Beliefs: What’s your Story in this New Year

Beliefs: What’s your Story in this New Year

Beliefs affect us in more ways than we realize!




In this blog, we will look at beliefs and how they affect the core areas of your life.   I join you in the FUN process of giving yourself permission to let go.

As you read my blog, I hope you will look at the way you may unknowingly be oblivious to your beliefs. It’s time to free outdated conscious reasoning and thoughts from your mind.

In this blog you will be able to better understand your habits and your beliefs.  My goal is to also help you begin to see what you can do to create new, desirable change.  I hope you will look at the ways you may possibly be oblivious to your beliefs.


For you who want to create some favorable changes in your life, I ask.  Did you realize your beliefs influence your habits?  Be aware.  Are you silently thinking thoughts like?

  • I waited too long to start.
  • I ‘failed’ before.
  • I’m too old/too young to start a new business or, ‘prove myself’.
  • I’m doing that for them.



INSIGHT: Many  subconscious beliefs are holding you back.   The weird part is, most hold little value.  Why?  Without conscious awareness, your beliefs can undermine your vision and subconscious value for how you see yourself.   Your subconscious value does affect what you can accomplish in your life-time. 


Does it feel like your world is ‘shrinking’? Your vision (for what can be) disciplines your choices, your habits and your actions.  Your attitude colors your WHOLE personality!  Are perfection tendency’s possibly holding you hostage from taking need action steps?  Take a look directly below.


Success Tips:

  1. Changing your world starts with YOU.  Assess your thoughts honestly.   Your Thoughts DO, influence EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.
  • Are your spoken words and silent thoughts, mostly positive or negative?
  • Are the books you are reading ‘feeding’ your mind with helpful steps?
  • Are they motivating you or, working against you?
  • Are you expecting success outcomes?  Or are your life’s obstacles seen as mental barriers by you?


 2.  Check in with the mental pictures you are envisioning.

  • What kinds of images are you day dreaming?
  • Do the feelings you get from them, support your desires beneficially?  Same question for your desires, dreams and visions?
  • Are you taking action or, just wishing for ‘someday’ to occur?


3.  Its easy!  Habit change starts with one small action step and then another.

  • Successful habit change requires effectively aligning habits and action steps  with your goals.
  • Kick ‘perfection thinking’ out the door.  It leads to stagnation.



Mental Performance Coaching is a great process with helping you identify outdated, limiting beliefs.   And you want to generate goal culmination quickly.  There are many advantages.  Here are 3 Mental Performance Coaching bonuses.

  1. Quickly burst through your life’s obstacles with greater ease.
  2. You stop getting stuck.  
  3. The process allows you to actually see the goal(s) accomplished before they happen.


As a Mental Performance Coach, it is very rewarding.  I love supporting individuals, helping them break through their perceived mental barriers.  Lets solve the problem together!  It is very gratifying to observe my client’s growth in self-confidence and self-belief.



Your Model of the World: How are your VALUES affecting the following areas of your life?

  1. Relationships: Family and Friends, Love
  2. Career and Future Plans
  3. Spiritual Beliefs
  4. Fun and Recreation
  5. Home Environment
  6. Finances
  7. Health
  8. Conflict Resolution

I help people stop the pain of their problem.   If you are willing to be flexible so that you can be resilient, then I would love to help you!  What changes in your life would like to create or generate.  


Not sure where you want to start?    I’m easy to reach.  Call and ask me about how to help you evaluate the above areas.  I have a process I use that will help you know best, where to to start for you.


 Habits and Beliefs Study LInk!  Do you smoke or simply interested in how beliefs affect your health choices and decisions?



Polly Humphreys helps Individuals Intentionally Design Their Life.   Polly has two offices.  1. Alternative Wellness & BeyondMental Performance Coaching and Hypnosis    2. Backbone Builder: Sports Mental Performance Coaching.    She assists all individuals with client-centered coaching. 

Sessions and a free consult can be done in Polly’s office or, anywhere in the world thanks to Skype and Face Time technology.  A  20 minute, free consult  can help you understand where you currently are in each of the above 8 areas in your life.  Or feel free to discuss any changes you would like to make in your life!

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