What Do You Want? | Self-accountability

What Do You Want? | Self-accountability


What do you want is a question we have all heard many times as children.

Today’s blog is a follow up to: A Grandfather’s Wisdom. Please click on the link to first meet > grandfather and young Joey.  Enjoy grandfather’s humorous memorable life lessons”!

  • Today blog introduces grown up Joey’s son, William.  Prideful lazy college student seeks Professor Tomlin’s “instant knowledge”.  Professor powerfully delivers William’s lackadaisical request!

Fictional story setting: Oceanography School – Florida beach town.

  • Discover humor in “lessons learned” by William, seeking fruitless immediate answers.
  • William has inherited Joey’s curiosity approach for discovering fast knowledge.

What do you want William?

Read on to discover William’s unexpected surprise when he expects to receive a fast, easy answer.

William, wandering over to Professor Tollim standing on the beach, waits patiently for professor’s attention.  Professor looks up from today’s dive discoveries and asks: “William, what do you want”?  William’s smiling response: “Quick knowledge sir”.

Follow me William:

Professor’s arm movement > indicates ‘follow me’ into the water.  Now standing in chest deep water, face to face – professor repeats his question: “William what do you want”? William repeats: “Quick knowledge sir”.

With two strong arms now on William’s shoulders, Professor Tollim unexpectedly ducks William under water. 30 seconds later, William’s head pops up; stunned from quick water immersion. Professor repeated question: “What do you want William”?

Professor Tollim’s intention: teach William “instant knowledge”.

William caught off guard, professor once again quickly presses William down under chest deep water. This time: 30 seconds > 45 seconds > 60 seconds.

Popping up, William gasping for breath, professor sternly asks: “What do you want now Wiliam”? William gasping between heavy breaths shrieks, “ Air sir”!

Professor’s answer:

“William when you want knowledge as much as you just wanted air, you will then have knowledge!”

6 Take Away Knowledge Lessons:

  1. William selfishly sought immediate answers.  William lacked self-accountability; when he wanted Professor Tollim to impart “immediate wisdom” without applying actions.
  2. Do you have a burning passion for gaining Wisdom? Are you willing to apply dedicated self-accountability in order to receive your answers? Or is your approach lazy, like Williams?
  3. Did you know that we each have free access to an innate gift.  Inner Wisdom > given to you at birth is courtesy of your Creator. I teach people how to tap into their amazing gift.  Wisdom can lead you to greatness if you let Him.
  4. God’s Word is full of lessons! FIRST however: we must grasp how to tap into our Inner Wise Guidance System.
  5. God works through different people like me > when you thirst and hunger for knowledge leading to lasting success transformation.
  6. Unlike William, people must be willing to take action in order to reach their optimal potential. In order to be successful, we each must be clear on how success is measured.  We don’t reach success without sacrifice. A moral compass brings integrity, wholeness and credibility to people’s motives.

About the author: Polly Humphreys

Polly is a Peak Performance Coaching. Her clients often feel stuck due to stress or fear: yet are committed to understanding self-imposed limitations holding them back.  They desire to master their optimal potential.

If that describes you > here is Alternative Wellness & Beyond link to requesting a free consultation.  I (Polly) will contact you directly.  Be sure to ask me specific forthright questions.  I welcome them because I’m ready to help you understand exactly how to: achieve lasting – optimal amazing changes – that you desire.  Let’s do it together, now!

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