5 Courage Driven Success Tips

5 Courage Driven Success Tips


Are you at a place in your life where reclaiming your lost dreams is important to you?



Or perhaps a large dose of courage is needed to tackle a BIG difficulty? 

If so, this blog is for you!  I encourage you step forward into that journey and start living your life through “Courage Driven Success”.


As a young child, I experienced daily fear struggles.  Never complaining – words showed fatigue & stress on my mother’s face.  Her silent words left this young observer fearful.

Growing up in a single parent household my mother worked hard making ends meet.  Hence my environment lacked discussions of owning “BIG” dreams.


Unexamined fear & sadness, can seriously restrict living an extraordinary life. 

Unlike resolution driven by courage > pain, fear and sadness left unexplored. can seriously restrict your self-belief. So i ask: “What coping strategies do you use to deal with worries / fears”?

Do you have clear insight for courageously stepping outside the mental limits of your perceived fears?

You were born for greatness. 

Your vision is innate.  It is waiting for you to develop into it!  Self-defeating childhood stories caused by fear, can absolutely hold us back!


If the latter describes you, or you are ready to advance to “next step” – please feel free to contact me.  Let’s explore how you can: quickly learn to tap into your inner Wise Guide & transform your vision into goal achievement.  

Soon your vision can be driven by a Spirit of Courage.  Here is quick access info to reach me:

  • Office & Skype: 828-504-2003      Email: polly@alternativewellness.net
  • Web address: alternativewellness.net >   click on the web tab, top of page: Contact Me.  
  • (Fill in your name and your free consultation or appointment can be scheduled quickly).                


Living in the Spirit of Courage can extraordinarily reshape your life.

God has a plan for you.  I am proof you can go from zero vision to living a successful joy filled life.  Imagine how your life will change after developing your ideas into extraordinary vision.

Getting professional guidance support can quickly advance you from “avoidance | procrastination” to loving your life!  As an expert of nearly 20 years, I can help you:

  1. Get mentally clear & stay on track.
  2. Consistently face adversity with courage.
  3. Conquer fear & overcome poverty mindset.  Valor will open the door to your innate vision; far faster than you might have imagined!
  4. Know what to do when the enemy of self-doubt or fear approaches.  This crucial step is what separates accomplishment & failure.

Persistence is waiting for you to call on it.  I will teach you how to identify & follow your inner wise leader.  Success requires you grasp how to rid “the critical mind”.  If not, it will interrupt your mental focus.


I teach individuals: what makes people successful – why failures fail.  You will learn how to gratifyingly overcome failure!  

You see, what scared me as a youth, demanded I don courage & boldness; or else, be held hostage in fear and poverty.


So how did I transform fear into creative resourcefulness?  

Before I became the trusted expert of nearly 20 years, helping people get unstuck and experience breakthroughs – I was an actual coaching client and, hypnotherapy client. That’s why I personally:

  1. Understand people’s pain of struggle & know what you must do to stop the emotional pain.
  2. Know first-hand, our “survival stories” happen outside our awareness.
  3. Many years ago my repetitive self-defeating stories unintentionally produced fear stuck actions. OUCH!


Creating a story is a survival skill many of us start as children. 

My “survival stories” unknowingly halted my progress from youth to young adulthood.  I am proof that with professional guidance and a solid strategy, you too can develop courage & vision into fruitful goal success.

With commitment, and a dedicated motivation, we can all transform our daily struggles & fear challenges into success stories!


Success Driven Results are planned.  Here are 5 easy to follow steps that can help you transform fear into fearlessness:

  1. Give thanks for being stretched. Dare to dream GIANT dreams; they are already housed in your subconscious.
  2. Guard your mind – reject other’s negative remarks.
  3. Stop listening to lies that lead to self-doubt.  Remember: success is often a result of previous failure.
  4. Pay attention to your self-talk.  Cultivate“vision seeds” in self-belief.
  5. Let failure teach you needed lessons.

Remember, proven strategy transforms a clutter free mind.  It  helps you position resolution+ lasting results.  Redirect your plan as needed. Stay committed to action, patience and expectation for success.


Your next step in your success journey  

I am available to help you explore crucial success keys that can unlock the door leading to your success.  Your convenience matters.  Choose from: Skype | phone or | in office meeting.  You can expect to get straightforward answers that really matter to you.

Let’s discuss how I can help you develop a clear-cut easy to follow & powerful process.  We can explore: creating step-by-step strategies that fit your needs and desires just right.


About the author: 

Polly Humphreys is a Success Results Coach and a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  She helps her clients Get Mentally Clear, Get Unstuck & Get Extraordinary Results; taking their lives to a whole new, gratifying level.

Combining proven advanced strategies with accelerated processes create positive shifts faster.  Practical repeatable action steps, helps clients transform obstacles into opportunities for success; far easier. 



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