Polly Humphreys

Peak Performance Coach | Leadership Consultant


Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist; CH.t



For Nearly 20 years I Have Been Helping High Performers Harness a Winning, Unstoppable Mindset & Achieve Breakthrough Success!  

Clear Direction * Optimized Habits * Gratifying, Lasting Solutions * Advanced Success Game Plan.   

  • Master your full confident potential.  Develop bullet-proof – easy to follow action steps.
  • Gain mentally clarity.   Awaken your inner vision.  Get fast gratifying solutions that lasts.
  • Overcome mental pitfalls caused by limiting, subconscious programming.  Sustain resiliency under pressure.

“Your convenience matters at Alternative Wellness & Beyond – Don’t Settle for Ordinary!”

  • Sessions | Complimentary Consults: via Skype, Phone or in-office
  • Key Note Speaker | Customized Corporate Workshops Available