Welcome to About Our Sessions at Alternative Wellness & Beyond. Designed to help you create an extraordinary mental framework; intentional success!


Intentional Success

Success Requires a Clear Vision.  Every great accomplishment is the result of a person’s desire, clear vision (insight), targeted action steps and their commitment.

Our sessions have advantages. I help you meet real challenges with real solutions.

  • STOP solving problems with the same limiting beliefs.
  • Grasp success secrets: easy to follow principles for creating your success foundation plan.
  • Sustain resilience from INTERNAL FEAR PROOFING: your MENTAL ARSENAL!

Intentional Options

From anywhere in the world: In office * Face Time * Skype sessions create schedule flexibility. Step-by-step anywhere: our sessions assist you in improving performance. Achieve personal satisfaction now; not later!

  • Life and Career Coaching: Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy / or if you prefer: turbocharge with coaching & hypnosis combined.

 Intentional Breakthrough Performance Benefits

Choose session type that fits you ideally. Our sessions teach you how to:

  • Skill-Building Principles | Step-by-step easy applied tools | Effective strategies
  • Build expectations for a winning self-esteem. Unlock optimal potential
  • Reduce stress | Eliminate mental distractions | Boost mental clarity.

 Create a Road Map for Best Self – Best Life

Success requires that you know where you are going! Intentional Success requires you know how to effectively use your thoughts. Our sessions offer flexibility and choices.  Our sessions fit your needs – your schedule.

Because no two people, problems or desires are the same: you choose your preference session method. Options include: Hypnosis, Personal Development for Self-Growth and Career Coaching.

Our sessions focus on your needs so you can:

  • Accelerate personal, career, wellness or sports development.
  • Identify and remove mental blocks currently halting your success.
  • Clarify your success vision.  Inspire motivation.  Sustain resiliency under pressure.
  • Generate the necessary ability, drive and aspirations to make desired success transition.


My personal experiences as a former client: helped me HALT dis-empowering feelings, self-sabotaging thinking. I stopped thinking like a failure. 

My success + professional training made me really good at helping people solve problems quickly.  I am proof with determination and the strategic knowledge, anyone can conquer and succeed.  Let’s explore how to unleash your “inner genius”.

Next Step:

Getting started is easy: Be bold enough to claim all that is possible for you.

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  3. In office * Face Time * Skype sessions – anywhere in the world these work.


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