5 Simple Ways to Beat Stress Daily

5 Simple Ways to Beat Stress Daily

What is Stress?

Did you know that each of us actually suffers from PERCEIVED stress?  That’s right.  Once you perceive something is stressful, next you BELIEVE it into your life.  So stress first starts with thoughts you are thinking.  So, if you want to beat stress in your life, the first simple way to beat it is to stop perceiving so much stress exists in your life.

Will You Be Generous?

This second way to beat stress has to do largely with whether you will choose to share and care about others instead of solely care about yourself first.  Yes, you do need to take care of your basic needs.  But, if you develop the habit of ONLY thinking of yourself first, you alienate your relationships.  That leaves you feeling lonely.  And when you feel lonely, you feel stressed.  So, to beat stress in your life, be generous.

If you are like most other humans, you LOVE getting your way.  I know I do.  Stress sets in when you DON’T get your way.  And when you give with no ulterior motives to your giving, you are also reducing the stress of loneliness.

So be generous.  Reach out and think about how to care about others.  It will be a genuine stress beater.

Respond Instead of React During Stress

The third way you can beat every day stress is to choose to RESPOND in an empowered way instead of REACT in a disempowered way.  And that means stopping for a moment in your assumption of believing that you are supposed to always get your way and just “deal with it!” That’s right…when life’s relatively minor inconveniences nudge themselves into your life, find a way to stop overreacting to them.

Yes, we probably all make a big deal of not getting our way at times.  But does that behavior really serve us well?  Think about the violence and anger in the world today.  If we stop making such a big deal out of what equates to be minor inconveniences, we can also help others reduce their stress.  So, think about choosing to relax and RESPOND in a way that makes you feel good about acting respectful to yourself and others.  That is much different than letting rage come out when it really is inappropriate.

When things do NOT go your way, develop the habit of accepting and working WITH life’s inconveniences.  Respond respectfully instead of reacting in a disempowering way to you or others around you.

What Causes YOUR Perceived Stress?

The fourth way you can beat every day stress concerns being mindful of what causes your stress.  Think about this.  Since YOU are the one experiencing the stress, for the large part, it is YOU causing your perceived stress.  All around us there are things happening.  When we are not mindful about which things to connect with, and give energy to, we unfortunately create reactionary stress.

So, what can you do about the habit of overloading yourself by trying to be all things to all people in all situations and relationships?  Take time to develop mindfulness exercises.  When you regularly do them, you’ll naturally reduce your stress. You can get mindfulness exercise ideas here:

Be Fully Present in This “Now” Moment to Beat Stress

When you are consciously invested in what you are doing in the present moment, you reduce your stress.  Time is something you can never get back.  Give yourself the gift of enjoying the moment.  The 5th simple thing you can do is to be completely present in this ‘now moment’ enjoying and giving your full conscious attention to what you are doing now.  When you are fully present in what you are doing, you are NOT stressing about what you will be doing in the future.

Give yourself the gift of the power of now.  As you take time to be with yourself fully in an activity you are doing, recognize that work will almost always wait. Unless you are a person who regularly works with emergencies, just take a few moments to be fully present in this current moment.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.

You CAN simply beat stress.  Let me help you do it!

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