“Come Celebrate Success Breakthroughs With Us”…Polly Humphreys

Because I teach breakthrough success coaching: people are often surprised when I share: “Long before I became the trusted Personal Development – Life Coach – Career Coach, I lived many years of daily frustration.

Survival thinking fear: caused me: “paralyzing procrastination”. “I felt stuck” UNTIL…….I received wise Life Coaching guidance + emotional support from 2 caring professionals; like me.  They taught me priceless ‘secrets’.


Personal Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success was so incredible for me: I became professionally trained.

My personal coaching 4 breakthrough success results were astounding.  I then realized: coaching was part of my life’s calling.  Since then I have helped countless people achieve amazing breakthroughs.

  • Skype ability, allows me to work with individuals living abroad.
  • In the USA, FREE consultations and appointment options: Skype | Phone | In-office.
  • All sessions are always individualized.

Polly’s coaching niche:

For nearly 20 years my coaching niche has been my life’s calling.  You too can extraordinarily transform your life!

Together, we’ll successfully and permanently rid your current “self-limiting roadblocks”.  Imagine how your life can change with incredible breakthrough successes!

Proven fundamental breakthrough principles helped propel me out of “stuck mind-set” and into success mind-set.  

In our coaching partnership: Coaching 4 Success Fundamentals + cutting-edge strategies greatly enhance my client’s potential in various areas of their lives.

Your dedicated commitment | my proficiency:

  • Identify what’s blocking you from moving forward.
  • Happily conquer the underlying cause of their problem(s) / circumstance(s).
  • Develop an extraordinary winning mindset.  Shift (transform) self-limiting beliefs in your mindset.

What areas would you most like to change first? 

Customized skills | personalized tools | easy to repeat strategies.  What are the 3 top areas of your life you would like to transform 1st?

  • Personal growth break-through * spiritual break-through * wellness break-through * career break-through?
  • Reinforced bold confidence.  Achieve the career level and personal gratification you desire.
  • Specifically what benefits would you like to enjoy the most from your upcoming transformation?
  • Career and personal life changes.  Experienced coaching guidance.  Email support.  Early BREAKTHROUGH success.

God planted specific visions in your heart. What are yours?

As your trusted Coach: I listen * guide * engage * teach * inspire * provide * motivate * gently nudge my dedicated coaching clients.

God like FUN!  Fun coach training: strategic planning | applied solutions = successful happy transformation.

Next Steps:

Simply click here: Let’s discuss how to elevate your capabilities to maximum potential.


Together, going beyond your wildest dreams, every step of the way.