Christianity |Hypnosis | God

Christianity |Hypnosis | God

Christianity and Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) DO Create Freedom!

We live in a pluralistic realm where forgiveness, healing and hope is needed.  Perhaps Christianity needs this more than ever!


Perhaps the poorest person in the world is a person who has a dream, but doesn’t know how to generate it.  Or, can’t see beyond ‘the natural’.  To some, It may seem strange that a hypnotist is discussing hypnosis and Christianity.  However as a professional that helps people heal, Christianity, God and Hypnosis do create freedom and healthy mind renewal.


In this blog, you will read how God uses the ‘unlikely’ and ‘the willing’.  Also, you will learn how Maddie my 9 year old former client conquered her obstacle called ‘fear’ without using “conventional methods”

  • Maddie’s dentist used conventional methods to stop the problem, they did not work.
  • She faced the possibility of having a medical procedure she feared. It caused her to cry frequently.


Success and failure are determined also by our vision, our imagination, what we believe.  This is where my professional choice, Christianity and God do unite.  (Proverbs 29:18)


Humor, yet truth: God works through ‘the unlikely’ to change situations.  See below some unlikely candidates, imperfect candidates:

  • Jesus disciples were ordinary people, with ordinary jobs.
  • Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, both widows.
  • Moses was a murderer – proof God uses ‘the willing’.
  • I know Jesus personally! I am, in great company!


Be assured, this blog is NOT “religious”. 

  • God will use those willing, who believe.
  • He will also use misunderstood ‘unique professions’!


BTW: I am a Hypnotherapist, HypnoCoach and a Physical Therapy Assistant.  Best yet, I am a Child of God.  I am, passionate to be the difference I want to see in the world! 

  • Whatever you were born to do, God equips you to do.
  • I help others pursue and, go beyond their dreams.


I have intentionally chosen today, to publish this blog about Christianity and Hypnosis.  It is Christmas day. 

  • Hypnosis just might be one of the most misunderstood topics, especially by Christians.
  • I chose today to help others understand, while giving God and Jesus, the glory!


 Before adults, we are children with visions:

I chose to help the public gain a greater understanding of hypnosis through the story of a little girl with a great vision!  I chose to share the story of Maddie’s success and why she chose to use hypnotherapy.

  • During problem resolution, Maddie’s subconscious mind powered her success,
  • It helped her soar powerfully like an eagle.


For the non-believer of Hypnosis – God and hypnosis actually do unite:

  1. I say, “Remember, God made our mind and our emotions. We must each understand ‘how to’ be mentally and emotionally free”.
  2. Jesus used metaphors – images, symbols, and comparisons. So does adult and pediatric hypnosis.
  3. Vision requires a connection with God.  Hypnosis uses imagery, desire and, the person’s vision to accomplish their success.
  4. Hypnosis is successful for both adults and children for overcoming many disorders



From this heart of a server, I absolutely am not saying I am God.  God qualifies, “The Called”!  I am, called by Him to help individuals claim what is theirs > their birthright to succeed!



At times, psychologists and counselors work closely with a psychiatrist.  There are times when ‘hurting humans’ need more mental-emotional assistance than hypnosis. When appropriate, I act as an adjunct under the supervision, of said client’s medical professional.

  • That allows me to legally stay within the scope my practice abilities.


Maddie’s success story with hypnosis:

Children like Maddie are smart, and imaginative.  They want victory, not be held captive by distress.

I think we can all agree, God does not want us to suffer.  He does not want us to fear.  Maddie feared ‘medical consequences’ if she did not eliminate her unwanted habit.  She wanted victory, not fear.


Maddie’s decision – how to get her success:

At age nine, Maddie still sucked her thumb despite attempting ‘familiar measures’.  One day she had heard an announcement about many successes found with using hypnosis to conquer various issues.

She wanted that success!  Upon hearing that, she immediately went into ‘a natural altered day dreamy, state.

  • She began imagining how exciting that would be for her to use her ‘smart mind’.
  • She decided with professional guidance, she could fix her own problem.
  • Intuitively, Maddie knew better than many adults, even as a child, she could help herself “win the battle” of thumb sucking.


Jesus says we are to have childlike faith!   Maddie believed the truth.  She could use her ‘power mind’ God gave to her to conquer the problem.

Her mother called me and shared their story.  They both believed that there was a better way.   After I educated Maddie, she decided her nice dentist would not have to put a metal device in her mouth to make her stop sucking her thumb!

Jesus used metaphors to help people.  In hypnosis, Maddie’s subconscious mind (the place where all permanent changes take place) accepted the story of Corey and Candy Chimpanzee that I told her.

Through my voice and her imagination, Maddie was able to understand self-hypnosis, and how to use the power of her ‘smart mind’

Through her imagination (and my professional guidance) Corey the Chimpanzee, taught Maddie exactly what to do, to stop sucking her thumb.

BECAUSE Maddie accepted those beneficial ideas, her subconscious mind (‘smart mind’) then accepted that thumb sucking was never needed again.

Being very alert in hypnosis, she said to me, “That metal thing won’t be needed to stop sucking my thumb”!


Maddie successfully stopped sucking her thumb via hypnosis.  I have an amazing 2 page testimony from Maddie’s mother.


God does favor the form of safe, alternative methods:

God is happy Maddie no longer cries in fear of having her mouth be forced to have this metal device to stop her problem.  Maddie used a safe, alternative process, hypnosis.


Hypnosis beat the ‘traditional medical measures’ that had failed her. 

It was Maddie who took control in her decision to use her ‘smart mind’.  Prior to hypnosis, I educated her about her ‘power mind’s helper’.

Because I answered ALL her questions honestly, and she wanted success, she felt confident.  She believed with childlike expectancy > “Yes, this is, going to work”!


Maddie’s End Result from hypnosis!

Maddie didn’t have to have the metal device.  There was no longer a need for it.

  • Hypnosis helped our little Victor also became free from the pin worms caused from her thumb sucking.


Maddie’s other benefits from hypnosis:

At the base of the brain stem lies a cluster of nerve cells.  Its function is to determine what gets noticed and, unnoticed.

Hypnosis is prominent in the importance of this filter system in how it interfaces with the mind.

A second hypnosis session also helped Maddie no longer be bothered by bees.

  • Picnics enjoyed > Maddie now smiles at bees.
  • Maddie also now enjoys freedom from fear of heights.


I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a great holiday season.  Like Maddie each of us has Super-Sized Visions. What are yours?  Remember:

  • You matter to Jesus regardless of what has happened in your life or what you have done.
  • YOU CAN TRIUMPH.  Like Maddie, you must first choose to succeed.


My personal vision for this Particular Story is, that you will help it to ‘soar’ throughout our great country and, across to the other side the world!

Thank you for considering to help me share The Story with a multitude of others who need to hear The Story of Jesus!  I would also love to hear your story of how God has used you to be the change you want to see in the world.


Christianity | Mind Renewal

What is it?

  • Mind renewal can simply be defined as having our minds so renewed to the Word of God that we reflect or echo all God is in and through us. A flowing of the spirit of God into our hearts and out through our souls such that all we are and communicate is His life and nature.
  • When our mind is in pain, the spirit of God can’t flow.

Romans 12:2 – God approves of our mind being renewed, not be in pain.


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  1. Harvey
    | Reply

    I have been an atheist for most of my life. I’ve grown to learn the power and advantages of a belief in God and awe for Jesus but I still have so many obstacles. I wonder if hypnosis can help me to finally surrender and become the believer I want to be.

    • polly
      | Reply

      Harvey I am so glad that you have contacted me. I look forward to speaking with you re: how my expertise can help you elevate your life to a rewarding level. In your journey of success, I will help you overcome subconscious obstacles and find supreme inner peace and joy. (Even through the midst of human trials).

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