Managing Stress | Winning Internal Stress Battle

Managing Stress | Winning Internal Stress Battle

Managing stress is far easier when you understand how to win the “internal stress battle”.

Life and Career Coach & Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond – tells her clients: “We can‘t avoid stress.  I will however, guide you with success coaching tools. 

Imagine the benefits and ease from knowing how to beneficially manage stress daily.

Healthy stress management requires a daily, “Mindful Reality Check-In”.

Polly Humphreys has provided blog readers with 6 CRUCIAL self-assessment questions. 

She wants you to win the internal stress battle for good!  So read – learn how to elevate “stress self-awareness”. 

Remember to recognize personal internal stress triggers.Take a few quiet moments to get started.

To heighten your understanding “what stresses you”: turn inward > quickly jot down the first 5 things | people that come to mind that stress you; or irritate you consistently. 

The 6 VITAL questions below will help you more clearly identify and address your personal stress.

  1. Tuning intentionally inward: helps us be aware of specific “stressors” (certain thoughts | people | situations) causing you to feel stressed.
  2. To manage stress successfully: you must be willing to let go of unnecessary stress. 
  3. YOUR Bonus: awareness of when to let go + action = transformed unhealthy stress + happier self!

Self-awareness: a powerful personal power tool for your mental tool box.

  1. When you’re aware + willingly change your perspective of stress: you actually begin developing healthy habits. Benefits include breaking free from the power of worry!  
  2. Managing stress effectively requires you FIRST grasp what things > people > and circumstances, trigger your internal stress.

Reality Check-in: 6 VITAL questions for addressing personal stress.

  1. Do you have an intentional “healthy stress awareness habit” for knowing when to slow down?
  2. Can you name 3 internal signs telling you to slow down now? Do you pay attention to them; or ignore them?
  3. Who or what do you currently perceive as negative or toxic?
  4. What toxic situations or stressful people promote heightened internal anxiety in your life?
  5. Are you confident in your ability to quickly HALT and transform self-sabotaging thoughts?
  6. What is one enjoyable activity you could specifically do for yourself, daily or weekly; in order to experience personal enjoyment each day?

Polly’s professional expertise: helps individual easily identify and transform the underlying cause of stress.  She will help you transform frustration of “stuck mode” > to personal power.

Are you ready to overcome physical, emotional and mental unhealthy stress now?

Clicking on the link here gives you access to a relaxing free consult.  Options: Skype | Phone or in-office.

  • Ask Polly about customized necessary tools and approaches that fit your needs just right.
  • You won’t find these answers on the shelf in your pharmacy. Nor will you need to dig through 100 library pages to get the answers you want now.

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