Breaking Barriers | 5 Amazing Client Breakthroughs

Breaking Barriers | 5 Amazing Client Breakthroughs


 Breaking Barriers | 5 Amazing Client Breakthroughs is a follow up blog to Christianity Hypnosis: Part 2.

If you happened to miss Part 2 featuring Polly Humphreys first 5 awe-inspiring client success breakthroughs, no problem. You can discover how they successfully combined Christianity and Hypnosis by clicking on this link.

  • Today’s blog reveals the 5 remaining remarkable client breakthroughs.   These Action Takers are proof: Christianity Hypnosis is, a Power Modality for conquering mental block breakthroughs.
  • HypnoCoaching modality (Hypnosis + Coaching) was added, when the clients chose to turbocharge their success outcomes.

How Christianity | Hypnosis & Success Coaching were key in 5 remarkable client breakthroughs.

1). Female prostitute, abused by her mother in adolescence.

Client #1: Subjective Information

Repeated childhood abuse produced internal emotional shame. Shame, generated self-hatred. Self-hatred led her into a prostitution career.

Client # 1 Breakthrough: Christianity Hypnotherapy | Coaching Results

Ironically, our using Christianity Hypnosis (hypnosis with Christianity approach) was key in my gaining this women’s trust. I am proof: God uses the ‘willing’ to help do His work!

She shared having option choices (including the ability to use Christianity in our sessions), was KEY in her seeking my professional support. During coaching sessions:

  1. Client #1 was open to understanding: forgiveness isn’t, accepting others hurting us. Forgiveness can, permanently set us emotionally free.
  2. Her being able to by-pass the critical factor of the conscious mind: was huge in her being able to grasp authentic forgiveness. She liked the idea of “laying down” her pain….FOREVER!
  3. Her trust in me, was crucial when working with identifying and eliminating, internal fears. We worked with the subconscious “Part” that had resisted her desire: to permanently lay down an unwanted prostitution career.


Client #1: Christianity Hypnosis – Value Added Bonus

During our conscious < > subconscious alignment sessions and, Parts Therapy: she forgave her mother, her male clients and…herself!

We cried in union as she exclaimed, “I am free from childhood gut wrenching pain. It will never control me again”.

  1. The hand her mother had repeatedly burned when she was a child, stopped hurting almost instantly upon forgiving others | forgiving self | and healing her inner child from childhood trauma.
  2. Best of All: She was pleased to tell others about her new career.


2). Social Worker previously flunked 2 professional license exams.

The woman’s professor referred her for self-hypnosis and identifying the underlying cause of “mental fear block”.  She reported, “I fear failing my professional license exam, a 3rd time.  It’s my last chance to pass”.

Client #2 Breakthrough Success

  1. Hypnosis helped my  adult client gain a clear understanding of her self-limiting, subconscious perceptions.
  2. Hypnotherapy aided her in re-framing her subconscious impressions of test taking.  Understanding the Root Cause, helped produce mental clarity.
  3. She liked having the ability to generate images and desired feelings within her “subconscious video file”.  New subconscious imprints now believed: “I love being consistently focused as I take exams”.
  4. With newly strengthened subconscious beliefs, she believed she was mentally unstuck.  She permanently released, former subconscious emotional fear of test taking.
  5. Initial deflated self-confidence and, previous diminished self-belief in her test taking capabilities, transformed to: elevated self-confidence | self-belief.

I later received a note of gratitude. She wrote: “Polly, my actual test event occurred exactly as I had created, in my hypnosis mental movie”.


3). MD referral for behavioral modification intervention; diabetic protocol follow-through.

Client #3: Subjective Information

Male client needed consistent follow through with diabetic protocol.

  1. MD protocol had been ‘hit or miss’.
  2. He shared: Poor time management skills.  Unplanned food shopping preparation had led to bad habits of eating greasy fast food or, choosing vending machine food choices.

Client #3: Christianity – Hypnotherapy – Intensive Lifestyle Coaching Outcomes

  1. Hypnosis helped him identify then transform, self-sabotaging behavior.
  2. Success Coaching developed easy to follow scheduled food shopping action plan for specified period of time. Lack of evening food prep for next day meals: went from disaster to fully pleasurable experience.
  3. Hypnosis client desired suggestions: helped gratifyingly magnify his desire for more colorful, flavorful foods. ‘Sweet tooth cravings were reduced by 75%.
  4. Other enjoyable benefits: consistent healthy diet; regular attendance of enjoyable exercise program; steady sleep cycle; increased water intake; and, scheduled meditation times.
  5. Spiritual success during hypnosis: prompted greater life gratitude and sustained inner joy.
  6. His doctor was very pleased with newly developed desire for MD diabetic protocol follow-through.


4. Law student reported fearing his professor’s mock “class courtroom dramatization” drills.

Client’s Goals:

  1. Own a BOLD lasting, gratifying breakthrough success.
  2. Rid classroom fear expectancy: Confidently endure classroom trial presentations | professor’s mock drills.

Client #4: Hypnosis Outcomes

His follow up note read: “When I am under the professor’s highly pressured mock drills, my “mental arsenal” kicks in quickly.  Thank you for teaching me how to plant subconscious “mental arsenal”.  Now it fires rapidly and automatically.! The new me loves owning, enduring bold confidence”.


5). Female professional team leader: desired owning an enduring winner’s mentality.

Goal – Action Oriented Success Plan:

  1. Obtain Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success.
  2. Develop winner’s mentality breakthroughs.
  3. Generate strategies | easy to use tools | and develop a success action plan.
  4. Transform fear into an ideal level of confidence when presenting: Team Model for Success.

Client #5: Christianity Hypnosis Resolutions

  1. Self-hypnosis combined with Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success: helped her get mentally clear, unstuck and achieve, satisfying measurable objectives.
  2. Sustaining motivation enhanced self-belief. She noted that the self-hypnosis was like the ‘carrot stick of sustaining motivation’; especially under pressure.
  3. Stress management strategies helped her successfully recognize and manage: physical, psychological and behavioral stress triggers.
  4. She stated she liked understanding how to independently perform self-hypnosis. She also loved that her subconscious: freely allowed her to design desired self-images and confident feelings. Favorite ones: her confidently presenting to her team, their new Model for Team Success.

Client #5: Value Added Career Breakthrough Benefits

Career promotion | pay increase | improved job benefits.



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