What breakthrough results can you expect as Polly Humphreys client?

My nearly 20 year expertise will guide your steps.  You will gain a clear perspective for connecting clarity of your current status with what you want to accomplish and the best approach to get there successfully.  We advance at your pace.  Teamwork + fun motivates accountability.

Think of our cutting edge strategies + options as your “daily super mental arsenal”.  Developing a clear understanding of your problems with laser like focus helps you sustain “success belief” under pressure.

With your clear vision intact + decisive strategic solutions in place – you confidently move customized action steps into goal achievement far faster.

Imagine the incredible feeling of departing from “hostage frustration” to confidently rising above daily disruptive chaos > all the way to goal accomplishment.

Who are Polly’s success coaching clients? 

They are healthy individuals tired of feeling frustrated or stuck.  They are accountable. Most are looking for a motivational spur.

  • Need a clear understanding + solid plan for strategically closing the gap from current status to goal accomplishment
  • Desire expert guidance for reaching their full potential
  • Have real life issues; often need skilled tools for stress reduction
  • Ready to get unstuck | manage stress | HALT procrastinating excuses
  • Require steadfast confidence + sustaining steady momentum through goal attainment.


Who are Polly’s hypnotherapy clients?

Knowing people can never become more than their current subconscious programming, my hypnosis clients like the idea of having the quickest access for tapping into their subconscious sphere for making extraordinary changes.  .

  • Want faster permanent resolve. Like turbo charging their results
  • Real life issues often require effective stress management
  • Boost personal + professional growth – solid transformation
  • Value the capability of discovering & transforming unrealized subconscious beliefs into newly empowered, unstoppable beliefs
  • Gaining clear-cut understanding of the underlying cause of their problem
  • Clients love hypnosis for seeing their end result before it actually occurs.

(For hypnosis specifics please see above web headings: Hypnosis Success | also visit Specialties tab | view testimonies).

What sets Polly Humphreys apart as a professional | Outstanding Differences

Many people don’t realize they already have their needed answers within.  Most don’t know how to tap into their Inner Power Source.  Goals: Effectively tapping into your inner Power Source (wise Inner Genius); gaining wise direction; promotes discovery of ideal self’s vision.

This process is designed for generating Breakthrough Success Results.  Encourages mental clarity assessment with exploring your life priorities.  Tap into deeper levels of clarity – meaning – purpose.

Leadership Coaching frequency rose the last few years due to professional need for problem solving insight awareness > dealing effectively with the complexities of situations – obtaining accelerated desired outcomes.

  • As a veteran professional – my years of expertise experience is invaluable with client feedback.  This population repeatedly reported needing guidance with remaining focused on goal objectives.  My professional expertise is priceless with helping the individual discover blind spots in leadership and developing your natural strengths.
  • Bonuses: Add advanced cutting-edge skilled tools to your existing tool belt – have access to ‘power tools’ on demand.
  • Elevating self-awareness – accelerates leadership capacity based upon your personal goals.  Sustaining mental focus promotes pin-point clarity, viewing specific circumstances confidently & objectively.

I recognize problems are unique to each person; it is an honor serving all people.  Interestingly, however not surprisingly, over 50% of my client population requested my professional assistance for addressing their spiritual life; including seeking God.  This population requested my professional guidance helping them obtain serenity and self-discovery.  Noteworthy:

  • When my clients aren’t of Christian faith, we tap into the source that powers their inner strengths and beliefs; helping them fervently accomplish set goals.
  • Practicing Christian clients leverage Godly principles pleasing to Him and themselves. If that is your desire, this advantage is absolutely available to you at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.

Approximately 35% of people request HypnoCoachingTM – due to wanting life coaching + accelerated benefits from hypnotherapy.   This client population wants easy to use – repeatable skilled tools +  life coaching guidance.  This population wants to turbocharge their results via self-hypnosis.  Bonus: subconscious preview of desired outcome……BEFORE success actually occurs = (motivator accelerator).

Health improvement sessions, primarily stress management was needed more than ever.  This population wanted easy repeatable stress management tools customized for their needed purpose + lifestyle focus + ability to use per demand need.

Your success isn’t dependent on the economy or situations.

SUCCESS TIP: Never allow yourself to be hindered by other’s opinions of your capabilities.

  • What is your biggest need?
  • what is the dream that you put away, because it never seemed the right time to pursue it; or someone said it is impossible?  Let’s bring it to life now!

Convenient Options | Success | Appointments | Complimentary Consults | Workshops

I am ready to help you now Get Mentally Clear * Get Unstuck * Get Extraordinary result!  

  • 1-1 Appointment Sessions: Choose either in Office | Skype |  Phone.  All are individualized for your needs
  • Evening and weekend appointments available by request.  If after office hours or if I am with a client, please leave me a message with pertinent information.
  • Complimentary Consults: Get straightforward answers .  Your questions – success matters to me!
  • Group Workshops and Appointments for team or employee’s personal development.  Polly will travel – arrangements TBD
  • Payment Sources: Cash, Check and PayPal

Contact Information

Phone: 828-504-2003

Email: polly@BackboneBuilder.com

Web address: http://alternativewellness.net/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pollyhumphreys/

Twitter: #RUMentallyReady



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