Successful Outcomes: 5 Valuable Strategy Tips

Successful Outcomes: 5 Valuable Strategy Tips




What is it that makes some people successful in life?  Why in times of crisis, one person is calm yet another person sabotages their results?


Today we will look at 3 of my clients.  My client’s names have been changed in respect to client confidentiality.  Although each client considered successful with goal accomplishment in most ares of their lives………asked: “What causes a person to feel stuck for many years in other areas”?  

You might ask:

  • Is the answer heredity?
  • Perhaps it’s education level or, the measure of their life quality?
  • The truth is, it’s none of these answers!


 In this blog you will also learn:

  • 4 valuable strategy tips helping everyday people conquer their problems
  • Discover common elements in all 3 clients that might be describing you



Meet my 3 clients | Notice their presenting issues  

Meet Jane: successful entrepreneur.  Initially came to gain clarity regarding her feelings of resentment.  Realized the need for my professional guidance

Jane’s presenting complaints:

  1. Problem had gotten out of control.  Jane’s belief causing physiological symptoms: Bitter burning felt daily in her stomach.  She believed burning sensation was resentment related.
  2. Reported problem played repeatedly like a broken record in her mind.
  3. Primary belief: Felt mentally stuck.  Jane believed her problem was unraveling personal relationship.


Meet Peter: successful professional carrying ‘weighted frustration’ for 3 years.

Client subjective report:

  1. Peter wanted to discover the underlying cause of his problem.  Desired to learn skills for effectively using his mind to HALT unhelpful  thinking.  His thoughts seemed to cause embarrassing emotional outbursts at the worst times.
  2. Peter considered “boldly confident” in the professional world.  Internal perception: “I feel like a hostage of my mental – emotional state.  Uncontrollable outbursts knock me and others, off guard”.


Meet Mary: Successful teacher.  Overweight for years.  Now willing to admit: she felt stuck carrying this stressful burden far too long.

Assessment findings:

  1. During the question & educational part of her first session, she shared:  “I need help learning how to create what I want most want.  I must stop behavioral bad habits”.
  2. Mary had heightened awareness of understanding what she didn’t want.  Poor results with staying on track.
  3. Client now to deal with the Part of her – seeming to control her and, her unwanted results.
  4. Was now ready to learn skills for transforming her mind & results from victim > conqueror.
  5. Client perception: ‘stuck thinking’ | frequent angry words repeatedly verbalized |  replayed self-sabotaging images frequently; especially 1st and last times of day


Client Sessions | Successful Outcomes

Remember: each client reported different problems.  All were viewed by others as accomplished individuals.  In different areas their thinking created their reality + results.

In our sessions each person was able to identify and successfully break through: their limiting subconscious beliefs, patterns and unwanted habits.  Read on to find out how they did that.  

Success strategies: Breakthroughs | Reader self-assessment questions

Below are the valuable strategies / tips  we used to help them generate a solid foundation.  You will see how results flowed into both personal &  professional lives.

As you read on: How many of these strategies do you have / use?  I added a few self-questions for you personally.  1. We started initial sessions


Where we started with Personal Development Coaching:

1. Initial sessions: Q&A = honest conversations covered real life issues.

Our coaching workbook helped steer client strategy path for goal accomplishment.  Customized coaching tools helped clients process, problem perceptions.

     ⇒ Self-assessment question: Do you personally understand how to sustain mental clarity under pressure?  Tip: This is vital in preventing progress set-backs!


2.  Day-to-day thinking processes were explored in prime areas of their lives.  Value tip: You can’t create new results using the same limiting thinking!

⇒ Breakthrough tip: To get different results | alter | eliminate what isn’t working > you must get mentally clear of your daily thinking patterns.

⇒ Self-assessment questions: Do you personally know how to identify both your beneficial & self-sabotaging thoughts?  During high stress situations, what coping strategies / tools work best for you?


3. Having elevated individual self-accountability > helped highlight subconscious ‘truth-insight’.

Client designed ‘favorite coaching tools’ allowed stress management / self-confidence tools to be used upon demand.

⇔ Self-assessment questions: What coping strategies and tools do you have in your personal development tool box?  Do they work 75% of the time?


4.  Coaching sessions helped all 3 clients realize: prolonged behavior of excess repeated ‘ over thinking habit’ had blinded self-awareness of emotional states.

Due to ’emotional snowball’ propelling out of control > subconscious emotions had unfortunately drove most everyone’s decision making.  Needlessly, this caused unwanted stress reactions.

⇒ Self-assessment question: What is your degree of self-awareness re: your thoughts?  Especially during pressured situations?


Client Options Chosen  

  • Two of the three clients chose hypnotherapy combined with coaching.  They wanted HypnoCoaching for turbocharging result outcomes.  
  • The third client opted for traditional coaching due to preference of desiring a more moderate coaching pacing.  



Three months | Follow up findings

Three months follow up

  • All 3 clients continued with coaching.  All noted self-accountability raised.  Personal development coaching continued.
  • Both hypnosis clients stated they happily appreciated success results sticking nicely in their daily lives. They no longer felt stuck’.  Now enjoying stress-free lifestyle.
  • Both were still amazed at how easy it had been: to be ”like an observer” (during hypnosis) viewing personalized subconscious movies, while sitting comfortably in my incredible recliner.


So you might be wondering, what was the best part of hypnosis for the two hypnosis clients?

  • They both agreed: the value added hypnosis bonus was having the ability to view their end results, BEFORE they actually occurred. That asset is a great hypnosis motivational benefit.


Your final self assessment question: Do you know how to tell when your subconscious file is playing toxic mental tapes > currently hindering your progress?


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