Inner Challenges: Brain Science Breakthroughs

Inner Challenges: Brain Science Breakthroughs


Want to overcome your “Inner Challenges” far easier than you previously may have imagined?  Great news – you can!



Research brain studies continue to prove despite current inner challenges: you absolutely can conquer, inner most challenges.  Do it far easier / faster than you may have believed.

Read on to learn proven conclusions about inner challenges | your mindset | your abilities.


Inner challenges are nothing new

For nearly 20 years via my professional training, I have known what research findings steadily continue to show.   Prestigious Harvard and Yale University’s perform thousands of neuroscience studies every year.

  • Behavioral Neuroscientist are involved in a much wider scope of fields.
  • Neuropsychologists are looking deeper into the brain and its functions; how they interrelate with the body.
  • Neuroscience Systems is recording central nervous system data flow information to explain behavioral functions.

Proven real-life brain research evidence goes beyond a shadow of a doubt!   So if you or someone you love, has struggled with how to halt various unwanted inner challenges, definitely read on.  These confirmed brain science discoveries will very likely make you feel very happy.


Where Inner challenges often start

I know first-hand that your brain can be trained to help you succeed faster and easier than ever before.  Learning how to train my mind favorably helped me to: conquer unwanted feelings of sadness | eliminate mental scarcity and rid self-doubt.

It has helped me to create  a super clear vision for the direction of my life’s path.  It also helped me to tap into and use my God given beliefs, talents and strengths.


Imagine how much easier your life could be with less inner challenges

Imagine the added value to your life because your inner challenges diminished significantly.  That’s what happens most often by understanding how to effectively align your conscious and subconscious mind.

When that happens you get to:

  • Evict “Lack of” thoughts and self-doubt. They become ‘past tenants’ of your brain.
  • Produce an unwavering level of control with confident decision making.

Imagine, living the life you once only dreamed of; and far less inner challenges.   A life where you get to live real life results that are so incredible you love getting up for daily.  You feel unstoppable because you’ve learned how to grasp permanently imprinting those beliefs in your subconscious mind.


Important facts | Reducing inner challenges

Your subconscious mind:

  • Perceives who you are.  You will never become more than your mental file perceives you to be.  Your self talk + priorities drive your decisions.
  • You subconscious files (programming) were automatically generated by you.  It’s structural foundation: based on your impressions of you and your life..
  • It automatically plays these recordings in your mind daily; 24/7.

HINT: You can reprogram your subconscious files.  You must  however remain aware of which subconscious internal recordings  (playing) throughout your mind daily.

Out of curiosity – what have you silently repeated and vocalized to yourself > about you and how people feel about you?

  • That is important because if the negative is stronger than the affirmative,  your negative thinking then drives your expectations and your decisions.
  • Make it a good practice to remember > your subconscious is constantly recording your emotions + your belief system about your model of the world.


Do you know what internal confidence levels frequently ride on?

What you believe…… people believe… about yourself affects your internal confidence level

  • It is important for you to understand this because, you can never become more than your current subconscious programming!
  • Because I support your birthright to live a great life – I can help you create winning files.


Your subconscious belief system must support a belief that you are deserving of success.  If not, those unhelpful beliefs will hold you back from creating success in your life time.


Remember the ONLY influences that qualifies somebody as “deserving success” or not, are the rules and belief structure they create for themselves in their own brain.

That’s why I educate my clients how to take charge of their mind.  When you lay out a solid foundation path with proven action steps, it will lead you to your desired destination.

I support your steps that lead to your journey to success accomplishment.   If you would like help simply pick up the phone now; 828-504-2003.  You never need to do it alone!


The good news is: you now realize you can absolutely transform any mental programming that you choose to.  And I am ready to teach you how to do that.  It is a gratifying part of my life that I get to do that for all individuals who are passionate about changing their life.

I will help you build a belief system that successful people have.  Personally, I was amazed at how easy this transformation was for me, once I determined that I was committed to changing my life.

Like me, you too can stop measuring your worth according to what your circumstances tell you!   You too can learn SECRET PRINCIPLES that brain scientist know.  These success elements will help you to start living an enriched life now.  After all, you were created to live a fulfilling life.


Success is a choice!  Below are 10 advantages of training your brain faster than you imagined:

  1. Your thought process will begin to rapidly generate favorable behavioral actions + beneficial thought processes that stick.
  2. Quickly improve the desired areas of your life because you reap a clear vision!
  3. Identify and break through current sabotaging thought processes. You mentally and emotionally unblock them > therefore, you blast through slumps | procrastination | fears.
  4. With practice consistency – your new habits and thought process quickly produces automatic healthy habits.
  5. Achieve a super charged, crystal clear vision of your BIG picture & goals.
  6. Thinking and behaving align harmoniously with your ultimate BIG dreams | goals.
  7. Easily able to recognize when you are getting off track from your goals.
  8. Remain inspired and motivated during stress or higher pressured times.
  9. Rule your thoughts and emotions; instead of them controlling your decisions | actions | habits.
  10. Instead of living the dreams others have for you > you assuredly take charge of your decisions and your dreams for your life.


As we close now remember, the truth is one year is going to pass whether you take action or not.  Don’t waste your mind on little dreams.

Stop letting circumstances tell you empty lies = “Your dream doesn’t fit who you are”.  The blueprint of your life starts in your mind.  And yes, you can create incredible breakthroughs in your mind that actually results in your  life!

It’s your turn now to live that incredible life instead of just dreaming about it for another year.

 Yes, you can absolutely wake up soon, loving what you do, in your incredible life! So take action now and explore what is possible with your commitment to yourself and your dreams.

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The author of this blog is Polly Humphreys from Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  Polly is a Personal & Professional Development Coach with diverse training in advanced areas of Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP for accelerating success.  She works with individuals who are passionate about improving various areas of their life.

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 Yes, you can absolutely wake up soon, loving what you do, in your incredible life! So take action now and explore what is possible with your commitment to yourself and your dreams.


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