Polly Humphreys

Life and Career Coach | Consultant |

Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist; CH.t


Get mental clarity * Get Unstuck * Get results that optimize your potential!


I’m glad you stopped by to discover how Life and Career Coaching and/or Hypnotherapy: can help you gratifyingly transform your life’s results.

I might be ideal for you as a professional.  As a former client I understand struggle * fear * self-doubt.  I also know how people fail and succeed.

  • My personal victory propelled me into professional skilled training.
  • My SKILLFULNESS continues to help people gain mental arsenal secrets.  They love owning customized skill-sets they can implement for propelling through struggle easier.

What Polly Humphreys does as a Life and Career Coach & Hypnotherapist: at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.

My clients are just like you.  They want real solutions and have FUN successfully solving their problems. They like knowing how to remove the underlying block; currently preventing them from living their best life now!

  • My clients enjoy our authentic conversations, collaborative motivating partnership.
  • I enjoy hearing their repeated stories of how gaining mentally clarity + developing tailored strategy solutions keeps them excited about their life!
  • Hypnotherapy clients love the ease and fastest transformation.

Who are Polly’s Ideal Life and Career Coaching Clients / Hypnotherapy clients?

Common denominators: Hypnotherapy | Life and Career Coaching Clients

They often feel stuck * Some are at cross roads * ALL want more out of life.  Below are the top 10 benefits people seek my proficiency for.  Which fulfilling benefits below are you seeking?

  1. Learn how to confidently move out of “stuck” > into steady motivating momentum.
  2. Own the missing link: filling the gap from current to goal destination.
  3. Gain mental clarity: BIG clear picture and strategy for transforming problems into successful solutions.
  4. Banish bad habits.
  5. Master personal and professional growth.  Achieve optimal potential.
  6. STOP struggling with fear *  Halt self-limiting thinking * End “lack-mindset” / limiting beliefs.
  7. Manage uncontrolled stress.
  8. Rid procrastination.
  9. Skillful guidance + personal accountability.
  10. Sustain motivation & resiliency

Steady action! Expect to achieve incredible life fulfillment and/or career satisfaction! 

If you keep doing the same thing – you get the same results. I am here for you every step of the way.  So ask me how: you too can generate these and more benefits.  Simply click on the link below to request free consult *  learn how I can help you to achieve peak performance + success results.

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If the above describes your needs, we are likely a good fit. Let’s find out in a free consult.

Ask your: important questions * desires * current pain point problems. Discuss your goals. I will then share what you need to do: to get your desired results.

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