continue to see the value-added benefits of hypnosis healing?  Chaplains continue to be trained as Consulting Hypnotist.

  1. Hypnosis is NOT: witchcraft, NOR: demon possessed – ‘sorcerer work’; NOR: taro card readings.  Many of us help: the spiritually lost find their True Self.  I LOVE helping people take the “blinders” off Satan’s lies; I awaken them to their lineage of our King, Jesus!
  2. Hypnosis is an excellent modality for learning relaxation skills, academic & professional achievement and for building self-assurance.  In Christianity Hypnosis blog: Part 2, I discuss emotional-mental pain.
  3. Ask me or Dr. Tom Saunders, MD about Olympians and hypnosis.  We will be happy to tell you how this mental strength skill is superb for creating The Memory of a Future Peak Performance. Did you know that imagery is an innate gift from God?
  4. Did you know that both visualization and imagery are components of: hypnosis, daydreaming, getting lost in our thoughts?  I work with athletes at my Sports Performance Enhancement office: Backbone Builder
  5. Did you know that Christianity Hypnotherapy is also self-hypnosis? You are unknowingly an expert already, in self-hypnosis.
  6. Your dentist has control of your mouth when performing surgery or tooth extraction. Your anesthetist has full control of your mind and body ‘when under’.  In hypnosis, you DON’T go under; you have all the control!
  7. Trance (natural altered state) happens folks! Everyone goes into a natural altered state many times per day. Kids live in their imagination. Cornelius and Apostle Peter are biblical examples of going into ‘trance’ and having received ‘vision’. It is our birthright to own a clear vision.  I am happy to discuss that with you in a free consultation.
  8. Your Creator’s vision for you, is already present in your heart. I help my clients tap into it via their heart-mind connection. This clarification combined with a plan: helps make impossible dreams come true.
  9. Physicians now receive alternative wellness training in their education. While recently having bilateral leg surgery, fully alert, I performed self-hypnosis for pain management during surgery. The staff was able to ask me questions. The assisting resident discussed her medical training; and her amazement of the many benefits from self-hypnosis.
  10. Many clergy, therapist, general practitioners and psychiatrist use hypnosis due to faster, outstanding success results.
  11. Healing goals graciously touch upon the mind-body-soul unified connection.  Self-hypnosis helps individuals free themselves from emotional – physical – mental pain status. BTW: Legally, specific diagnosis require MD clearance.

Emotional pain is frequently due to unresolved life circumstances.

God doesn’t want needless suffering. Unfortunately, mental-emotional pain and fears that are ‘stuffed under the rug’ | not dealt with | ignored: lurk in your subconscious mind sphere.

I ask: “What is the value of unnecessary pain? Hypnotherapy is a kind, inspiring way to take control of your life. It is a powerful agent for stepping into your God given, bold courage and joy.

Be assured, although unseen, root causes of your unresolved emotions and fears WILL drive them to surface. Imagine them popping up when you least need or expect them. Can you imagine what would happen in a meeting with your boss > when the conversation gets heated > triggering your underlying fears or dormant anger?

  • If not effectively dealt with, a diminished mental-emotional state, weakens your  immune system.
  • Other side effects include: Self-worth becoming DE-valued, lessening one’s belief in self-capabilities. Did you know your self-limiting thoughts undermine your unwanted behaviors?


  1. Acts 16:6-9 refers to: vision. Vision is the key to fulfilling your life’s purpose.  Most people don’t know how to tap into their vision. Many don’t know their life’s purpose. I help people gain crystal clarity in their life’s vision and discover their purpose.
  2. In traditional coaching, we use proven strategies, apply practical principals and science to help: clarify the person’s innate vision. Then we generate action plans, propelling inspiration and motivation in their journey.
  3. Acts 16:6 refers to when we seek God’s will: He leads people in different ways. He directs their steps. It is freeing for people to understand: we get to lean on Jesus.  That makes it far easier to give our burdens to Him.
  4. Acts 9: 1-19: Like Jesus, I have been both loved and persecuted for a willingness to ‘step out of the norm’ / ‘the unfamiliar’ to many.
  5. My self-value, bold courage and my strength come from Christ’s love living in me. I wish someone had told me that when I was a kid.  If you aren’t a Christian and want to learn more: I am happy to share or answer your questions in a courtesy call: 828-504-2003.


  1. I am honored to do God’s work as a Christian, Life Coach and, Hypnotherapist.
  2. Prayer and understanding when appropriate helped my Physical Therapy patients tap into their subconscious motivation and overcome fear. (In Part 2: Christianity Hypnotherapy, I discuss how: as a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, I helped a Physical Therapist’s patient regain full control of her gait sequence).
  3. 50% of my coaching and hypnotherapy clients have reported they personally sought my services because I am an active Christian. Some are looking to become closer to God. Some seek to involve prayer in our sessions. All seem to want break-through success quickly!
  4. My clients get to choose: personal preferences | scheduling options: in-office | Skype | Face Time.

Until next time, keep your eye open for Part 2: Christianity Hypnotherapy.  You will definitely want to learn 10 of my clients amazing results; some outcomes are VERY surprising!

Have fun discovering how they developed passionate desires, sustained winning thoughts and overcame bad behaviors. The best part: they did it far faster and easier than most imagined possible!


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