10 Tips for Building Stress Resilience

10 Tips for Building Stress Resilience


Stress appears to be the Modern Mental Bogeyman.


Like half of U.S. adults is stress keeping you up at night!

Stress self-assessment questions:

  1. Do you feel like a victim to stress more than 10 days each month?
  2. Are you contributing to your angst unnecessarily?

Knowing your personal stress sources goes far beyond the environment of politics and economics.

In this blog you will learn:

  • Stress Survey results revealed from American Psychology Association, (APA) executive director
  • 10 Tips for building Stress Resilience
  • 4 self-questions to heighten self-awareness of possible underlying causes of your angst


Are you in agreement that a lot of the United State’s population has developed a selfish, self-centered attitude?

This “carefree burden” demonstrated daily, is harmfully impacting American’s personal and professional lives.

  • Stress is taking a measurable toll on the body and mind of millions.  I choose to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives.
  • Feel free to share my value added tips provided below.  You can become the Change Agent helping folks build stress resilience.

APA Stress Survey:

This stress survey was conducted in both English and Spanish languages.  It was conducted by Harris Poll; on behalf of APA.

All survey participants resided in the U.S..  Survey participants were age 18 and above.  The survey’s purpose was to examine how stress affects the health and well-being of American adults.

 4 survey findings pointing to the source of people’s significant fears.

Survey date: These findings were found prior to the release of the full APA survey results slated for early 2017:

  1. APA highlighted data pointed to the 2016 Presidential Election as the source of significant fear; for more than half of Americans
  2. Nearly 4 in 10 adults (38 percent) say that political and cultural discussions on social media caused them emotional disturbance
  3. Adults who use social media are more likely to elevate stress levels than those who do not
  4. 54 percent say the 2016 presidential election is still a significant source of stress for them in 2017.

These 4 specific self-assessment questions are geared at helping you gain greater insight into how you feel about your life’s quality.

Is it time for you to make needed changes in your life?   Are you perhaps:

  1. Climbing on the unpleasant hamster wheel of life to keep up with “The Jones”?
  2. Accepting a higher pressured life in order to have a fuller life – filled with things that don’t bring lasting joy?
  3. Staying in a job that you dislike – because it’s safe; or the benefits are good?
  4. Watching news commentary obsessively, re: America’s & the world’s problems?

10 + purposeful tips for helping you build resilience to stress

Learning how to manage the burden of life’s pressures does take intentional practice.   I am a phone call away. Ask me questions about stress management , etc.

Here are 10 ways to make life easier.

  1. Pray | meditate on a Source larger than your problems.
  2. Take time doing activities that help reduce daily annoyances – visualize calmness.
  3. Stay focused | prioritize task list | learn how to shut off negative thoughts.
  4. Accept that stress is a part of life you don’t need to own.
  5. Limit media consumption regarding news claims and counterclaims.
  6. Voice your honest viewpoint – reject insulting comments.
  7. Maintain a balanced perspective of your model of the world.
  8. Remember “What if’s” don’t happen often & they waste energy.
  9. Set a specific amount of time on problem solving.
  10. Seek qualified assistance if you feel overwhelmed – learn coping strategies that fit your needs.

When you understand how to get mentally clear & free from “stuck” – you drive your passion for success achievement

I support you living a life you love; filled with inner peace and joy.

Let’s connect; contact information is directly below.


In my next blog I will give you 10 highly effective strategies for building your resilience to stress.  These methods also promote calmness and a clear mind.

Until next time, I encourage you to:

  1. Purposely schedule some quiet time. Tune into your intuition for gaining insight into your highest good.  Your Intuition can also help you live a calmer, clear minded version of you.
  2. Be determined to live the best version of you, living your best life now.
  3. Know that I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding stress management.

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Polly Humphreys is a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist.  Polly is also a Personal Development Success Results Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  Nearly 20 years of helping people refine growth mind-set success.  

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