Christianity Hypnosis: Part 2 | Awe-Inspiring Results

Christianity Hypnosis: Part 2 | Awe-Inspiring Results


In Christianity – Hypnotherapy: Part 1 | Unraveling Misconceptions, I unraveled some baffling public misconceptions | confusion | and, mystery.  Click here to read it.

  • Hypnosis is a powerful and valuable tool God has freely given man to heal the mind and body.
  • Jesus’ Word teaches people are to live life to the fullest.  Mental blocks impede human’s life joy.
  • I am proof: hypnosis combined with faith in God absolutely can, work hand in hand to transform lives.  Click here  to read how God used hypnosis to free my mind from fear.
  •  As a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, God uses me (“The Willing”): to help people eliminate their pain and fear;  regardless of how long ago it occurred.



Today in Christianity Hypnosis: Part 2, we move from mystery and confusion, to awe-inspiring success results.

  1. Learn breakthrough success results of the first 5 unique individuals: scientist | pastor | physical therapist’s patient referral | man facing murder charges | and a young girl.
  2. Below, see how Christianity Hypnosis – turned these 5 client’s obstacles into their incredible Stepping Stones to Success!
  3. The remaining 5 client’s awe-inspiring outcomes, can be found in my next blog: Breaking Barriers | 5 Amazing Client Breakthroughs


Let’s see which of today’s 5 amazing client’s and their results, stands out the most for you.

1). Male scientist fear crossing bridges.

In his first session, he shared: “Polly, I have feared crossing bridges since childhood.  I must be able to confidently cross the bridge twice daily, in order to accept my dream job.  That means, my emotional state during all bridge trips remains calm”.


Scientist’s Christianity Hypnosis Results

He chose to bring his Christian faith into our hypnosis sessions,

  1. Identifying the root cause of fear was actually FAR easier than he imagined.
  2. During our Christianity hypnosis sessions, the Scientist enjoyed tapping into His Inner Sage’s wisdom.
  3. For the first time ever, he drove across all bridges enjoying being in the moment; feeling fully confident and calm.
  4. He did joyfully accept his dream job!


2). Male pastor reported unwanted, self-limiting mental habits seemed to be taking over personal decisions.

Pastor’s top Hypnotherapy goals:

  1. Identify the underlying cause of his problem.  Bring Christianity into our Hypnotherapy sessions.
  2. Conquer a major fear blocking his birthright to own Godly joy.
  3. Learn coping strategies and stress management techniques, that could be used anywhere | anytime.
  4. Permanently transform unwanted negative thought patterns.

Client #2 sessions: Christianity Hypnosis approach was used consistently.

  1. Hypnosis, helped him identify and re-frame self-limiting subconscious beliefs interfering with habit patterns.
  2. Combining coaching strategies with hypnosis (HypnoCoaching), helped him successfully transform unwanted habits.
  3. Hypnosis turbocharged his gratifying lasting results. He stated, “Combining the dual approach of hypnosis with Christianity, confidently helped me tune into my Godly inner wisdom; and true joy”.


3). Female Physical Therapist referred her female patient to me.

Client #3: Hypnotherapy Goal | Results

Traditional P.T. sessions had been unsuccessful with fully transforming the patient’s abnormal gait pattern.

The therapist believed my out-patient physical therapy background would be crucial in our successful hypnotherapy sessions.

  1. My Physical Therapy knowledge of all gait phases was vital in her self-hypnosis and physical therapy outcomes.
  2. Guided self-hypnosis helped her easily tap into her subconscious impressions of self, performing vital daily living tasks.
  3. Our mutual client was able to subconsciously view herself: ambulating with all  ‘normal’ gait phases (patterns) while performing functional tasks, before ‘the incident’.  The feeling part became her “motivated carrot stick”.
  4. She got to get up “close and personal” during her mental movie of subconscious self.
  5. In hypnotherapy: she felt the physical movements > doing the same tasks as just above.  However, this time: she viewed her abnormal ambulation.  She felt every step of abnormal gait patterns; on both multiple level surfaces and, non-level surfaces.  Primary feeling in 2nd mental movie: “aggravated functional challenge”.
  6. Hypnosis Swish Technique was key in our gait transformation hypnosis sessions.
  7. Her primary goal objective was met! She felt inner joy.  Her completed gait transformation: a fully reclaimed, functional gait pattern!


4). Lawyer referred his client on murder charges.

Knowing hypnosis findings aren’t admissible in court, our client’s goal: gain subconscious “missing links” to pertinent facts of his life altering event.

Client #4: Hypnosis results

  1. Having already admitted murder, his successful subconscious discoveries, helped him courageously face a impending prison, life sentence.
  2. Although the man knew our sessions wouldn’t change the jury’s verdict, he reported, “Our hypnosis sessions gave me an inner peace”.


5). Mother referred her young daughter for inability to stop sucking her thumb. Traditional dentist and MD treatments were unsuccessful.

Child’s thumb sucking history | family’s desires

  1. Prolonged thumb sucking habit caused unwanted, teeth protrusion.
  2. Both child and mother feared, my young client was facing: having her mouth being clamped tight.  They believed there was a more optimal possibility than having the child’s jaw clamped for a period of time; in order to halt this unwanted, bad habit.
  3. Mother and child believed hypnosis would help end this emotional habit.
  4. Most important child’s statement: “I’m ready to stop sucking my thumb.  I KNOW hypnosis will work”!

Client #5: Hypnotherapy results

  1. In a natural altered day dreamy state, I helped my young client take back control from her Self-Preservation Part.
  2. With our subconscious tweaking, a  harmonious agreement was accomplished.
  3. Success results: a). Self-sabotage was successfully halted! b). Thumb sucking then stopped!


In my next blog: Breaking Barriers | 5 Amazing Client Breakthroughs – you will learn how the following individuals successfully accomplished their goals:

  1. A transformed prostitute | Social Worker | law student
  2. a MD diabetic referral | and a man with a pornography addiction.

Until then remember: when you get mentally clear and get unstuck –  breakthrough success is absolutely possible!



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