A Grandfather’s Wisdom | Fresh Perspective

A Grandfather’s Wisdom | Fresh Perspective

Many of us ask God for wisdom and insight. Sometimes our lessons come in unexpected ways!

Below is a cute tale of a Grandfather’s Wisdom. Find out how he teaches his young grandson a surprisingly “cold quick unexpected lesson” about wisdom.

Grandfather’s Mode of Wisdom:“How much do you truly want what you are seeking?”

Walking hand-in-hand with Grandfather on a hot summer’s day, young Joey asks, “Grandfather, how can I get wisdom”? Grandfather’s self-belief: “Applied wisdom” is sometimes the best teacher”.

Grandfather’s short reply to Joey: “Come with me”. Leading young Joey by the hand into the shallow pond, without intentional harm, he quickly ducks Joey’s head under water for 5 short seconds.

Young Joey’s Fresh Perspective:

Upon Joey regaining his composure, Grandfather asked lovingly yet straight-forwardly: “Joey, what did you desire most, when your head was under water”?  Joey’s reply: “I wanted air”!

Grandfather’s straight-faced response: “Joey, when you want wisdom as much as you wanted air a few seconds ago…..you will, receive it!”

Grandfather’s Wisdom: 7 Take away Lessons.

  1. We all contribute varied styles of “teachable moments”. Are yours creating the results you desire for: you, your team, and/or family members?
  2. Not all lessons of wisdom work well for each person – team or family member.
  3. What is your typical teaching style when giving wisdom? Do you tend to use that same approach for all people
  4. If so, does that approach give you the results you desire; or does it need refining?
  5. Is your personal style when teaching wisdom: meant to help others grow – or “impress”?
  6. Grandfather’s wisdom teaches us: your reality of wisdom in your world, is exactly as you perceive it to be.
  7. As Grandfather taught Joey: are you ready to do what it takes to get your answer(s)?

Closing insight and follow up humorous blog:

We can all give others grace, even if there teaching style of wisdom doesn’t work for us. Here’s to helpful humor in each of our “lesson’s of wisdom”.  You now get to meet grown up Joey’s son, William.  Click on link directly below > immediately be transported to: Fictional story setting: Oceanography School – Florida beach town.

  • Discover humor in “lessons learned” by William, .
  • Learn how William has inherited Joey’s curiosity approach for discovering fast knowledge.

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