Life Lessons – Wisdom

Life Lessons – Wisdom

Life Lessons……This blog is about discovering wisdom in unexpected, valuable life lessons.

We ALL NEED flawless wisdom.  this can surprisingly help you  learn How to weather, Life’s Rough Waters of Turbulence.


Recently during our vacation, while walking on a beach in Amelia Island, among many broken seashells, my eyes quickly darted to 5 mesmerizing untarnished seashells.

Each shell was undeniably enchanting and different.  One had exceptionally well-defined patterns and characteristics.

Listening, it seemed to whisper a chant to me.  It was as if it wanted to share with me the story of how it survived a multitude of “sea tossing struggles”.

I wondered what made it appear to me on that beach, in that moment.  I pondered; to get here today, were its various experiences and struggles transformed into ‘evolution victories’?

Like me, did this ‘perfect shell’ also have determination, diligence and commitment to pursue > “all the way”?

Holding it, I realized, (as in human life), for this perfectly formed shell to weather the rough waters of turbulence, it had to let go and ride the waves.

As if it wanted to share, it seemed to say to me, “Take me home! There are important life lessons for all to discover. There is life’s wisdom in this prophetic treasure, you now hold in your hand”.


Lesson 1.  See something beautiful in each “shell.   Regardless of what others think, when we are able to love ourselves, we are in ideal form.  Sea-shells like people do have stories worth hearing:

  • Some might be ‘muddy’, injured. Some are restored.
  • When we trust in our Maker, we can all live with confidence, despite the turmoil and chaos.
  • Each of us has a purpose, a role to fulfill in this world. Sustain!


Lesson 2. Stay calm under pressure.  Let not your heart be troubled by the unknown.  Walk by faith, not by what is seen.

  • It is not about what ‘feels’ right.
  • It is about what is factual truth.

The stronger our faith, convictions and healthy core values, the better we handle challenging times.

  • Stop trying to be ‘more perfect’ to fit ‘worldly ideas’.
  • Instead, pay closer attention to your innate gifts.  Perfect them!


Lesson 3. Accept others without changing them.  We are absolutely exceptional in our individuality.

We are each unique, similar and yet different.  Don’t try to mold people to fit you or your needs.

The twists, folds, turns in our life’s journey, have made us who we each are. 

 Who we became today is because of how we viewed our ‘life’s turbulence’.  Our model of the world.

  • Some have chosen to remain damaged.
  • Some are still broken; not healed yet.
  • Some don’t understand the true healing value of forgiveness. How it can truly set us free!

My seashell reminded me that none of us are perfect.  Despite our ‘exterior shell’ appearances.


Lesson 4.  Be a good navigator in life.  Learn lessons from others who used wisdom to navigate successfully in life.  Learn how gratitude can change your life and, your success outcomes.

We should endeavor serenity, joy, self-actualization and self-wholeness. Love each other, despite our ‘healthy differences’.


Lesson 5.  Be generous with sharing.  Share your failures as well as your victories without embarrassment. Amazing what we can teach when we tell the ‘whole story’ without re-inventing it.


Lesson 6.  Be content to let your cares drift away.  Let go of the unimportant irritations.  Take time to stop and notice the good.  Enjoy life, people and, precious moments.

Appreciate and learn from those who endured. Help lift up the lost and the suffering.  Enjoy the treasured people and things, in your life’s journey’s path.


Lesson 7.  Commit to your promises!  Promises are only as good as the credibility of the person making them.


Lesson 8.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  After finding what seemed like ‘perfect shells’ I wondered, what would Jesus find walking on the beach when looking for shells?

  • My ‘shell of wisdom’ reminded me: “He would definitely see beauty in each shell. Yes, even the broken ones!”

Reminder: Jesus stops to pick up even the broken that have been cast aside many times.  He sees something beautiful in each of us.  He knows exactly how to:

  • Thoroughly help us when we let Him.
  • Offer restoration despite our struggles and hurt.
  • Precisely use each problem for our best and highest good. (Each is very valuable regardless of what has happened to it).


Lesson 9.  Be patient and be willing to be reformed.  Let the erosion and ‘the wearing away’ caused from turmoil, reshape you.

Allow life’s rough waves to cleanse your wounds.  Enjoy the transformation healing, courtesy of: Lessons from Life’s Struggles.


Lesson 10.  Splash, play, relax along the way.  Take time to look back at how you survived the turbulence; and Wisdom’s Life Lessons.  Mark it as growth.

And when life is all said and done, be the one that says “Yes”.  I did what was needed to serve others.  I demonstrated kindness toward others.

  • I loved myself and others, because it is our birthright to be loved.
  • I forgave. It set me free.
  • I learned, our flaws are just beauty marks in disguise.
  • We ALL matter. WE ARE ENOUGH!


Remember, we can’t become so attached to the plans and life we have “spun” for ourselves.  To receive the best and move forward into new plans, we need to let go when God calls us to new and better experiences.

As you read this, I hope you awaken new discovery insight, into your valuable life lessons also. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life lessons with others too.  I would love to hear them from you.


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