Problem Resolution | 4 Unique Styles

Problem Resolution | 4 Unique Styles

Successful problem solving actually begins long before you take action.


The truth is, the demand for effective problem solving IS a requirement in every area of your life.  Therefore, having clear insight into how you perceive problems and how you resolve problems, is a must!

To help you generate needed clarity, we will use the process Unique Perceptiveness. My clients like this insightful stress free exercise because it is simple. The goal here: discover which one of the four problem solving styles, best describes you.

Success Tip: Successful problem solving actually begins with your subconscious perceptions > how you view and deal with obstacles and setbacks.


Unique Perceptiveness: Identifying your problem solving style

Read all 4 descriptor styles directly below, then identify and choose, which scenario best describes your style:

  1. Patiently ready to view the obstacle thoroughly from a clear mental focus. You expect to solve the challenge sitting before you!
  2. Staring at the obstacle you muddle through the actions – hoping for the best outcome.
  3. Having a good start feels great.  However unexpected distractions set you back 10 paces.  Frustrating distractions now interrupt potential valuable insight.
  4. Knowing your desired end result – you expect to completely resolve all challenges.  However, you are confused with how to proceed to next best step.


Your next steps

  1. Having chose your resolve style, it’s time to click on your phone icon: Notes.  (If you use a day planner, follow the same action steps).
  2. In Notes, write the complete description best describing your problem solving style.  Title it: “My Current Problem Solving Style.”
  3. Now write today’s date next to your style descriptor.
  4. Next step: go to “phone calendar reminders”.   Go out 1 month from today’s date.  There, make a reminder to self to revisit your initial recorded scenario in 1 month.
  5. Repeat this same action step, 1 x month for next two months.  Reminder at each self-assessment review, you will record in Notes: updated progress | problems |    concerns | plan.

You might be wondering, “Why manually record the date”?  Both your descriptor & today’s date will be clear reminder of your progress.  They also serve as visual cues for required action steps leading to progress improvement by each assessment review for the next two months.


Success Pointers:  Your initial date serves as a guiding marker for improvements in your current problem solving approach.   If no improvement in 2nd month, I encourage you to obtain support guidance. Self-development success requires: preventive measures | self-honesty | commitment accountability.  Honest assessment + progress requires re-assessment followed by action steps.



Benefits of applying Unique Perceptiveness Exercise

  1. Self-recognition: gain clarity of current or potential barriers in your resolution style approach.
  2. Gaining clarity if your current problem resolution style is effective, or potentially setting you up to fail.
  3. Easy repeatable calendar reminders for next two months help you easily monitor your action + progress outcomes.


Breakthrough results happen by design development; not by chance!

Does your current resolution approach indicate or hint a likelihood of you getting stuck or staying stuck in disruptions”?

  1. If your answer is yes, I encourage you to take immediate preventive measures.  Consider having a support person.
  2.  Breakthrough results happen by design development; not by chance.  I am happy to answer your questions by Skype or phone; 828-504-2003.


Does your current resolve method suggest subtle clues of of you leaning toward the pattern of avoidance?  Does it perhaps suggest signs that you have developed habits of taking short-cuts in order to temporarily alleviate the stress from problem solving?

If yes, this behavior pattern is likely to hinder your capabilities with resolving the core of each potential challenge you are dealt. Consider having a support person.



Are you possibly trying to generate success results using self-limiting thought behavior?

Understanding relevant problem resolution can prevent you from getting caught in the trap of: “never-ending cycle”.

Success Tip: Look inward – assess your thinking:

  1. Are you attempting to generate new changes with the same self-limiting thought process?
  2. Exploring professional guidance support can help you accelerate problem resolve.


Your next step

My mission is to help you permanently HALT struggling.  How much simpler would your life be, having access to leading edge advantages that generate lasting, gratifying results.  Breakthrough happens when you link your clear vision and your highest potential to a solid easy repeatable plan.

I understand what makes people successful > more importantly, I understand why failures fail.  You see, before I became the trusted expert helping individuals get mentally clear and enjoy breakthrough, I was an actual coaching and hypnotherapy client.

I am proof:  with commitment and owning a clear vision that persistently drives solid strategy, we can all conquer challenges.  I will teach you the secret weapon that helps you sustain “success belief” under pressure.


Complimentary Consultation: gets straightforward answers

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  • Gain a clear perspective for connecting clarity of your current status: with what you want to accomplish and the best strategy to get there successfully.
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  • Depart from feeling stuck to enjoying laser like focus as you confidently rise above daily chaos!

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As a Success Results Coach and a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond: Polly Humphreys helps her clients Get Mentally Clear, Get Unstuck & Get Extraordinary Results; taking their lives to a whole new, gratifying level

Combining proven advanced strategies with accelerated processes create positive shifts faster.  Practical repeatable action steps, helps clients transform obstacles into opportunities for success; far easier. 


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