Breaking New Ground with Confidence: Part 3

Breaking New Ground with Confidence: Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of 3: ‘Breaking New Ground with Confidence’.  You will discover valuable pointers for helping you end mental and emotional obstacles when creating change:

  • Key Insight: are you perhaps avoiding failure?
  • Developing committed confidence and sustaining resiliency under pressure, can keep ‘the underdog’ from quitting; and
  • What it takes to separate you from inaction and fear of failure.


Recently driving through Ohio, I spotted numerous signs pointing to various Orville and Wilbur Wright exhibits.  That reminded me that when allowed, history can produce valuable life lessons even 100 years later.  Inside this blog you will gain insight: how to use master your brainpower to overcome setbacks.  You will look at ways to sustain turbulence in order to achieve the desired edge.

Our famous Wright brothers knew the secret of self-endurance in 1903; their competitor Dr. Langley didn’t.  Understanding how you typically think when adversity strikes you unexpectedly, is key in helping you boost your brain power and withstand emotional turbulence. Grasping what to do during unexpected difficulty is vital with continuing to success achievement.

What does your personal history with unexpected adversity – suffering or bad luck mean to you, about you?

  • Have you gone beyond a willingness to risk failure, in order for you to conquer adversity?
  • Are you still attempting to create new success with the same limiting thinking?
  • Does your silent and verbal expressions about you during adversity reflect ‘lack’?
  • Do you normally (habitually) emotionally crash because of ‘circumstances’?


Wilbur and Orville Wright’s First Flight lasted only 12 seconds before crashing.  Yet their confidence, committed determination to succeed & subconscious powerful belief in their vision – caused them to sustain difficulty.

For them, adversity sparked greater determination to confidently break new ground.  Their 4th flight lasted an exhilarating, 59 seconds.  If you have thought that progress in short bursts might equate failure, think again.  Their short flights led them to creating success examples that continue today.

Knowing how to build self-trust is crucial in overcoming fear of failure – fear of success & fear of others reaction!  Knowing how to use your mind effectively to conquer ‘the monkey chatter’ within your conscious mind, boosts your opportunity for goal accomplishment.  It surpasses luck or having funding to continue your goal plan. The Wright Brothers owned the committed determination to fail forward.  Setbacks and excuses weren’t an option for them; neither was funding.


I encourage you to consider learning how to develop quality mental strength. This respected asset treasured by Olympians and other successful people, appreciate its added value for boldly withstanding life’s turbulence. Knowing how to build resilience before it is needed is best when breaking new ground with solid confidence.  It can help your dreams “take flight” and achieve victory!

FACT: Breaking successfully through new ground requires self-honesty.  So I encourage you to ask yourself:

  • How many times have you quit because your vision “took flight” for only a short time?
  • Are you now willing to own your vision and goals in order to see them come to completion?
  • Are you ready to grasp, that not everyone will see your innate valuable potential?

If so, you are ready to explore beyond your previous failures.  You are ready to see them as stepping stones, not stop signs.


In my next blog ‘First with Success’ – I will cover the main reason why someone is first with success.  We will look at factors causing people to quit, yet others continue through to success accomplishment.

You will learn what can happen for you when you overcome general fears and/or fear of being laughed at. Psychology studies continue to show, nothing breeds resilience like adversity and failure.  Many psychologists believe, people are more willing to take risks and embrace failure when they expect failure in the process of succeeding.   Until next time, I leave you with these questions:

  • Are you still playing risk safely? If so, why?
  • Are you letting others or your fears, cause you to abandon your dreams, goals and vision?
  • Do you know how to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for life’s turbulence?

Remember, in order to succeed you must be open to problems – failure and confrontation.  It will be worth changing your thinking > to change you outcomes > reaping gratitude for inner joy!  Failing forward successfully means you now get to lay out your life plan the way you desire; not how others desire your life for you!   It’s what you do when you get back up that counts.  Your success matters!  A quick call will help us explore your needs, desires and a success strategy plan that fits you just right; 828-504-2003.


The author of this blog, Polly Humphreys.  is a Personal, Professional and Sport Development Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  Her advanced training as a Certified Sports Hypnotist and a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach is through NGH.  For fastest contact: 828-504-2003.   Follow Polly on Twitter: @RUMentallyReady or on her website: for gaining knowledge, guidance and for articles in other areas.  You will also find Polly on LinkedIn @:


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