Breaking New Ground with Confidence: Part 2

Breaking New Ground with Confidence: Part 2

Welcome to Breaking New Ground with Confidence blog, part 2 of 3.



In part 1 we addressed healthy contrasts between success and failure.  If you missed part 1, I focused on helping readers gain a winning perspective of failure and much more:

Today I have four eye opening comparisons with planning, risk taking and success development. When you understand how to use your mind most efficiently you tend to look at fear differently.  People routinely ask how to change their thoughts about fear of failure.  Let’s look at 3 key points about failure:

  1. All people will fail at times.
  2. Most individuals don’t know how to deal with fear.
  3. Misunderstanding fear causes average people to needlessly run from fear.

Today you will gain knowledge of what triggers fear and what to do if you think of your capabilities as ‘average’.  If your perspective of your potential  is ‘average’ –  I encourage you to learn how to change your view of you and your circumstances.  Learning how to use your mind correctly, will help you champion amazing resiliency when under pressure.


As you read on, you may even decide to view your past failures as your bonus stepping stones to your upcoming success.  Using mental skills can help you look at failure potential, smack in the face with boldness + a new level of confidence.  My coping strategies can help you burst through a slump and move forward through just about any obstacle with far greater confidence + conviction.  Greater confidence is a quick phone call away: 828-504-2003.

Directly below are 4 comparisons with respect to planning, risk taking + success development.

  • When you are willing to risk failure – you actually build confidence + self-belief, far faster.
  • When you know how to use your mind most effectively, you build self-assurance + sustain success expectancy, far more rapidly.
  • When you grasp how to develop your mind accurately, you enlarge your vision + magnify your confidence for advancement, far earlier.
  • When you advance without a plan – you are subconsciously, steadily preparing to fail.


Champions and highly successful people know, it’s what you do after you get back up that counts. They grasp: Knowledge + experience is what you do with what happens to you.   Studies have shown that life is only 10% of what happens to you.  The 90% is how you react to the circumstance.

  • How do you normally react when tough pressure hits you unexpectedly?
  • Do you have a backup plan and coping strategies for when needed?
  • Do you know that when you remove the “you” from failure > your perspective of failure changes astoundingly?
  • Do you know that eliminating the “you” from failure can help you significantly accelerate your skills & knowledge as you advance toward your goals?


Are you breaking new ground or possibly ready to blast through an old limiting fear that has haunted you for a period of time?  You might enjoy knowing that in 2016, a study by Robert Leahy, PH.D found that what humans worry about 85% of the time, actually never happens.  And research continues to prove, we can actually rewire our brain to stop worrying.

Some things in life change little; I learned the above facts in my training nearly 20 years ago.  However, I know some people wait for research proof before they will stop banging their head into needless misfortune.   This research data is considerable for individuals that need stats.  I am glad that they can now feel more comfortable taking risks in order to break through new ground or hindering obstacles.


Before we close part 2, I want to share where creating change first starts.  Beneficial transformation begins with your decision to focus on the solution & benefits of change.  So if you perhaps regularly focus on worry, concern or fear……. please stop.    With desire and helpful guidance, you can learn how to cut ‘the circuit of worry’ from your mind.  It’s easier than you may have thought.  Let’s explore the best approach for your needs.  Share whats in your heart and we can discuss how to reach your goals quickly; and with heightened confidence: 828-504-2003.

Understanding where your apprehension, dread, worry or fear started, is quicker with professional support.  Studies have shown that unnecessary apprehension and worry is caused by fear of embarrassment or dread of being mocked or ridiculed.  Fear of being judged, looking stupid or laughed at, are also major causes of procrastination, not taking action and “later” responses.

Exceptional performers harness their fears and use them for self-motivation.  When you learn how to be aware of irrational thoughts based on consequences of failure, you get to deactivate fear.  Yes, conquering fear of failure with confidence can be a decision away.

In part 3 of 3: Breaking New Ground with Confidence we will look at what is required for staying ahead of your competitors.  You will get some tips for how to master you mind, boost your brainpower and achieve the competitive edge.  You will learn what element you need to maintain control over your thoughts.

Until then, remember when you stop feeding “the monster” – it stops growing.

  1. Are ready to conquer fear in your personal + professional life and/or elevate your sport mental game?  Hint: Pay attention to the feeling and ‘the little inner voice’ giving you your answer.
  2. When you think of progressing to the next level, what image or feeling do you notice?
  3. Everything you do has a result.  What does your long term goal look and feel like?  Does it motivate you?


The author Polly Humphreys is a Personal, Professional and Sport Development Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  Polly has advanced training as a Certified Sports Hypnotist and a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach through NGH.  For fastest contact: 828-504-2003.   Follow Polly on Twitter: @RUMentallyReady or on her website: for gaining knowledge, guidance and for articles in the areas.  You will also find Polly on LinkedIn @:

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