Body Image Solution

Body Image Solution

Body Image Lie: As she looked in the mirror and asked, “Mirror-Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?” The ‘little voice’ from within totally surprised her.  Instead of responding, “You are the fairest of all” – the harsh retort from within said, “Lady, you’ve gotten fat”. 



Body Image: “The Solution to, “DARN, I’VE GOTTEN FAT”

What the lady in the mirror doesn’t understand, is that inside of her, is a trim HEALTHY person just waiting to be realized, and released.  This lady must deal with a subconscious, distorted body image.

Without a HEALTHY body-image, a mirror can be very unfriendly, especially to women. Both men and women, tend to hold a body image in their minds that is frankly, unobtainable.  There is too much misplaced emphasis on ‘skinny is good’

I am passionate about helping people create success in all areas of their lifeIt saddens me when people think they are not enough or are afraid to say, “No” when appropriately necessary.



In this blog, I will not be discussing physical activity.  InsteadI focus on effective solutions for having a Healthy Body Image.  Mind, Body, Spirit Wholeness.

As a holistic based, Certified Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach, I specialize in Transformational Wholeness.  Having earned an AAS degree, I understand anatomy and physiology.  Yes, we do need to move our body, drink water.  And we need to reduce stress.


Research Study: When you look into the mirror and feel good about you, your self-esteem grows instead of your waistline.   Unfortunately, for many (especially women), their reflection will not be viewed as an accurate self-reflection. Research indicates that 80% of women over the age of 18, looking at themselves in the mirror, are unhappy with their ‘mirror reflection’.



Wellness and weight loss include knowing your Core Values.  These are your fundamental beliefs that actively influence your decisions.  I tell my clients, “Identifying yours and using them will help keep you from being sidetracked from your goals”.


A HEALTHY Body Image includes being able to say “No” with confidence. This is a Core Value we should NEVER Overlook!  A  HEALTHY Body Image also includes discernment.   When we communicate our innermost feelings of truth, we:

  • Experience freedom from guilt.
  • Place intentional focus on our goal = keeping the main thing, the main thing.
  • Speak honestly without worry of being judged.

Imagine adopting the freedom of ease, and appropriate confidence to say, “No”.  And happily mean it!  

  • It is OK  to reject or ignore, other’s ‘well intention-ed’ comments.   
  • With bold confidence, It is OK to say “No thanks” to dessert and alcohol.


Differentiating the voice of your ‘inner wise guide’ from your ‘inner harsh critic’ 

Keeping self on course includes knowing how to differentiate the two.  This development is central to your:

  • Success and  well-being.
  • Remaining true to yourself (core values).
  • Freedom of fear of embarrassment.


HEALTHY Facts: ‘One size’ wellness program does NOT fit all individuals.

  • There are no quick fixes.  Each person has very unique, specific needs
  • Being accountable doesn’t include making excuses.

Many people mistakenly believe that using willpower results in long term results.  Desiring success and being willing to take consistent favorable action, are different than willpower.



A HEALTHY Body Image includes a HEALTHY self-esteem.  When you HALT THE EXCUSES You Gain Control and Boost Your Self-Esteem.


Success Wellness Model: HypnoCoaching (Hypnosis with Advanced Coaching = 100% operative use of your mind).  It goes beyond ‘the norm’.  As with traditional coaching, both processes include having valuable tools and strategies.

This success model of coaching helps you form a blueprint plan.  Enhancing your wellness goals >progress >success.  The significant difference in this combined wellness model:

  • Understanding your subconscious truth ‘super-sizes’ formation of your blueprint plan.
  • This is superior to coming from only a strategy.

HypnoCoaching also deals with gaining faster clarity of your desires, wants and needs.  The hypnosis element allows you to easily tap into your self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs.

  • You by-pass the conscious, interfering mind sphere. Traditional coaching does not.
  • This helps STOP the battle of your ‘progressing, then relapsing’.


Programming Yourself for Success starts with your subconscious! 

Your thoughts lead your feelings > behaviors and >habits.  Therefore, it is vital to stop letting your feelings lead you.  To stop self-sabotage, you must be aware of your ‘stinkin thinkin’.

Hypnosis is the fastest way to help people identify their underlying cause of the ‘Root Issue’ of the problem.  Why? Because you have fast access to your ‘model of your world’:

  • How you look at life.
  • How you react or respond to problems.
  • It helps you to understand it including, where it started from.

You and only you, can decide to keep what you like.  You then can modify it, or release what you don’t want or like.  FACT: You must take action to stop defeatist, subconscious beliefs.  If not, then visualizing your ‘Ideal Self’ living a life of success, will be the same as progressing forward then regressing in your life’s goals.


Remember, your subconscious propels you, from your dominant belief system.  The mind can’t operate with conflicting beliefs.  Your dominate beliefs are where you operate from regarding your actions and, making life’s decisions.

For lasting success, you must identify and overcome blocking barriers currently housed in your subconscious mind sphere.


For change to occur, you must know what your subconscious belief system is!

  • You must also like the idea of the change you are moving toward.
    • This is essential in order to take the necessary action steps leading to your success.
  • Internal beliefs systems MUST align with your desires.




  1. Every successful endeavor first begins in the mind as an idea.  
  2. Change FIRST begins within, then MOVES externally.  
  3. What the mind believes, the body is capable of achieving! 


Success action steps include focusing on what you truly want, NOT on what you don’t want. 

To transform your life, you must identify triggers focusing on the solution.   Mentally committing to your success, helps you to live your life in a HEALTHY body.

HEALTHY lifestyle changes, includes behavior modification.  You must decide to have, the characteristics, behaviors and habits of a healthy fit person. Think long term, ‘end results thoughts’.


BONUS Section


Picture yourself stepping into a room looking and feeling great.  As everyone else does, you too find the new you, surprisingly fantasticAs you look in the mirror of self-perception, you get to smile back, because you like who you see.You feel great that you have indeed accomplished your goals.

  • Your self-esteem is at an all-time high.
  • As you glance in the mirror – you absolutely feel and look fantastic.


This can be you. Get excited, reclaim what is meaningful and absent in your life. You will thank yourself.

  • Stopping wasting money on weight loss fad products.
  • Get off the merry-go-round of ‘yo-yo’ dieting with greater ease.
  • Feel fantastic – mentally, emotionally and physically.


Polly Humphreys is a Consulting Hypnotherapist and a Business,Personal and Success Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  Helping ordinary people, with ordinary problems, create extraordinary results.  She uses an advanced form of coaching due to it’s success level with client effectiveness.

Contact Info: She can be reached via phone: 828-504-2003.  To speak with Polly from anywhere in the world via Skype and Face Time.  Email her at:

Sessions: Can be done in Polly’s office or, anywhere in the world!  This is a BONUS for very busy individuals, including athletes.

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