Our sessions are designed to help you create an extraordinary mental framework for intentional success.



Intentional Success

Success Requires a Clear Vision.  Every great accomplishment is the result of a person’s desire, clear vision (insight), targeted action steps and their commitment.  Our sessions have advantages:

  • STOP solving problems with the same limiting beliefs.
  • Grasp success secrets for creating your success foundation plan.
  • Own sustaining resilience from INTERNAL FEAR PROOFING.
  • In office * Face Time * Skype sessions all create schedule flexibility for you to receive Personal Development Success Coaching Sessions | Hypnotherapy or | HypnoCoaching sessions, from anywhere in the world.

Mindset Mastery

Regardless of the type of session you choose, our sessions will teach you how to:

  • Develop required Skill-Building Secrets for maintaining forward thinking.
  • Deliberately Turbo Charge your Success with accomplished tools and strategies.
  • Build expectations for a winning self-esteem.
  • Reduce stress | Eliminate mental distractions | Boost mental clarity.


Create a Road map for Best Self – Best Life

Success requires that you know where you are going! It requires that you know how to effectively use your mind.  Because no two people, problems or desires are the same – I offer flexibility and choices.  You choose your preference method: Hypnosis, Personal Development for Self-Growth Coaching or, the turbo charged power of HypnoCoachingTM.  Our sessions focus on you and your needs so you can:

  • Accelerate personal, career, wellness or sports development.
  • Identify and remove mental blocks currently halting your success.
  • Clarify and connect your mind, heart and hands for inspiring your vision and motivation.
  • Generate the necessary ability, drive and aspirations to make desired success transition.


My personal experiences from evicting dis-empowering feelings, thinking and acting like a failure has made me very good at helping people solve problems quickly.  I am proof with determination and the strategic knowledge, anyone can conquer and succeed.  I am ready to help you explore how to overcome “your Goliath’s”.  Call me now to discuss how my advanced training can help you use your mind extremely effectively. 



Live a More Influential Life

A Transformed Individual Influences The World!  Be bold enough to claim all that is possible for you.


To get started: call me, Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond NOW: (828)504-2003.  We can explore your needs | problems | precise needs in free consult.


To schedule your first appointment or ask questions: click on this link.


Together, we can discuss how our sessions can light up your passion, drive and success resilience.  You are a phone call or email away from learning essential life skills.  If you let them, that will give you the internal power needed for a healthy, gratifying motivated life.