Discover Polly Humphreys valuable ‘secrets’ that very few know.  They can help you reap the gratifying lifestyle you deserve!

People are often surprised when I share: “Long before I became the trusted Personal Development Success Coach – I lived many years of daily frustration / procrastination / survival thinking based fear.

“I felt stuck” UNTIL…….I received wise guidance + emotional support from a professional who understood these valuable ‘secrets’.  Now I teach my clients: your mind can be your greatest asset OR…..your most incapacitating liability.

Knowing how is the gratifying secret! Let’s have an enjoyable conversation in a free consultation where you can get real answers. And, I can tell you what you need to do, to quickly achieve your desired results.

My personal coaching 4 break-through success was so incredible I became professionally trained.

My personal coaching 4 break-through success results were astounding.  I then realized: coaching was part of my life’s calling.  Since then I have helped countless people achieve amazing break-through.

Having clients throughout the USA, I’m grateful for Skype * Face Time ability; allowing me to also work with individuals living abroad.

BTW: I still use the proven fundamental break-through principles. After all, they helped blast me out of “stuck”.  These fundamentals + cutting-edge strategies enhance my client’s potential in various areas of their lives.

In our coaching partnership, I help them:

  • Identify > then happily conquer the underlying cause of their problem(s) / circumstance(s).
  • Develop an extraordinary winning psychology.
  • Extraordinarily transform their life’s story.  They love achieve gratifying, lasting results!

Polly’s coaching niche:

For nearly 20 years my coaching niche has been my life’s calling. I love assisting my clients with: getting mentally clear > successfully removing self-limiting roadblocks” > accomplishing incredible breakthrough successes.

Our strategies will help you shift (transform) self-limiting beliefs in your mindset. Your confidence * motivation momentum + habits are nurtured by a sustaining, inspired successful mindset.

BREAKTHROUGH what is currently stopping you from achieving the incredible life you desire.

Imagine having professional ongoing guidance.  How would your life change by having steady access to experienced coaching guidance and email support leading you to early BREAKTHROUGH success?

You can have that access soon to BREAKTHROUGH knowledge.  Imagine owning your subconscious truth to what is currently stopping you from achieving vision for your incredible life.

Polly Humphreys Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success sessions can help you generate:

  • Personal break-through * spiritual break-through * wellness break-through * relationship break-through
  • Bold confidence to achieve the career level you want.
  • I am here to provide you with: customized skills * personalized tools * easy to replicate strategies.  These will help you to achieve a crystal clear belief system required for owning the perspective of: “That’s possible”.

Now envision the benefits of owning emotional freedom as you celebrate each success!

Valuable ‘life success secrets’ most people don’t know. Learn them directly below.

Here is the hard truth you likely don’t realize; and need to grasp! “Your talents alone > aren’t enough to reach your goals!” Here’s my easy truth: our powerful solutions can help you develop / re-frame each successfully:

  1. Your goal talent level will ONLY reach its highest level WHEN you own this unwavering subconscious belief = “ I am, able to raise my talent level”. Did you know: this belief must be firmly subconsciously embedded in your mind…… order for you to believe…..your goals are achievable.
  2. Your success expectations * action momentum level * habits are dictated by your current belief system.
  3. Although none of us will ever become more than our current subconscious beliefs: providing you, are willing to commit to your success > then I absolutely believe in your potential. Together, we can successfully transform all your current self-limiting / self-sabotaging beliefs.  (I did it; I will show you how)!
  4. Your committed beliefs must remain unwavering. I can help you own those valuable beliefs now.

Coaching greatness | Enriching lives:

As your trusted Coach: I listen * guide * engage * teach * inspire * provide * motivate * gently nudge my dedicated coaching clients.

Inspiring – pleasurable sessions are relational. Strategic planning + applied solutions generate lasting results. Let’s discuss how to elevate your capabilities to maximum potential.

Polly Humphreys Fundamental Success Principles within her Personal Development Coaching 4 Success Break-though sessions: can provide gratifying solutions propelling the very vision God planted in your heart.

5+ Crucial Success Elements using Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success.  They await your claim at Alternative Wellness & Beyond:

  1. Obtaining clear solutions: Mental clarity + resilience directing your vision & goals.
  2. Inspiring, persistent inner motivation: generating UN-wavering action momentum.
  3. Sustaining committed self-accountability: planned action steps follow-through.
  4. Developing solid capabilities: in self-belief & creative thinking break-through.
  5. Gratifying self-images leading a sustaining “Success Mindset”.

Next Steps:

To begin your journey of break-through success there’s only 2 simple steps. First, your commitment to taking your life to a whole new satisfying level…and then, a phone call to me: 828-504-2003. Or if you prefer initial email contact request: simply click on the link below.

If you let me: I will take you from fun coaching training to successful transformation. Together, going beyond your wildest dreams * every step of the way!