What breakthrough results can you expect when you meet Polly Humphreys and become her client?

When you meet Polly Humphreys you will see: she is passionate about helping people breakthrough problems and sustain their power quickly.  She finds pure joy helping people burst through their mental blocks.

Polly Humphreys quote: “My nearly 20 year expertise will guide your blueprint action steps and proven success principles.  If you let me, I will help you gain a clear perspective of your current status and clear insight of how to get what you want.  As I help you fortify your thinking process, habits and confidence: you quickly generate incredibly satisfying, lasting results”.

Polly Humphreys pin-point questions will help you close the gap quickly.  Advance quickly from where you are now > to your goal destination.

At Alternative Wellness & Beyond: optimized strategy options for best success approach: can accelerate your successful end destination far faster.  However, you choose pace preference.

Bonus benefits:  our high performance sessions include fun.  They help motivate your accountability!

Think of these cutting edge strategies + varied options as your “daily super mental arsenal”.

Power result benefits include developing a clear-cut understanding of your problems: Sustaining laser-like focus is crucial for sustaining “success belief” under pressure.  That benefit alone is priceless!

Imagine just a few other power results from our sessions:

  • You owning a clear intact vision + having a decisive strategic solutions in place.
  • Imagine the feeling of confident momentum propelling your laser-focused accuracy.
  • Easy to use detailed action steps helping you achieve goal success far faster.

Polly  shares: ” I personally know first hand: how to depart from ‘hostage frustration’.  I am proof: anyone can confidently rise above daily disruptive chaos.  That’s right, continuously all the way to goal accomplishment.  I personally conquered ‘fear-based self-sabotaging mentality’ far easier than I first imagined.  So can you”!

Who are Polly’s Peak Performance Coaching clients?

They are healthy individuals tired of feeling frustrated or stuck.  They are accountable. These individuals have varied personal / professional backgrounds.  They are looking for a motivational spur.  90% of Polly Humphreys’ clients seek breakthrough coaching due to wanting faster success results.    Many of these clients are at crossroads in their life.

  • Need mental clarity + solid plan for strategically closing the gap from current status to goal accomplishment.
  • Desire easy to use strategies and action steps; and experienced, trusted guidance for mastering peak potential.
  • Have real life issues; need skilled tools for stress reduction.
  • Ready to get unstuck | get mentally clear | manage stress | HALT procrastinating excuses.
  • Require steadfast confidence in order to sustain steady momentum through goal attainment.

 Who are Polly’s Hypnotherapy clients?  What are some of their needed desires?

Polly’s hypnosis clients like the idea of having accelerated access for tapping into their subconscious power! They like the idea of bursting through their mental block quickly.  These individuals want gratifying extraordinary changes.  They like lasting success results and the following benefits:

  • Faster permanent resolve. Like turbo-boosting their results.
  • Real life easy to use – effective stress management.
  • Boost personal + professional growth with lasting transformation.
  • Bonus capability of discovering & transforming: unrealized subconscious beliefs into newly empowered, unstoppable beliefs.
  • Clear-cut understanding of the root (underlying) cause of their problem.  Her High Performers choose to permanently release the root cause of their mental blocks.

Hypnosis advanced, motivating bonus: you gain the edge.  Having the capability of seeing your gratifying successful end results in your mind’s eye; actually far before it actually occurs.

For hypnosis specifics please see above web headings: Hypnosis Success | Testimonies.

What sets Polly Humphreys apart as a professional?

After nearly 20 years, her niche is still helping people get mentally clear, unstuck and moving forward quickly.  Polly’s professional expertise is known for: helping individuals successfully breakthrough mental blocks quickly.

Polly shares: “Before i was a professional, I was an actual client. I understand what it feels like to be “stuck”.  And, I know how to help you blast through your problems.  I am the perfect success example: I’ve been there and, I conquered.

Many people don’t realize they already have their needed answers within.  Most individuals don’t know how to tap into their Inner Power Source.  I love teaching my clients – incredible empowering, unstoppable mental Skills”!

  • Testimony: “When you meet Polly Humphreys, she will help you change your life.  She taught me how to tap into my innate, Inner Wise Guide.  That skill elevated my confidence with decisive decision making.  1 year later that is notably powerful; especially when I’m under pressured deadlines!..Lillian, Winston Salem, NC.

When you meet Polly, ask her how you too can skillfully tap into your innate Inner Genius.

Some people think this  process as a turbo-charge inner boost for Breakthrough Success Results.  Promotes deeper levels of mental clarity, confidence, and purposeful direction in your life.


What areas received more client requests this year in Polly Humphreys’ practice?

Peak Performance Leadership Coaching frequency has risen the last few years due to a greater need for enhanced problem solving capabilities.

Individuals want to confidently and wisely deal effectively with the complexities of situations.  People still want to be empowered.  They like achieving accelerated success outcomes.

Polly Humphreys still loves teaching individuals committed to their success: skills that promote pin-point clarity.   The mental clarity makes your personal and professional success destiny a fun journey walk with Polly.


This past year, over 50% of my client population requested her professional assistance for addressing their spiritual life; including seeking a deeper relationship with God.

Testimony: “Polly Humphreys, is a Christian and a visionary.  If you want she will pray with you.  The big benefit there: your prayer life brings God into your sessions helping to clarify your God-centered vision.” J. Carroll, Asheville, N.C.

Most of Polly’s client’s seeking Spiritual Growth requested her professional guidance; helping them obtain serenity and self-discovery.  They want to seek their birthright: heightening their greatness through God.

Noteworthy Clarification regarding Christianity and sessions at Alternative Wellness & Beyond:

  • All of Polly Humphreys clients aren’t practicing Christians.  Some don’t have a spiritual faith.
  • When clients aren’t of Christian faith, She helps them tap into the source that powers their inner strengths and beliefs.  This approach helps them fervently accomplish set goals.
  • Practicing Christian clients are given the opportunity to leverage Godly principles: pleasing to God and themselves.
  • Legal, moral and ethical options are readily available to you at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.


Approximately 35% of people request HypnoCoaching.  These individuals want life coaching with the accelerated boost benefit of hypnotherapy.

This client population seeks easy to use, repeatable skilled tools +  advanced life coaching guidance.  These individuals want to turbocharge their results using self-hypnosis.  People like adding the visualization element of personal development coaching.  Self-hypnosis is a “motivator accelerator”!


Health improvement sessions, primarily stress management was needed more than ever.  This population wanted easy repeatable stress management tools customized for their needed purpose + lifestyle focus + ability to use per demand need.

In closing Polly hopes you will remember: your success isn’t dependent on the economy or situations.

SUCCESS TIP: Never allow yourself to be hindered by other’s opinions of your capabilities.

  • What is your biggest need?
  • What is the dream that you put away, because it never seemed the right time to pursue it; or someone said it is impossible?  Let’s bring it to life now!


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